How Sadie’s gloating got hijacked — by guest blogger Sadie

Background: I live in a building inhabited by a lot of seniors. When they moved in they were younger mid 50’s Democrats. Now, they’re aging Democrats and fear and wincing registers across their faces as if they were wearing — not a yellow Star of David, but something worse, much worse. They’re suffering the humiliation of wearing a fading blue D encased in a circle, which best describes their voting habits.

For most of their lives, they’ve been encased in their own little blue circles, carefully shielded from conservatives. I don’t need shields. Some months ago, when I saw a notice posted in the mail room that a ‘discussion’ group would be forming to talk about local, topical, political headlines and concerns, I decided I would try it out for size. At that time, the give and take was, to use the term, “fair and balanced.” The moderator moderated and even was more than happy to share the direction and scope of the discussions with my input.

I was therefore looking forward to the first post election gathering (we’re about 15-25 people who meet twice a month) as a time to sit, listen and, yes, gloat a little to myself. Sadly, gloating was impossible when the moderator began by reading pure, unadulterated drivel from a “left wing rag.” That just got me mad.  When I suggested that it was inappropriate, I was firmly told “don’t dominate the discussion.” Mr. Moderator went off the deep end. (And NO, I did not dignify his reaction with a comment at the time, but waited until the meeting ended and announced to friends of mine and within ear shot of Mr. Moderator’s wife just how incredibly rude and disgusting his behavior was.)

Not only did the Moderator hijack the discussion, which made me angry, I simply didn’t have the heart to gloat at the political “wake,” or in this case, since they were all Jews, a “shiva.” The most appropriate response to the group would have been to bring along a basket full of those black buttons mourners wear. They were beside themselves, blaming the loss on black voters, who did not turn out for Joe Sestak in Philadelphia, etc., etc. How quaint, how predictable. They’re beyond consolation that Pennsylvania went Republican.

Have your ‘blue’ friends and co-workers been exhibiting more/less passionate outbreaks of aggressive behaviors? Are they in need of a crisis management team? Are they stooped over, head held low staring at the tops of their shoes? And do you, like me, have the mildly compassionate urge to hide your gloating and send them a get well and get over it card.

[Bookworm here:  To which I’ll add that, though we are too good to gloat publicly, I hope that we never become so compassionate in the face of their despair that we’re willing to abandon our principles just to make these weenies happy.  Thanks for the lovely post, Sadie.]

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  • Jewel

    I left the gloating to Glenn Beck. That was sweet catharsis, indeed!

  • Mike Devx

    Sadie said,
    >  I simply didn’t have the heart to gloat at the political “wake,” or in this case, since they were all Jews, a “shiva.”

    Sadie, this is one more dollop of proof that for liberal Jews, their ideology trumps their Jewishness.

    The first step in solving a problem is admitting you *have* a problem.  But far-left liberals cannot admit that this election has caused them a problem, because this election was a stunning repudiation of their ideology itself.  So they are frantically trying to blame the results on everything else *but* their ideology.  They are coalescing around one message in particular: The defeat had nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with ObamaCare!  The people LOOOOOVE  ObamaCare!  And for those who don’t, well,we just didn’t “message” them quite right.  We’ll do better now.

    All of this makes me glad.  Very glad.  We’re a center-right country, which means we’re approximately 30% Democrat-liberal, 35% Republican-conservative, 35% Independent.  If you want to talk about who is core-committed to their values, those numbers probably go 20% liberal, 30% conservative, 50% independent/fickle.

    That 50% in the middle took a chance on the liberals in 2006 and 2008 and put the far-left crowd in control.  Then in this historic shift, they have just repudiated them – and the depth and breadth of the repudiation truly is staggering.  The media is not reporting the numbers.  Governorships, state Legislatures, local elections… it was in fact a tidal wave.  Strong, broad, and deep.

    To the extent that they rely on the media to frame their reality, leftists like Sadie’s Jewish group can understandably be reluctant to reorient, for the media isn’t telling them the truth.  They can treat this is a minor setback.    Heck, I got suckered in by the immediate post-election reporting, and I’m *hostile* to the media’s liberal message.

    Therefore,we’re going to get, through 2011 and hopefully deep into 2012, a drumbeat of liberal apologia explaining away what just happened.  They’re going to continue down the same road.  And another large chunk of that 50% lost in the middle is going to get an eye-opening education about the cost of leaving these people in control of ANYTHING.

    And those who have already made the switch will find their convictions deepening as well.

    This is exactly what will save our country for the long-term.  That’s why I am so glad.  We may be looking at a truly golden 2012.  I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch; and we have a lot of harm to undo, and it won’t be easy.  But I am beginning to see true hope, for the first time in a long time.

