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Spent the day on I-5 heading down to my wonderful in-laws (all neocons) for Thanksgiving. I-5 is always a slog, but it’s a depressing slog lately because so much land is fallow thanks to federal water/environmental policies. Makes me wonder, again, how Boxer won, again. She’s killing the state visibly

Once in LA, I saw 3 Jerry Brown bumperstickers, but I think that, given the number of cars on the LA freeways, the law of averages made that inevitable.

I’ll try to get to a computer tomorrow but, if I don’t, a very Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. You know how much I value your place in my life. Blogging is a compulsion because of me, but it’s a pleasure because of you.

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  • Alix

    Dear Bookworm
    I am somewhat new to your blog so maybe I have this wrong.  But isn’t your husband a progressive?  If so, how is it that your in-laws are neocons?  Did he change or did they — or did they never agree politically?
    Love your blog!

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      They changed (as I did). He didn’t — or, at least, hasn’t yet.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Omg Book.

    (all neocons)
    We got to get you to a anti-cult rehabilitation place fast.
    She can always blame Arnold, the Republican for the state’s financial woes.