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    Until Republicans like that one understand and learn to hate the Left, truly hate the Left and see them for what they are, he cannot help the American people in the long term. Whatever he does, will be unmade by the poison that is LibProg ideology and planning.
    Getting angry and upset about it is immaterial and irrelevant. It’s a matter of motivation. How motivated are you. When you are up against the powerful leaders and politicians in DC, how motivated are you? You don’t need to be smart. You don’t need to know the difference between good Iraq war strategy and bad Iraq war strategy. What you do need is the drive to learn and improve when they set obstacles in your path. Expertise and egg head geniuses can be hired from anywhere, so long as you can maintain the grasp on power to defeat the internal enemies of America. But can you maintain it. Do you have the motivation. Do you have as strong a fire burning in your soul to defeat them as they have in theirs to crush and annihilate you?
    If you don’t, it’s game over before it even starts. You might as well quit now and stop wasting our time.

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