1. SADIE says

    Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore said support for corn-based ethanol in the United States was ‘not a good policy’, weeks before tax credits are up for renewal.
    U.S. blending tax breaks for ethanol make it profitable for refiners to use the fuel even when it is more expensive than gasoline. The credits are up for renewal on December 31.
    Total U.S. ethanol subsidies reached $7.7billion last year according to the International Energy Industry, which said biofuels worldwide received more subsidies than any other form of renewable energy.
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    The short list of products made from corn (I understand there are 3-4,000).

  2. jj says

    An opportunity to think out loud, and get everybody else thinking out loud.
    I look to solicit opinions.  How long do you think it’ll be before China invades Taiwan, and we don’t do anything about it?  I think it’s coming pretty soon.  I think the indicator of that was plainly visible off the coast of California a few days ago when everyone was treated to the sight of – beyond question – a missile track.  All explanations to the contrary are purest BS, and most people know it.  That was a little hello from China, and I’m becoming increasingly willing to bet it signals that the coming invasion of Taiwan is indeed coming – and coming fairly soon.  The doorbell has been rung, and we have been not very subtly placed on notice that we would do best to do nothing.
    The Chinese have the equipment, they have the ability, they know we are stretched thin, and, above all, they know that the creature we have witlessly placed in the White House presents them with the perfect time.  And they have now made clear to him that Los Angeles and San Francisco are easy for them to remove from the map.  Though I personally would miss neither, there is no question the United States would feel the loss, and rather not have to endure it.
    So they got us, I would say, and it’ll happen by this spring at latest.  Probably sooner.

  3. SADIE says

    I think China’s first order of business is S. Korea, using it’s puppet N. Korea. The two bells that went off this year:  the attack on a S. Korean navy vessel and, as you mentioned, jj, the missile launch from a submarine.
    Couple the two examples above with the actual ‘act of war’ on the island off of S. Korea today and the pattern, at least to me is clear. If they are not called on the carpet or carpet bombed, China will get the all clear signal and try for Taiwan down the road.
    I am sure once Barry pardons the turkey … oh, never mind. What is loud and clear is the silence and weak comments from the WH. One would think that the secretary of state – Shrillary would be up front and center making pronouncements … oh never mind. Who am I kidding this administration is always on Spring break, even in November.

  4. jj says

    Nah – South Korea’s unimportant, and they can roll that up any time.  Taiwan’s the insult, all those Nationalist Chinese going there and Mao being unable to pursue them right when it happened, because we said: “exactly how much trouble do you really want to have, Pumpkin-head?” – and, at the time, we meant it.  Reuniting with Taiwan has been goal #1 right since then, Mao was after it for his whole worthless life, and everyone who followed has also been after it.
    South Korea’s a minor pain in their ass; Taiwan’s an in-their-face insult that’s endured for far too long.  It’ll be Taiwan.

  5. says

    “this administration is always on Spring break, even in November.”

    Sadie, that is one scary thought – but true!

    While at the local laundromat today, the owner, a South Korean Immigrant, was visibly upset by the news of those attacks in South Korea today. It is the first time in the over ten years that he has been owner of the local laundromat that I have seem him or his father this way.  They still have some family in Seoul. 

    Given Obama’s history of “throwing under the bus” anyone who doesn’t serve his purpose anymore I cannot help but wonder if that is why they were so upset at this news today.

    JJ – I was in Taiwan when Carter pulled US troops out.  I remember the US Congress passing the “Taiwan Relations Act” to counter that idiot move.  Hopefully, there are enough folks in Congress to understand the real threat coming and will do something to help. 

    Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope that we (and the rest of the world) doesn’t have a dire reason for really missing Bush.

  6. SADIE says

    If I follow your take on it and Taiwan is the insult, why bitch slap S. Korea? No matter how you look at it, China is in the ring and punching and I’ve yet to hear one word from any conservative politician. What are they waiting for – the ringmaster or the girl with the card, letting them know what round it is!

