About Meg Whitman’s maid *UPDATED*

I keep meaning to blog about Meg Whitman’s maid, and then I don’t.  Factually, it’s an insanely stupid story, although the lurid headlines in California’s lefty papers may be enough to confuse some independents into abandoning any vague ideas they may have been having about voting for Whitman.  In other words, the story is ridiculous (at best), but still potentially important.  Meaning that really should blog about it . . . but, as I said, I don’t.

Fortunately, Dafydd, at Big Lizards, has paid attention to Gloria Allred’s nasty pro-Brown campaign, so if you’re interested in all that you need to know about the story, check out his post.

UPDATE:  Another good summary of this sordid (from the Brown side) story, along with a good question:  Do Californians still have the critical reasoning skills to understand that they are being conned?

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  • wrwoodman

    Mark Lavin had a chat with Gloria Allred on his radio show.  It was amusing to hear him tear apart her arguments.

  • suek

    Here’s another lurid story.  Different topic, but lurid nevertheless.
    How to plan for the future…it doesn’t look good.  By the way – I recommend reading his current posts (main page) as well.  I don’t really understand them at any depth, but he’s very good about getting the main points across.

  • jj

    Gloria Allred has been such a fool for so long it boggles the mind that she’s still allowed to practice at all – even in California.  Maybe this will at long last take care of that, as even the California bar must take a dim view of leading with your client’s chin in pursuit of an entirely irrelevant political goal.  At the very least she should have some issues with the ethics committee.  (Despite all the evidence to the contrary, I suppose there is one in California, isn’t there?)  The woman has been a public nuisance for far too long.

  • Mike Devx

    In these dire economic times, if many voters actually focus on this bogus story and want to vote based on it… then we as a nation deserve what we get.

  • jj

    Disagree, Mike – that level of witlessness is and shall remain unique to California; not “we as a nation.”