Regressive Progressives

What’s in a word?

I know that “Progressive” is supposed to be a euphemism for Liberal, which used to be Socialist, which used to be Communist, which used to be Rousseau-an “naturalism”.  I have a real problem with the term “Progressive”, though, as it connotes a cutting-edge, modernistic world view. Sure, Progressives think well of themselves by deluding themselves that they are in the avant-garde of political expression, but…

… the problem is, “Progressivism” is really founded on rather fascist-utopian political ideas that are at least 250 years old (beginning with Rousseau), that found their champion in Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels about 200 years ago, and devolved their particular American voice about 130 years ago. There’s just nothing that is progressive about Progressives. It has all been said. It has all been tried. It has all failed. Nothing new there.

Is there any better label that we can affix to these regressive political retreads?

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  • Don Quixote

    What they are is statists and I’d be happy with that term.  To given them the benefit of the doubt, I guess we could call them utopians. 

  • Danny Lemieux

    Statist Utopians? Statopians? Stutopians?

  • Ymarsakar

    The Church of Progressing Ultimate Entropy.
    Given infinite time, everything in the universe will balance out and finally become equal.

  • Ymarsakar

    In other words, the Alliance of Delusional Chaos Parasites.
    From Chaos;Head

  • Michael Adams

    An excellent rant.  It is clear that you are one of the people that my wife says can’t play with me, since we’d only encourage each other in new mischief.  Alas, so is she.
    As for Rousseau, he is another  of those guys, like Mo Hammad, who would have left the world a better place, if they’d only taken their lithium.
    I’m as disturbed as any Texan about the murders of all those people in Waco, but Vernon Howells, aka, “David Koresh,” surely appeared in the video to be another one. Who knows what further evils the world avoided by his brutal murder?
    But, Rousseau, well, his intellectual descendants have killed ten to twenty times as many folks as the followers of Mo. Reasonable people ought to be able to see that ordinary bourgeois types are not the problem that afflicts the world, that we have, indeed, cured most of the ills that afflicted those noble savages.
    Most people I have read do not link Rousseau with Romanticism. They do fit well together, though, suspiciously well.  Moreover, there is a  romance about revolution that seems to short circuit the sort of critical thinking that would have put Rousseavianism on the famous ash heap of history.

  • David Foster

    From a marketing standpoint, I think it’s best to call them “progressives,” always using the quotation marks. They should not be called liberals, because our objective should be to detach as many old-line liberals as possible from the current madness of the Democratic Party and its academic and media enablers.



  • Danny Lemieux


  • Bookworm

    I’m with DQ.  “Statist” isn’t clever, but it is the most accurate appellation there is.  (Or “idiot,” of course, but that could be perceived as an insult to people who are merely stupid without buying into the whole Big Government thing.)

  • Charles Martel


  • Ymarsakar

    For Jack Mayo, cause he said he reads my stuff,

    Dig it.

    “the same cartoonist who called Condi Rice a “house nigga” and is now calling for organized violence in order to “bully” his insidious left-wing worldview on the rest of us,”
    See, he’s allowed to use what Mayo euphemistically referred to as the N word. Keep working at the Leftist hierarchy and climbing the ladder in the rat race. Soon you too will be able to use the word, its variations, and get published in print.