    As the Democrats continue their unfriendly and even hostile assaults on Israel, Sadie, even your Jewish group may find their opinions shifting.  Let us know!

  • Ymarsakar

    I would bring people’s attention to this.
    The Leftists that didn’t like Obama are still Leftists in ideology. However, they are being treated to the same excoriation that they feel is rightly due only to conservatives, and from their own party no less. This can cause a wide break in their insurgency, which has benefits for all of the nation.

  • Mike Devx

    From: “Nancy Pelosi: We Didn’t Lose Because Of Me”
    “So, I’m not looking back on this,” Ms. Pelosi said. “They asked me to run, I’m running. We don’t let the Republicans choose our leaders, and again, our members understand, they made me a target because I’m effective, politically and policy-wise.”

    Here I thought she was a money-grubbing, power-mad idealogue.  I thought you would pry the controls of power from her rigidly clutching hands only with pounds of TNT, and she’d be madly howling and screeching the whole time!  “No! Never! I will NEVER give up the POWER!”

    But it turns out she was more than ready to walk away, humbly, for the good of her Party and her Nation.  Then they asked her to run.

    How could I have been so wrong?  The woman must be known as Saint Pelosi.  Saint Pelosi!  All hail Saint Pelosi!  For hath she spokeneth.

    Saint Pelosi!  Saint Pelosi!  Please touch my hand, and never shall I wash it again.

  • suek

    “they made me a target because I’m effective, politically and policy-wise.””

    In this, I think she’s correct.  I really have to wonder how she managed to keep them all in line and voting “straight ticket”.  I can’t help but feel that she has something on each and every one of them who might be thinking of voting against something dear Nancy wants.
    To give her her due, she may be a lover of power, but I think she also _believes_ in the leftist ideals, and _believes_ that the US would be much better off if we were socialist.  It’s a very motherly view – taking care of all the little people who obviously can’t take care of themselves, or they’d be rich like she is.  Of course, she expects to have privileges, but only because she’s the great benefactor responsible for doling out all those benefits.  You don’t expect a Mom to be on the same level with her children, do you!
    I also think she’s dead wrong.  Well…wrong, anyway.  Not dead yet.  Oh well.

  • Charles Martel

    Did anybody catch the video of Dennis Miller’s recent appearance on Leno? The part where he quips that he’s certain Nancy Pelosi sleeps hanging upside down got me as close to cardiac arrest as I’ve ever come.

  • jj

    You’re too polite, Sadie.  They can’t wise up any younger.


    As the Democrats continue their unfriendly and even hostile assaults on Israel, Sadie, even your Jewish group may find their opinions shifting.  Let us know!
    The group was not intentionally formed as a Jewish group, it just turned out that way, save a few. Since the bulk of the group are even more senior than I – a shift in opinion would take nothing short of an earthquake, maybe, possibly, I doubt it.  What it did enforce for me, personally, was the Sarah Palin syndrome 100 fold. Not only am I a conservative (there are a few others, who are more inhibited in verbalizing a point) but I am  Jewish, a conservative and a woman – the ultimate triple threat to Mr. Moderator.

  • Mike Devx

    Sadie says in #8,
    >  What it did enforce for me, personally, was the Sarah Palin syndrome 100 fold

    That reminds me of something.  I’ve had short political conversations with two co-workers – in one case a former co-worker – where Sarah Palin came up.  Both of these guys loathe Sarah Palin with a passion.  They consider her nothing more than a mindless twit mouthpiece.

    These are guys who are highly intelligent and incredibly skilled (at least in software), and are not liberals.  The worst you could call them are dispassionate independent pragmatists.  They’re not conservatives.   In both cases, they pointed to the infamous Katie Couric interview to bolster their viewpoint, that Palin is utterly shallow and not qualified

  • Ymarsakar

    Mike, nowhere in software did they teach mass media deception, whether to recognize it or use it. Nowhere in software programming did they teach hypnosis and how to program in false memories in people.
    The more intelligent someone is, the easier they are to fool with propaganda. That’s the rule of thumb given that most people don’t use their intelligence to actually become competent in psychological warfare or propaganda operations.
    People don’t need to be liberals to be in denial and tools of others. That’s been an old thing since serfdom and slavery.

  • Ymarsakar

    How many so called smart people and economic rakers got raked over the coals when they invested in Madoff (who made off with their money) or Enron?
    The con is as old as war and prostitution. it takes a particularly foolish person to believe they have mastered such arts just because they saw an interview and was told what to think. A particularly foolish individual indeed.
    People who can’t tell fiction from truth, need to get a better education.