Obama urges hecklers to pursue his political opponents

I noticed earlier a story in which Obama was heckled by people who believe that the US has not done enough to fund AIDS programs around the world.  I was going to write about it, but got distracted.  Had I written about it, I would definitely have said this.

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  • Mike Devx

    Obambi was in full hipster mode: Yeah, we cool, but me SO cool.  It’s amazing most of the people in the audience buy that me-so-cool schtick.
    In the face of the protesters, he utters the same tired phrases in that fake urban rhythm that he did on the 2008 campaign trail.
    “We’re alright.  No problem.”  (No, you’re not alright.  Yes, there IS a problem.)  And he comes awfully close to saying “We alright”.  This from Mr. Professorial Noble Speaker when on 60 minutes or a Sunday talk show.
    “OK.  OK everybody.”  (Nope, it’s not OK, Obambi.  They’re still protessting.  Not used to that, are ya?)
    “These folks…”  “Those folks…”  (His use of folks irritates me almost as much as McCain’s “my friend”.
    But these far-left protestors who wouldn’t take Mr. Arrogant’s condescending suggestion to go protest somebody else highlight an important point.  Obama’s unpopularity percentage does include those who are unhappy with him for reasons that don’t match ours.  A decent number are unhappy with him because he hasn’t gone FAR enough to the left.
    They’re unhappy with him for climbing into bed with insurance companies.  We’re unhappy with the insurance companies for selling their (free-market) souls and climbing into bed with HIM. (Or we should be unhappy with them were we not so fixated on Obambi, Pelosi, and Reid.)  Just because they’re “business” doesn’t make them “free-market”; far from it.  Just like someone with an “R” in front of their name doesn’t mean they’re a conservative.  Mumble Mike Castle mumble.  And no, I still don’t care that Christine O’Donnell is a likely loser candidate.  I have no use for a Mike Castle who would claim to be a Republican while striking deals with the Democrats and stabbing conservatives in the back.  Good riddance!  We need to take the long term view, not just the 2010 view.