I’m not defending Whitman — but she’s right

What do you do if you’re a reasonably honest thinker, forced to quarrel with your own political party — you start weaseling, that’s what you do.  Rick Oltman has been forced to confront the fact that Meg Whitman did absolutely nothing wrong with regard to her housekeeper.  I commend Oltman for his honesty.  However, he made that honesty petty by simultaneously acknowledging that Whitman was correct, but still refusing to admit that she was worthy of any defense.  It’s all there, in the second paragraph:

THE Meg Whitman-illegal immigrant housekeeper story continues to entertain. The real story has been missed in the coverage of this gotcha game that is being played for obvious political reasons.

I am not defending Meg Whitman. But, from what I can deduce from all the news coverage, interviews and documents that have been presented on television and on the Internet, she did what she was supposed to do when hiring an employee.

Read the rest here.

(The one thing I’ll concede is that, given that Oltman is affiliated with groups opposed to illegal immigration, he may be trying to shy away from harming Whitman’s campaign by speaking out openly in her favor.  That’s just supposition, though.)

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  • 11B40

    Ms. (former CEO) Whitman certainly does not deserve the inuendos that have been circulating since her former housekeeper made her nationwide appearance.
    At the same time, Ms. (former CEO) Whitman is very much less than an inspiring candidate.  My personal favorite example of a certain mindlessness in her campaign is a commercial running on the local classical music radio station in which she asserts that Cali has six of the top fifteen state universities in the nation and that if she is elected, she will reduce “welfare benefits” and re-route those monies to the universities.  Now, this ad is a piece of work that she has admittedly approved and has been developed with the efforts of her campaign staff.
    What occurred to me, on hearing this advertisement, was, does Ms. (formerly CEO) Whitman not realize that Cali is some $20 billion in debt at present and that retiring some of that debt might be a good idea as opposed to spending money on a state university system that she admits is functioning at a pretty high level already?  Additionally, her preferred course of action would require the action of the state legislature which in its current very gerrymandered state resembles something akin to King John and the nobles in merry old England.
    I’m afraid that the only positive thing I see about Ms. (former CEO) Whitman is that at least she’s not Jerry Brown.  It’s incredible that in a state of 35+ million people these are the two choices for Governor.  Good Grief.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Tell me about it. I’m from Ill-annoy!