A comment re Danny’s Sarah Palin post

I can’t get my comments feature to work on my iPhone, so I’m going to use my blogger’s prerogative to use a new post to comment re Danny Lemeiux’s post re Sarah Palin. The gal writing in the Atlantic felt that it was unfair that Palin hadn’t been exposed to mean men.

It seems appropriate to say here that, in my limited experience as a conservative, I’ve observed that conservative men seemuch less hostile to wen than liberal men. The latter seem to resent the He’ll out of them, even as they loudly trumpet their commitment to women’s rights.

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  • Gringo

    The gal writing in the Atlantic felt that it was unfair that Palin hadn’t been exposed to mean men.
    It would appear that Palin has been exposed to her share of mean women. Palin Derangement Syndrome seems to have more female than male members.
    Book, there is a typo.

  • Oldflyer

    I would observe that the woman from the Atlantic, like most other scribblers and babblers, likely knows very little about Sarah Palin’s real life.  Nor are they interested.  They are obsessed with their version of her life.
    However, if psychologists and sociologists are correct, the evidence does suggest that she grew up in a nurturing, encouraging, and highly competitive (in a positive sense) environment.  The experts do believe that we are simply products of our environment, right?  No one as cheerful, energetic, and self-confident as Sarah Palin could have had negative influences on her development.
    So, it just isn’t fair is it?  Our political scene should be dominated by folks who had Clintonesque or Obama-like childhoods.  See how well that worked?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    See how well that worked?
    Given their support of the Polanskis, of course they would assume the up and coming have been abused. After all, that’s what they do to children in their spare time. That’s normal in the Left’s lexicon of how to treat children. Don’t they always say it is for the children?
    I’ve observed that conservative men seemuch less hostile to wen than liberal men.

    Communist movements basically used women as comfort sex tools. That attitude bled through to the Progs once they relabeled themselves.
    As you have seen with Obama, women don’t really rate highly in the “victim” categories even amongst the Left.
    If you despise human virtues, Book, why wouldn’t you let that inner crulety leak out against women, who are often much weaker against verbal or physical attacks? The cruel and the evil always prey upon the weak, rather than the strong, if they can help it. There’s a reason for that.

  • Oldflyer

    Sex tools.  Reminds me.
    During the Yom Kippur war when the Russian fleet moved massively into the Eastern Mediterranean to try to intimidate the Israelis, we followed suit.  I was serving in John F. Kennedy (CVA-67).  We had just finished participating in a huge NATO exercise in the North Atlantic, which in turn was tacked on the end of a six month deployment in the Mediterranean. We did a short stop in Rosyth, Scotland (Edinburgh) and thought we were heading home the next day.  Wrong. Back to the med
    We rushed down to a station off of the Straits of Gibralter, then when the Russians moved into the Med in force, we made a  high speed dash across to the Eastern Med.  A Russian cruiser out of North Africa picked us up and tried to shadow us.  Weather was a little rough and good old JFK left those Russians bouncing in her wake pretty quick.  (Strange that JFK would be a she, but that is Naval convention.)  Even those oil fired carriers could move it when serious.  None of this has anything to do with my point.  Call it background.
    Anyway, once we were back in the Eastern Med staring at the Russians, staring back at us, one of the key briefing subjects of the day was tracking the “comfort barges”.  The Soviet fleet actually spent most of its time at anchor, and the Soviets maintained vessels staffed with prostitutes to visit their fleet anchorages.  It was always a matter of curiosity, if not military significance, to know where they were and where they seemed to be heading next.
    I hasten to assure everyone that the U.S. Navy had no such provisions.  Our sailors supported the local economies–if they were so inclined.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I think this was in the 80s but a former Navy enlisted told me back when a US Navy ship docked in places like Italy or what not, there were swarms of women flocking to the area and talking about how American men were better than the local variety.

  • Oldflyer

    Oh, when the carrier came into any port there were swarms of every kind of money grubber imaginable in town. It was funny.  Often  purveyors of goods–and services– seemed to know our schedule better than we did.   I don’t know that Italian women thought that American men were any better than locals.  I do know that none of them were offering free gifts.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    This was a reference more to when they were sailing out of port and you’d see all these women waving goodbye and crying as the men they knew left on the ships.

  • Oldflyer

    Well, being the cynic that I am Ymarsakar, I still think they were likely waving goodbye to the greenbacks.
    But, my perspective may be skewed because it was a rare treat when a carrier visited a port off the beaten track.  Most of the ports in Italy, France and Greece had seen the USN many, many times.  Most fathers kept their respectable daughters closed up.  Now the smaller ships made it to smaller ports, and did not overwhelm the population with sheer numbers, so  what you were told   would be more likely.  Let’s think so.
    I do remember once when my wife had traveled to the Mediterranean for a short visit and was following the ship from port to port.  Having her with me created different experiences.  A vivid memory of gales of laughter as we were shopping for dolls for our daughters in a small Greek shop in one of the smaller ports which we rarely visited.  We spoke no Greek, the women in the shop spoke very little, if any, English. Our attempts at communication were pretty comical.  We did find some lovely dolls in traditional Greek dress.

  • Libby

    “The gal writing in the Atlantic felt that it was unfair that Palin hadn’t been exposed to mean men.”
    Isn’t there a blogger at the Atlantic who has has an unnatural obsession with all things related to Palin’s fifth child, including detailed analysis of her, uh, reproductive health?
    As for Palin’s exposure the “mean men” in general, most feminists see men as the enemy and are exquisitely sensitive to any any real or perceived slights. Given Palin’s happy-warrior attitude, confidence, and competitive spirit, I imagine that a lot of “meanness” has rolled off her back or been given back in kind. And it’s clear she doesn’t hate men – she enjoys a lot of mall-dominated activities like hunting and fishing.

  • Charles Martel

     “…she enjoys a lot of mall-dominated activities like hunting and fishing.”

    Libby, good comment. I know that “mall-dominated” is a typo, but, by golly, it’s also a pun that Sadie would be proud to call her own.