Sunday morning open thread

Life in my house is never boring.

I crave boredom.

Have fun with this open thread until a boring window of time opens up in the chaos swirling around me, giving me a chance to read and write a bit.

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    Redistribution of wealth – from the living to the dead
    One Billion of Your Tax Dollars Sent to Dead People

    The Social Security Administration sent $18 million in Stimulus funds to 71,688 dead people..

    The Department of Health and Human Services doled out checks to 11,000 dead people to the tune of $3.9 million in assistance to pay heating and cooling costs out of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.
    The Department of Agriculture cranked out checks for $1.1 billion to deceased farmers.

    The Department of Housing and Urban Development cut checks for $15.2 million in housing subsidies for 3,995 households with at least one deceased person.

    Medicaid payments of over $700,000 in prescriptions for 1,800 dead patients and prescriptions for drugs written by 1,200 deceased doctors. Also, Medicare payments of $92 million in medical supplies prescribed by dead doctors and $8.2 million for medical supplies prescribed for non-living patients.

  • Ymarsakar

    People like Sherrod got that money, I bet, Sadie. The “dead people” is their excuse to disappear the funds.
    It’s how people like Ayers, enemy of private property, has his own mansion.


    Reparations, Ymar,  reparations.

  • Ymarsakar

    To elaborate, I’m referring to Sherrod’s farm that she worked using slave wage labor. She collected some kind of federal relief to poor farmers, when in fact her farm didn’t qualify.
    The Department of Agriculture cranked out checks for $1.1 billion to deceased farmers.
    This is how these cockroaches breed. They use our food, poison it, and grow at the expense of our stockpiles. While we starve in the dead of winter, too weak to resist their invasion, they are get fat off the largesse of their victims.


    Sherrod is a plantation pimp. The Sherrods, the Sharptons – the former out of the city and the latter within city limits – bottom line, this ilk are cut from the same cloth.