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    It’s all Hollows Eve or some such. The Witcher, the Witch Blade, and the (Left4Dead) Witch are in full force out.

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    Amongst political defectors from the Left, which I would include Book and Neo-Neocon as two I can name off the top of my head, there is much dissatisfaction and anger at the Obama Regime.Which I consider justified and reasonable, in these circumstances.
    The thing I wish to note is that I felt a similar phase transition or plethora of emotional reactions, but this was years ago. I worked through them mostly in private. Although there were some specific individuals who shared my sentiments on the net, they were nowhere near a community of folk.
    As of the last few months, even if you simply include the members of this blog, people were not dealing with such feelings after years of contemplation and review. They were dealing with it like it happened yesterday. Which it did, in fact, for the people involved.
    This seems an interesting setting to me. It is so in this respect. The core reason why anger becomes unstable to handle is that the person feeling angry does not immediately recognize or accept the core reason they are angry. They know what made them angry, the loose chain of events that brought them to this place of being, but they have not yet been given the time to truly analyze and break apart their reactions to the actions of others. There is this fuantei feeling, this feeling of instability and insecurity, combined on top of a clear recognition of a threat. Finding one’s center becomes important, yet unreachable given that the new feelings and outrages arrive one after the other, before you become at peace with yourself.
    In the months after the election of Obama, I detected some of it. A dissatisfaction, if you will. But after the healthcare debacle and vote, I detected more of it. Much more. Because it was one thing after another. If it wasn’t the bowing, it was flying over New York in an unidentified private jet. If it wasn’t bowing to dictators, it was calling police officers racists. If it wasn’t destroying race relations, it was pardoning Black Panthers and increasing voter intimidation. If it wasn’t SEIU thugs shaking down conservative blacks, it was Obama nationalizing car industries and private dealerships, taking from them to give to Obama’s cronies. It went on and on and eventually people, even those who didn’t wish to, started to give in and realize that Obama wasn’t making mistakes. Something else was going on. Something they didn’t want to contemplate but their love of family and country required them to do so.
    My recommendation to those people was very simple. I wrote various comments on this blog to focus on goals and using methods to defeat the Left. In this fashion those who are too angry or frustrated to find peace within, can find peace without by focusing their energies on a goal. The Tea Party, you could say, is a perfect example of such. People wanted results, yes, but at the same time, they wanted to share their experiences with others and relieve the frustration of simply sitting and letting political events float their boat wherever Obama chose.
    I hear that there’s some kind of election coming up (heh) concerning an important facet of national politics in this nation. And before it was over, I wanted to express one thing. A core principle, the reason why I figured why I was angry was this. Certain people in America play by rules. To use the analogy of a line, you don’t cut in line and if you wish to save a spot, usually it’s polite to limit it to one person. Some exceptions are perhaps allowed for families. But when people cut in line, without an adequate justification, people get angry. Usually the ones behind the cut get angry. It’s because of two things really.
    1. You obey rules because it is of mutual benefit for the group. If everyone obeys the rules, then it benefits everyone. But if you obey the rules and another person in the group cheats, then they get the benefit and the rest of you lose out.
    2. Part of the reason why people get angry at line cutters is also because the line cutter only works because the rest of the line obeys the rules. Otherwise, the people behind can simply come up in front. And the people in front, now in the back, can then cut in the front again. It becomes an endless cycle of waste.
    Obama essentially has put himself at the head of the line, and every one of his friends, family members, associates, cronies, and anyone else who can butter him up is allowed to get behind him. This lengthens and puts pressure on the rest of the line, especially those people who had been waiting patiently in the back. The thing is, he didn’t just do this once, he is constantly doing this. He is doing it so often that the people in the back, ARE NOT MOVING FORWARD. The line is moving, yes. But only for people that Obama decides is right.
    Why wouldn’t someone become angry at cheaters who don’t play by the same rules that you do, especially when it would not hurt them at all to refuse to cheat? Given the system only works when people follow the rules, in spirit and in writ.
    Why wouldn’t someone become especially angry at seeing cheating that only works because it assumes everybody else, the patsies, won’t cheat? Obama prospers by turning other people’s virtues into a weakness he then takes advantage of. He does this because nobody gets in his face and stops him from doing so. Even there, he is relying upon people who obey the rules of society.
    The thing is, your virtue and loyalty to society, nation, and family isn’t a weakness. It is a strength. It is a power that is necessary for Good to triumph, for Light to prevail, and for civilization to sustain itself. Letting cheaters win is following the rules of the cheaters. Instead of doing so, follow the rules you know are right. When you can make the cheaters follow your rules, half the fight is over.
    Course, sometimes people refuse to listen and think they can intimidate the other people in line by making examples using brute strength. In this situations, I just personally break out my tools.

