Obama’s escalated attack against Israel

I’m not the only one who found Obama’s Muslim venue a disturbing place from which to launch an oral attack against Israel.  Jonathan Tobin notes the venue too, as well as the fact that Obama, after having gone quiet for a while when his previous mad Mideast adventures failed, has reopened his hostilities with Israel with an ugly vengeance:

But now that the election is over, Obama is back to his old tricks, seizing upon an announcement that can have no impact on any theoretical peace deal in order to pander to a Muslim world that seeks Israel’s destruction. By making a statement about Jerusalem while in Indonesia, Obama is signaling that the United States regards Jewish Jerusalem as being no different from the most remote settlement in the West Bank: an illegal outpost that must be destroyed and its inhabitants removed. Such a statement helps fuel the Arab irredentism that has been the primary obstacle to peace since Israel’s birth in 1948.

Obama’s pandering to the Muslim world is also a signal to Jewish Democrats that their party’s leader is once again throwing Israel under the bus in pursuit of popularity in the Third World. While the majority of Jews stayed loyal to the Democrats this fall even in the midst of a Republican wave, the president’s speedy post-election reversion to Israel-bashing should remind them that this administration is still bent on distancing itself from the Jewish state. Just as Obama’s statements about Israel during the 2008 presidential campaign proved to be mere rhetoric, now that the charm offensive is officially over, Jewish Democrats need to acknowledge that they were hoodwinked again.

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    And on the other side of the world, President Fist Bump tip – toed through the tulips ….
    “With respect to Kashmir, obviously this is a long-standing dispute between India and Pakistan; as I said yesterday, I believe that both Pakistan and India have an interest in reducing tensions between the two countries. The United States cannot impose a solution to these problems……


  • Tonestaple

    Would someone please explain to me how American Jews can be so blind and, ultimately, self-destructive?  I really don’t understand it.  I can see that voting Democrat is an ingrained habit, but elections don’t come often enough for voting to be done totally on autopilot.  There has to be thought involved, so they must surely be making a conscious decision to ignore Obama’s words and actions. 

    I don’t believe this is really the case, but I kind of feel like I’m being kicked in the teeth.  Here I am, a lifelong supporter of Israel – I’ve never forgotten how thrilling the Six-Day War was, and hearing jokes about Egyptian tanks having one forward gear and six for reverse – and the Jews don’t care about that.  They would surely view me with contempt (or at best, indifference) because I am a conservative Republican. 

    Why on earth should I bother to continue to support Israel when the Jews don’t have the good sense to do so?

  • Charles Martel

    Tonestaple, one part of the answer is that so many Jews are not really Jewish any more. Where I live, near Book, being Jewish is a kind of in thing, a neat little embellishment on one’s resume. It makes the so-called Jew interesting and oh-so-slightly exotic, and gives the gentile the sweet cheap grace of being tolerant and cosmopolitan.

    Of course, if the Jew involved were devout, and actually believed all that Torah crap, he would be consigned to social oblivion pretty quickly. The analogous Christians are “cultural Catholics” who baptize their kids and make a big deal out of their First Communions, complete with special dress-up clothes and parties, but do not believe that Catholicism is anything more than a decoration.

    Most of the Jews I know are not devout. Some of them are parodies, such as my old “Jewish” friend who is a confirmed atheist and socialist. He does not see how pathetic his claim to Jewishness is, since he rejects everything that is holy about it and simply sees it as an amusing ornament to his biography.

    Somebody once said that the greatest threat ever posed to Jews was not Nazi Germany or even Islam, it is America. Here, in a place safe from the Old World’s primitive anti-Semitism has arisen the most fantastically virulent, effective—and sophisticated—anti-Semitism of all: the self-hating Jew. 

    As in the Jew who votes relentlessly Democrat.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Tonestaple:  Charles has nailed it.  Jewishness is an identity, not a belief system, or a values system.  It goes nicely with the well-educated children, the good job, and the checks made out to the Democrat candidate.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Charles M., would it be fair to refer to it purely as a “tribal affiliation”?


    In a word or two… Reform Judaism. It became the ultimate Chinese menu, pick one from column A, two from column B – wonton soup, fortune cookie and voting Democrat  are included with the meal.
    As to the Jews, that insist on identifying themselves as Jewish, I can only conclude that they have not officially assimilated by actual conversion to a recognized church and now pray at the alter of progressivism.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Can you spot all the low-hanging fruit he left on this one? The most obvious, of course, is that words have meaning and if one is going to deceitfully deny those meanings, then any chance of meaningful discussion vanishes. It took a few tiresome back-and-forth exchanges to clarify this for him; he was a particularly slow learner. Whether you get called a name directly or it’s hurled at people who think like you do, don’t let such foolishness go unpunished.
    My old pal Jack Mayo tried that stunt here when he started going on about Neo-Cons.
    He thought it was okay, since he didn’t mean neo-con in a “bad way”. Then I pulled his head in on the fact that he couldn’t even spell out what he euphemistically called “The N word”.
    What happened to it being okay to use a word if it wasn’t in the “bad way”? Isn’t it okay if you don’t use it in a bad way? Oh, I guess some words aren’t okay to be used from the Left’s perspective regardless of what people meant by it.
    Hypocrites and cowards. Mayo’s floating around here like a hamburger so I expect he’s got nothing further to say. Mayo’s brain has emptied of Progressive talking points and Myrmidon orders.
    I find that most Leftists simply give up when they have no response
    The Left never gives up. It’s just that sometimes the little cogs at the bottom of the cult hierarchy get tired and they need to go back to their Master to receive new instructions because their mental defenses have totally paralyzed their ability to counter. They have run out of ammo. Restocking is their next priority. Reloading.
    Yeah, I’m talking to you, Leftists. I got Leftists coming out the woodworks like creatures from a fantasy orc army. I’m a popular person they love to talk to.
    Personally, I just think he needs more time. Like Obama, once people get more time, they’ll be back with another load of Leftist dogma. Look forward to it. Cause I am.