I almost called it years ago when I predicted Obama’s reaction to adversity

Years ago, I predicted that Obama, when challenged, would either go ballistic or would fall apart at the seams.  I was almost right.  Rather than doing one or the other, Obama seems to have managed to do both (emphasis mine):

Max’s shout [in Where the Wild Things Are], and the trick of looking his antagonists straight in the eyes, cause the Wild Things to make them his king. But that’s unlikely to be the effect of Obama’s press conference, which was one of the most bizarre political events of my lifetime.

That’s John Podhoretz, summarizing the press conference (which I, of course, missed). Even more interesting John’s live blog comments, some of which I reproduce here:

LIVE BLOG: “I Will Be Happy to See If the Republicans Test Me on a Whole Bunch of Issues”

John Podhoretz – 12.07.2010 – 2:45 PM
Well, this president is an innovator. He has called a press conference intended to announce a new set of policies that will help the economy and the American people, and he is talking as though he had to negotiate with terrorists and made the best of a bad deal. Never really seen anything like it.


LIVE BLOG: “I Don’t See How the Republicans Win That Argument”

John Podhoretz – 12.07.2010 – 2:49 PM
Obama believes he can beat the GOP in the coming years on extending all the Bush tax cuts when he just lost it — because we need to build roads and bridges and because we’re falling behind on math education. This has the quality of an intellectual nervous breakdown.


LIVE BLOG: “You Can’t Just Stand on the Sidelines and Be a Bomb-Thrower”

John Podhoretz – 12.07.2010 – 2:51 PM
So far in this press conference, Obama has compared Republicans to hostage takers, bomb throwers, and terrorists.



John Podhoretz – 12.07.2010 – 3:01 PM
Well…that was interesting…he spent the first half insulting Republicans and the conclusion screaming at Democrats and left-liberals…All in all, one of the strangest political events of my lifetime.

I don’t like Obama.  I’ve never liked Obama.  I understood what Rush was saying and agreed with him when he wished for Obama to be a failed president, meaning a president who was unable to push forward his agenda (an agenda that included essentially taking over one-sixth of the American economy).  That didn’t mean, though, that I wished upon America the spectacle of an American president having a psychological breakdown.  If we’re really witnessing the beginning of that train wreck here and now, we are in much deeper doo-doo than we ever imagined.

Of course, it may not be a breakdown at all.  We may simply be witnessing the usual street theater of a Leftist thug, which is certainly a new phenomenon in the White House.  J.E. Dyer sees this as a form of typical Leftist performance art:

I don’t recall Obama ever coming off in a national forum quite so much like a leftist community organizer. In demonizing his political opponents, lecturing his base, and vowing to fight on in a long struggle, Obama appeared to be channeling his political roots in radical activism. He evoked an activist street fighter on the steps of city hall more than a president of the United States. The president is our head of government but also our head of state: a ceremonial symbol of national unity. One of his chief duties is to be happy about that.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Of course, it may not be a breakdown at all.  We may simply be witnessing the usual street theater of a Leftist thug, which is certainly a new phenomenon in the White House.

    No, I think that it is the beginning of a breakdown. He was never that stable a person. He is a Chicago street thug, yes, but Chicago street thugs are at their core cowards, they can only bully willing victims. That won’t happen anymore.

    I furthermore fear how he will react to try to gain back his momentum. This is often the time when failing world leaders seek to initiate wars or other disasters to try to unify and divert public attention away from themselves and toward a common “foe”. This will only get worse when the Republican House majority takes over and further stymies Obama’s agenda, resulting in even more cannibalism from the Left.