  7. says

    Sadie, they are testing the waters. Going for the low hanging fruit. If the US, who have actual troops in SK, doesn’t do jack all against that, then China will see it as a green light for Taiwan, which has no US troops stationed there directly as far as I know. They also have to factor in the Japanese response as US troops are over Japan as well. That’s why you had missiles flying over Japan, but not Taiwan. They want to see how the US reacts to local governments demanding that the US actually fulfill the defense agreements that was part of the base contracts or what not.

  8. says

    Btw, blacks are seen as racially and genetically inferior to whites or Europeans by certain Asian segments, notably Chinese for one thing.
    Obama acting like he’s too stupid to even know what’s going on in Korea and China, doesn’t help America’s reputation on this matter.

  9. jj says

    That’s Kim.  China didn’t do that, or – probably – tell him to do it.  He’s his own nut, and though a wind-up doll for China, remains a nut with an agenda of his own, too.  China runs him for the most part, but I don’t think they pretend to control him.  If he wants to fire a couple of shots over the border, fine; it isn’t the first time, won’t be the last.  China doesn’t care about that, nor do they drive it.  They have no objection to him pin-pricking here and there, which, on the world stage, is really what it amounts to.
    Don’t forget, he’s an embarrassment for the Chinese, too.  They try pretty hard to present at least the appearance of being a reasonable place to live to the rest of the world – people dress decently, get enough to eat, go to work every morning, have cars, etc., etc.  But a country where the lights have to be turned off a few hours a day to save fuel, a country where the big show-piece hotel can’t be occupied because it’s built so badly, a country where the main staple food of the people outside the cities is dirt… come on, it doesn’t say much for how swell Asian Communism is, does it?  One of these days Kim will disappear, and it will have been the Chinese who disappear him.  If the Chinese want to reunite the Korean Peninsula they’ll do it with somebody else at the helm, no more members of this ridiculous family of absurd clowns.  I’m sure someday they will want to do that, too – but Taiwan has been the issue forever.

  10. SADIE says

    Ymarsakar, I agree with both of your posts and I have no intention of pardoning the head turkey in the WH. China/NK  are taking more than pot shots since they’re also suppliers to Iran.
    The ol’ axis of evil [circa 2002] should have been made clearer to include China.

  11. says

    jj:  When the cat’s away or, as in this case, actively ineffectual and passively malevolent, you can bet that the evil mice will play.  I have no doubt that, just as Iran fell under Carter’s watch, Taiwan (and other places?) will fall under Obama’s watch.

  12. Charles Martel says

    If Nancy Boy won’t defend Taiwan, he’ll start a chain of events that will end up with him being impeached or run out of the country:

    * Japan will arm itself with nuclear weapons within months.
    * South Korea will surreptitiously begin finishing the nukes it already has under development.
    * Australia will begin to develop a nuclear arsenal to protect itself and its neighbors from Chinese aggression.
    * Israel already assumes Obama is a chickens**t, as well as a Jew hater, so it will proceed to do what damage it can to Iran, thereby starting a regional war that Nancy Boy will not know how to deal with.
    * Russia will see its chance to reassemble the Soviet empire with no more resistance from us than some earnest handwringing.
    * Chavez will continue his campaign against Colombia and invite overt Russian and Chinese military aid and presence—Nancy Boy will not invoke the Monroe Doctrine.

    Any one or two of these crises are ones the United States could handle if it were led by a man. But this will be the death of a thousand cuts, thanks to the Bringer of Light.

  13. says

    “But this will be the death of a thousand cuts, thanks to the Bringer of Light.”
    Aka, Lucifer. He was also called the Bringer of Light as such.
    “The ol’ axis of evil [circa 2002] should have been made clearer to include China.”
    I would not include China for a number of reasons.

  14. says

    Bush’s instincts were actually right on the mark a lot of times. It’s just he often times would vacillate or delegate stuff he really should have kept under his own belt. Bush, for example, would often listen to misguided people like Blair or pro-UN anti-Americans. So long as Bush went it alone, his decisions would have been much better than his international triangle strategy. Same reason why NATO is still screwing our Afghanistan mission. Yeah, Our mission, not theirs. And that’s how they see it too.

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