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    This election more than any other has illustrated to me how absolutely threatened many (especially but not exclusively Liberal/Lefty) women are by attractive, self-are and successful conservative women. It truly is amazing to behold.
    It is also interesting that most Conservative men that I know are absolutely supportive and major cheerleaders for these Conservative women. Interesting, because it is the Left stereotype that it is conservative men that are supposed to be sexist. Ha!

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    When I first started blogging, around 2005, I did a post in which I noted something that was a surprise to me:  conservatives speak of the women in their lives with much greater love and respect than liberals do.  I noticed in blog after blog, and radio show after radio show, that the male writers or speakers would go out of their way to praise the women in their lives and speak words of love.  This was an entirely new concept to me, as I had been living entirely in liberal-land before 2005.

    (That’s not quite true:  In all the time I’ve known him, DQ has never spoken of his wife with anything but the greatest love and respect.  That’s partly because DQ is wonderful and partly because DQ’s wife is wonderful.  But there may also be an aspect of conservativism in that open appreciation for a woman.)

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    >>The line is moving, yes. But only for people that Obama decides is right.>>
    No doubt I’ve said this before, and no doubt I’ll say it again…but imo, the two strongest and unique legs that support the American Ideal is inviolable right to private property and equal justice under the law.  Kelo is undermining the first, Obama is undermining the second.  His interpretation of equal justice is a justice that somehow renders equality in outcome, not equal justice that treats each and every person exactly the same.  In other words, we determine the desired outcome and render “justice” accordingly.
    Combine those two things – that is, private property can be taken in certain circumstances, and equal _outcome_ under the law, and the result is simply corruption.  You know…like in the Banana Republics.  Where the friends of dear leader get all the “outcome”.

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    And the income, heh.

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    Ymar, aren’t you describing the difference between the Rule Of Law and the Rule Of Man?  Obama has no respect for Law – witness his complete disregard for the Constitution.  HE would rather decide all winners and losers.  It’s a King philosophy, a Lord philosophy.  “I am King, I am Lord, and I get to decide your fate.”
    When Obama took over 2/3 of our auto industry in his socialist grab there, he distributed the proceeds to his buddies first… despite the fact that the law required shareholder compensation to be handled differently.   I think there were lawsuits over that, but I’ve heard nothing about those lawsuits for months.
    By the way, screw Government Motors (GM and Chrysler), and praise Ford for giving Obama the middle finger on that one!  I will only buy Ford.  (And how are each of those three companies doing?  When you sell your soul and give up your dignity and freedom… what can you expect as the result?  There’s a reason socialism fails EVERYWHERE that it is tried.
    Isn’t it an interesting feeling to wake up every morning in America, knowing that your president views you as the Enemy… and he really, really means it?!?  Reid doesn’t give a damn about anything but power; Pelosi just wants to enact her far-left beliefs… but for Obama it is a deeply personal vendetta, and he intends to make me suffer, he intends to make YOU suffer.  Back of the bus for you!  He’s sending us all the way back to the days of racial division and racial spoils, per his speech to Latinos.
    Those Blue Dog conservative Democrats who survive this election on Tuesday… it’s going to be very interesting to watch them during the Lame Duck session, when the far-left cronies will try to enact all the legislation they can while they still have the Power.  The Blue Dogs have been used; they will be expected to fall in line again, but otherwise be ignored.  Will they go along with the progam again?  What happens during the Lame Duck is going to set up the political arguments going forward through 2011; most will center on Obamacare.  Obama will fight and veto and will insult everyone who disagrees with him… but what if he loses control of his Party?  If Reid loses to Sharron Angle, and a Republican takeover of the House means Pelosi is relegated back to being just another House member, it could happen.  With outrageous behavior during the Lame Duck, the far-leftists could really seal their long-term fate.  Ahem, it couldn’t happen to a NICER bunch of bastards, I mean, people.
    Things are going to get verrrrry interesting.