Changing reality, one word at a time

This is an absolutely true story:

The conversation at my Mom’s retirement home got around to the subject of dogs.  Someone mentioned the Belgian Sheepdog.

“Oh,” my Mom said.  “My own mother had one of those before WWI.  It was a beautiful dog.  It looked a little like a German shepherd, only it was black–”

One of the ladies in the conversation interrupted:  “Dear, we don’t use that word any more.”

My Mom, nonplussed, asked “What word?”

“Black, dear.  Now that Obama is president, we don’t use that word anymore.”

There are no more black dogs.  Just dogs of color.

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  • Charles Martel

    Is it permissible to say, when describing a b***k Larador, “Oh, she’s an African-American dog”?

  • Bookworm

    The wonder of this story is how perfectly it describes what happens when PC falls into amateur hands.  Eric Holder defines himself solely by being “black,” but sensitive whites have outlawed the word for their own use.


    You realize that the Black Forest is now ….
    The theater of the absurd continues …
    The Three Little Pigs now live in recycled houses.
    Fatwa on female cashiers issued and the UN council for women gives Saudi a seat
    Not to be outdone by absurdity Time Ragazine says Tea Party will cause hyperinflation

  • Jewel

    This should clear up any miscategorizations, dogwisely speaking, of course:

  • David Foster

    Oh. I thought the word they were going to object to was the word “German.”
    The blogger Baldilocks, who is black, mentioned to some white person that her father is African. “You mean African-American,” said the white person. “No,” said Baldilocks, “African.” White person objected that since Baldilocks is black, her father must be black, hence must be an African.American…..

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  • MacG

    This is one of those things where God wags His head slaps his forehead.  If you’ve ever read the Gospels I can see Jesus doing this on more than one occasion.

    Seems appropriate to bring up “Politically Correctly Bed Time Stories” and “Politically Correct Holiday Stories”.

    It never ceases to amaze me as a white persun (sp intentional, don’t want to offend the womyn) how I have to watch what I say.  While listening to the radio this morning there was a bit about how one of our conservative representitives did not back down (name escapes me now – a Jan Brewer moment 😉 ) I said to the radio “Good Boy!” for sticking to principles but had he been black, American African (insert label of choice), I would risk  the danger of being labeled a racist had I said it in public when it’s just something I say from time to time.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Har, har…too funny! Thanks, though. It lifted me out of a rather African-American mood as I was struggling to replace the African-American cartridge in my printer. Plus, I have to contemplate returning home this afternoon in rain, for which I did not bring a rain jacket, as the Chicagoland skies turn increasingly African American. Then again, could be worse: at least I can still distinguish between my colored and African-American cartridges…for now.


    Thanks for the link – Theater of the Absurd continues ;

  • Tonestaple

    Danny, how could you?  That’s “cartridge of color,” if you don’t mind. 

  • Charles Martel

    Danny: LOL!

  • Ymarsakar

    This was almost designed for Jack Mayo.
    Good thing I’m not white. I can actually spell out what Mayo euphemistically wrote as the “N” word. *snickers* And mayo actually thought he could talk about how to deal with Islamic terror.
    Guy that’s too scared of the race police, talking about dealing with serial killers and fanatical torturers. That’s rich.
    The Left is a never ending entertainment train. Just sometimes they crash and kill a bunch of orphans on the way side.