    The use/abuse of the word Nazi to describe anything or one as negative is on hiatus and has been replaced with a new villain – ‘terrorists’. I call it, liberal jihad against dissent.
    Senator Bob Menendez hammered the Republicans for their tactics: “Do you allow yourself to be held hostage and get something done for the sake of getting something done, when in fact it might be perverse in its ultimate results?” Well said, Senator. “It‘s almost like the question of, do you negotiate with terrorists?” Wow.
    Menendez, I think, is spot on. You can‘t negotiate with terrorists or Republicans these days. They‘ve been on an economic jihad against the middle class for decades, and they‘re determined to blow up any vote the Democrats put on the table.
    Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/tim-graham/2010/12/08/ed-schultz-hails-menendez-comparison-gop-terrorists-says-theyve-been-eco#ixzz17XbWyJWs

  • Libby

    That the president of the United States is so comfortable calling Republican congressmen “hostage takers”, and to so condescendingly address his own party is surreal. Really unpresidential. This from an administration that has renamed terrorist attacks “man-caused disasters”, etc.
    What I saw was an arrogant man who is so used to getting his way, that when he is forced to compromise he became unhinged with anger. Given the loss of the House and the 60-40 majority in the Senate, he will face a lot more compromise or rejection of his agenda over the next two years. This is going to get uglier.

  • jj

    I don’t like Obama or any part of his act – but I don’t find him, individually, all that dismaying.  He is what he is, everybody with a brain knew what he is and expected it, and the United States has survived inept, malevolent, and crazy bastards before.  What’s really disheartening to me, and genuinely dismaying, is the record number of enablers this particular inept crazy bastard has been able to find and enlist – from the (I lack a sufficiently descriptive term) Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Boxer, Fwank, Jackson Lee – JESUS! It’s a long list; FAR too long for the health of any republic – right on through the ones who haven’t been able to BS anybody into voting for them but nonetheless work for him: Holder, Napolitano, Geithner etc., etc., etc.  I am astounded and somewhat in shock by the numbers of complete a******s the American people have somehow or other allowed to get anywhere near public life.
    That’s the real issue.  We can survive one, but when the bodies that are supposed to exert some limits and control over him are themselves nothing more than what they have evidently turned out to be, then we are indeed in fairly deep something, and I’m not sure “doo-doo” is apt for the situation.
    And the real question that descends from the real issue is: what the hell is wrong with us, that we continue to elect such offal?  I point to California as a splendid example: we all make jokes, snide remarks, amusing comments, get off good lines, and have a generally fine time with California – but it isn’t funny, folks!  It’s serious!  And it’s getting more serious by the minute, and it is not at all worthy of laughter because these goddam people in this effing asylum that used to be a state are generating enough trouble to take us all down.  And they’re doing it cheerfully, with their eyes wide open, their heads up their asses, and an absolute certainty that they’re just fine and it’s the entire rest of the planet that’s out of step.  They will elect worthless a*****e after worthless a*****e – proudly – and devote their attention to public debates about whether or not its okay to allow stoned gay people to get married.  That’s cute – but it’s kind of off the point, just at the moment, don’t you think?
    So “what’s wrong with us” is a much bigger question.  I’m like everybody else: I always sort of wished to have youth back, but I’m rapidly approaching the point where I’m really pleased to be the age I am, because it means I’ll be safely the hell out of here before the excrement really hits the cooling system.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Ever hear of Liberal Fascism? The Left pretends they haven’t.
    While Obama sits on the nuclear football.


    ..dismaying, is the record number of enablers this particular inept crazy bastard has been able to find and enlist….
    Quite the opposite, the enablers (that awful list of serpents) have already poisoned California. Once they realized that there was no anti-venom to counteract them, other snakes were coaxed out of their holes. The appointments, the czars, were carefully crafted for full impact. The agenda was here long before Obama was born.
    Obama came and Obama will go, but the broader problem is – snakes breed.

