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    Oh oh oh me first!
    It’s Friday, I’m at work and would rather not be.  And I’m in a silly mood.
    Back in the days of old in the merry old land of England, there was a custom that the royal bride and groom would perform on their wedding night.  After the festivities of the wedding day had subsided and the couple had retired to their rooms, the bride would ready herself and await the groom’s knock on her door.  She would then state, “I offer you my honor.”  He would in turn reply, “I honor your offer”.  The it was honer and offer all night long.
    Have a fun day!


    The it was honer and offer all night long.
    Typo on honer …  the ‘h’ or the ‘e’ (((giggling)))

  • Danny Lemieux

    Book, I don’t know how you generate as many ideas as you do on this blog. Amazing. Cheers!

  • suek

    Just _had_ to pass this one along…
    (Sadie…you’re _bad_!!)


    suek …. Watch out, I am carrying semi-automatic nail clippers (((more giggling)))
    Thanks for the link.

  • suek

    Here’s another.  That one was pretty unbelievable…this one is just for fun.  I really enjoy Ann Coulter’s type of humor…


    The only other agency of ‘no recourse’ that I can think of is the IRS. DQ asked on another thread, do blogs make an impact. I think we have the definitive answer.
    The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a bill called The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA). This bill grants the power to the Attorney General to simply shut down any website that he deems has copyright infringement “central to the activity” of the site.
    Sounds vague. But that isn’t the most egregious part. The instant death penalty for any website comes with no due process.

    Background on COICA below.


    Today is November 19th.

    Fourscore and twenty years ago (3 min. video black and white and very nice).

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Nice, sadie.
    Throughout human history, there have always been the trend to enslave the weak and the rich.

  • Spartacus

    So long as we’re enjoying some topical randomness…
    Even Klingons understand intuitively what liberals don’t.  And what they may lack in eloquence, they sometimes make up for in articulation.
    (Isn’t it neat how thoughts can roll around in your head for years until someone goes and invents a Google machine?  Good thing, too, ’cause that incessant rolling noise was getting to me.)


    We all know that Wiki edits and eliminates and  I often use Conservapedia as an alternate source. I came up empty there, too. If you remember (or don’t) Lt. Col. Lakin put his career on the line and questioned why no one has ever seen Barry’s original birth certificate.
    The plot thickens …. read the link.
    Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin/Wikipedia and down the memory hole.