“We the People”…A reminder

As Kate over at Small Dead Animals likes to put it, this is where we juxtapose two stories.

I am sure that this Federal regulation to change street signs all over America is either a response to a national emergency or a last ditch effort to burn up taxpayer money because there is way, way too much of it.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    As the years go by and the Democrat party in the Leftist alliance keeps coming up with more and more anti-American plans to implement, I keep saying the same thing.
    The failure wasn’t a “mistake“. The crash and burn wasn’t an accident. Both economic, social, and military disasters were engineered by the Left to fail. Once it had failed and lives were left burning in the streets, they would ride in and claim emergency powers to fix the problem.
    This is just like the Valerie Plame and anti-American claims by the Left. People actually believed the Left was serious and truthful when they complained about Plame’s identity being leaked and that they were called anti-Americans or unAmerican. They weren’t complaining that it was wrong to do that to them. They were complaining that they weren’t the ones doing it to the rest of you all.  Well, ya’ll got conned. They didn’t give a damn about the identity of CIA agents being released and being used by the enemy to kill CIA agents. They didn’t give a single F whether they were called what they really were or not.
    Robbing the unborn of opportunity? Obama might as well have stomped on live fetuses because babies that survived partial-birth abortions did NOT survive Obama’s writ of power that said make sure they die if they survive. Why the hell wold Obama give a damn about the unborn when he’s joyously crushing those that survived being killed.
    Most of people in the US still want to live in lalaland. They’re not ready to hear this message. They still need to suffer a little bit more. They need to learn to learn what hate truly is, a little bit more. Then perhaps they’ll “get” it the next time a Leftist ally like the Democrats come up with “we care about Plame and CIA agents!”. How many Americans and Afghan/Iraqi nationals have died as a result of the Left’s intelligence leaks? Do people even know or care. Oh, but they’ll care when it’s their family the Left burns on the cross and has a barbecue over it afterwards. They’ll care then.

  • Mike Devx

    That video starts with an Eagle, a waving American Flag, and the Constitution!

    What are you… some kind of freak?  What, I’ll bet you believe in American Exceptionalism, too!  Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!    Knuckle-dragging Neanderthalistic patriotic jingoist America-lover!

    This comment was brought to you by the hateful little liberal that I sometimes try to imagine lives inside of me.

  • 11B40

    As you mentioned the recent government-mandated street sign change, I though that, as a recovering printer and typography aficionado, I would offer my two cents plain.
    While there is a consensus in typography that type (letters) set in upper and lower case (capital and small letters) is more legible (easily read) than type set in all capitals, the benefit would be measured in nano-seconds when only one word is being read.  Additionally, the typeface being proposed has what is called a large “x-height” (the height of the lower case “x” letter) which would, if anything, undermine the overall upper and lower case benefit.
    Otherwise, the government seems to be doing as good job on this as it does with most other things.