  • suek

    I’m with you there.
    Personally, I think he was always a puppet.  You say >>What’s really disheartening to me, and genuinely dismaying, is the record number of enablers this particular inept crazy bastard has been able to find and enlist>>.  I think you have it backwards…I think they thought they could use him to get what they wanted, and then have found out that they have a flawed tool and can’t control him like they thought they could.  Pinocchio developed his will as well as his brain, and he wants to do it _this_ way, and what’s more he’s _PRESIDENT_ and they can’t tell _him_ what to do.
    The good news – in my mind – is that if he survives this term, I think he’ll quit.  He’d had the bennies, but they come at a cost.  He can retire, be an honored (even Carter is honored) past president with a very nice income – he’ll probably compete with Gore for speech income – and live a very comfortable life.  People will still come to him for all sorts of endorsements/presentations, and none of the hassle of the presidency.  It’ll be easier.  I said “if he survives” – I think the possibility that he won’t is becoming more of a possibility, but if he goes completely off his gourd, I think there are people around him who will “encapsulate” him – even if nothing further happens.  If stuff goes wrong though, I’d look toward Soros and the left – they don’t have any values that would prevent them from destroying him if it made the end they want more feasible.  Starting a race war by killing him and somehow placing the blame on militias, white supremacists, or the GOP … any of that would be possible.


    jj…can you hear the hissing. The snakes are everywhere.
    Michael Copps, who in a speech suggested that broadcasters be subject to a new “public values test” every four years.
    Copps had suggested that the test would make a broadcaster’s license renewal contingent upon proof that they meet a prospective set of federal criteria.
    He said outlets should be mandated to do the following:
    prove they have made a meaningful commitment to public affairs and news programming,
    prove they are committed to diversity programming (for instance, by showing that they depict women and minorities),
    report more to the government about which shows they plan to air, require greater disclosure about who funds political ads and devote 25 percent of their prime-time coverage to local news.


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Comment on Blackfive.

    Maybe some day we’ll cross paths and I can introduce you to some liberal buddies of mine. I am, by no means, in the minority with respect to being an open-minded liberal. It’s true that there are some fanatics who are blinded by ideology and it’s unfortunate that they get the most press merely because they scream so loud, but most of us are about our country and her people dearly and would never seek to cause her harm.

    It’s true that there are some fanatics who are blinded by ideology and it’s unfortunate that they get the most press merely because they scream so loud
    It’s not that their voice is louder. It is that they are supported by bigger and more powerful resources, such as Soros and Democrat politicians. The fact that you don’t notice these resources and are content to ignore them, is also why you don’t notice the real power they are wielding over the entire Leftist alliance of interest groups and voters.
    but most of us are about our country and her people dearly and would never seek to cause her harm.
    That has never, in the history of the human race, been an obstacle to an ideology or religion. It doesn’t matter what people want vis a vis a corrupt leader getting his way. It only matters what they can be made to do by an authority or ideology. People think they are immune to manipulation and illusion, but it’s just not true. They are very vulnerable. The more they believe they are invulnerable, the more susceptible they become.
    Have you looked at how many people fought with the Shia revolutionaries in Iran, that were proud of being Iranian and loved freedom? How many of them are still alive, do you think. Alive and well after being purged by their former Shia allies. Did the Iranian’s belief in their nation and in their inherent goodness stop their fall into tyranny? In fact, it contributed to it. It helped Khomeini gain power. It did nothing to stop it. They never sought to make Iran into a theocracy. But they were used to do it nonetheless. It does not matter what people want. It only matters what they can be made to do.
    Michael in MI:

    It does not matter what people want. It only matters what they can be made to do.
    You don’t even have to use Iran as an example. Just use our own country.
    How many people were duped into thinking that Obama was some sort of post-racial, post-partisan “moderate” messiah and voted to give him power in 2008? And, not only that, but believed that the Democrat Party itself was “moderate” and voted to give them full control of all three major houses of government (White House, House, Senate) in 2008?
    Were all of them America-hating, anti-capitalism, pro-socialism, pro-communism radicals like Obama, Reid, Pelosi et al? No. But they sure did vote to put those radicals in power in 2006 and 2008, didn’t they.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Hey Book, I have an idea. Do a poll to see how many people believe the first thing that will happen is
    1. Obama gets assassinated and it gets blamed on the racists in America.
    2. Obama starts a war to distract people from the domestic side of things.
    3. Obama goes Nixon and gets caught.
    4. Obama goes Nixon and doesn’t get caught.
    5. Obama resigns.
    6. Obama seeks re-election.
    7. Terrorist attack occur and Obama uses this emergency to create a real civilian security force as well funded as the military.
    8. Terrorist attack occur first and Obama is neutralized.
    I’d think it would be fun to game out these scenarios and whether people here think one is more likely than the others.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Ever hear of Liberal Fascism? The Left pretends they haven’t.

    I think you are right about this YM. Now that they are losing their ability to control the narrative, they  need an “enemy” upon which to direct a new focus of ire and hate. What’s so insane, though, is that they try to make an enemy of Republicans and conservatives that just trounced them in the battle for American public opinion. This is a losing battle for them, meaning that they will become even more unhinged and expose themselves for the under-medicated fascist loons that they are.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Danny, Obama may go back to self-medicating by wee weeding it up.


    Liberal Fascism and they  need an “enemy”

    In light of  wikileaks and crashing websites from the ‘loons’ I think it portends of a slower, more cautious erosion of the fabric of America. I am sure Ymar can speak to it better than I can explain my thoughts. Just seems to me that there are several ways to wage war.
    If one side is ready and more than willing to chance it and collateral damage be damned, they have an edge. If you’re on the side that wants America to remain intact and not subject themselves to ‘thug’ tactics, they’re at a disadvantage. Conservatives tend to play by the rules. What happens, when rules/laws are enacted that makes it impossible to win or play by them.

  • Charles Martel

    “What happens, when rules/laws are enacted that makes it impossible to win or play by them?”

    We Franks have a saying:

    Aux armes, citoyens!

    Formez vos battailons!

    Marchons, marchons!

    The Left will lose a shooting war.

  • suek

    >>The Left will lose a shooting war.>>
    Well darn…
    You mean they might have to give up when the other side (us) has guns and they don’t?  You mean if they hadn’t made sure all of their ideologically pure members hadn’t given up their guns they might have stood a chance against the maniacs of the right?  You mean that just maybe the army – _their_ army, controlled by _their_ CIC – _might_ not be willing to suppress the rebelling citizens???
    Gee.  Maybe they should have thought of that…!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Maybe they should have thought of that…!
    They did. When they were thinking on it, they got high and had an orgy. Then did things like try to set a detonator on their bomb, like Ayers group did to kill military officers and their wives, but an accident happened and they blew themselves up.
    They were thinking alright. Yes, sir. Thinking. And doing. Each other that is.
    Btw, if you don’t like the Left, vote for something affirming life and the good folks.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I am sure Ymar can speak to it better than I can explain my thoughts.
    Put the pun stick away, Sadie. I don’t know anything. I swear. I swear I don’t know anything. *scared face* All I heard was Obama whisper to me at night. That was it. I heard nothing else.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    What’s so insane, though, is that they try to make an enemy of Republicans and conservatives that just trounced them in the battle for American public opinion.
    A Reichstag fire. They’ll need it. Some kind of national emergency. Solidify the US public opinion behind Obama. A war perhaps. An engineered catastrophe? Mass casualty even? Could be anything.
    They’re evil enough to want it. They’re evil enough to do it. They’re evil enough to think making others suffer will increase their own wealth and status. There’s nothing that I believe they are incapable of, ethically speaking.

  • Spartacus

    “The Left will lose a shooting war.”
    I think they know that, which is why they try to compensate through trickery and manipulation.  But if pressed hard into a corner, I think they would quickly find some crisp, white cloth out of which to fashion a different battle flag.  Few, if any, shots would be fired.  Which is why we should rejoice every time we see more indications of the wheels coming off their enterprise, and things brought closer to a head.  A certain course to national destruction is the undisturbed, business-as-usual heading we’re on.



    Some kind of national emergency

    I was asking your take on open conflict vs insidious conflict. I am sure we’ve all heard that the government can and does keep track of ‘real time’ purchasing. I am not sure if it’s in a store or on the net or both. Somewhere between the Net Neutrality Act, COICA, FCC’s over reach thoughts (my post #8) all in the hands and control of the Feds and yes, even the military, it leaves us very vulnerable.  These forces are galloping while we are moving at a snail’s pace from election to election.

    That national emergency – they have it already. It’s called wikileaks. I am convinced that they allowed the document dumps. The Feds were notified in advance as were the newspapers. The fact that they were also dumped on the internet will be used as a tool to further their agenda.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I was asking your take on open conflict vs insidious conflict.
    For that, I’d say that open conflict will be in the form of SEIU and TSA increases. Along with union thugs of whatever stripe, including Black Panthers. The propaganda fed to them, will motivate them to do bad stuff to people on demand. It won’t be given out to the general public though. And by “open”, it will mostly be limited to terrorizing businesses and rich individuals into folding. Will only see political terrorism more near 2012.
    As for more open acts against the US, if Obama orders the military to suppress his enemies using bullets, Obama would have to have thugs or Islamic prisoners hold the families of those servicemen hostage. No other way to do it, really if he expects them to obey that order. Doesn’t mean it is likely he’ll use it. Just means he has to do it that way if he wants to use the military to suppress the civilians using bullets or bombs. It’s more likely he’ll try ordering the military, in a national emergency, to declare martial law and lock people up without due process. That’s the most likely suppression method.
    As for insidious weakening of the US, the wikileaks I would qualify as such. Bankrupting the nation, yeah. Destroying the military’s ability to fund itself or even maintain itself. Destroying our missile shield R and D program that was actually near to full prototype and deployment phase already. That’s about 20 or 30 years down the drain. Won’t be seeing that working any time this decade or the next even. Rig voting. Immigration voters. The works. When a missile blows up an ally’s city and hundreds of thousands die, Obama can be thanked for that. That’ll remove allies from the side of the US and force them to join Russia or China’s side of things solely to preserve themselves.
    I am sure we’ve all heard that the government can and does keep track of ‘real time’ purchasing.
    I’m not too worried about that. I’m more concerned about them nationalizing facebook and myspace. You understand that the information put on there by users, would make a hellishly good secret police databank? They will know everything about everyone almost once they seize the data banks.
    I am convinced that they allowed the document dumps.
    I think they didn’t care about the parts dealing with the military initially. But the other stuff, they did not authorize. Now, did they allow it as in being too incompetent to prevent it? Yeah. As for deliberately doing so, I’m as yet unconvinced on that matter. Obama seems like he’s a bit thin skinned to have let somebody like Assand do that on the world stage. Obama would prefer himself to be on the world stage.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Actually, I talked about this and gamed it out a bit before Ft. Hood happened. I hypothesized that with an armed force a little short of a platoon, I could essentially overwhelm base defenses and take out most or all of the family housing parts of the base. Easier to kill, harder to capture.
    I was told, of course, that army bases are “hardened” to attack. Well, it looks like army bases are only hardened to attack from outside the checkpoint. Inside, where everybody is disarmed except the MPs, things get a little dicier. The women and families inside base housing, of course, will often be armed. Not enough to handle a heavy weapons platoon, however.
    The problem is, to actually capture them and hold them hostage, I would need a lot more people and firepower than a platoon. The issue is that the base responds slow, but once they do, they have sufficient firepower to suppress things like that. This means the vulnerability phase, the one Hassan took, was in the initial time to target and kill. Targeting and capturing, is much harder. That’s why I didn’t think it was likely Obama could do it, even if he wanted to. The kind of skilled operators and soldiers you’d need, just wouldn’t be available to him. Hired thugs and Islamic buddies of his, or Leftist wannabe revolutionaries like Ayers, just doesn’t cut it.
    It’s doable though. Certainly doable. Just seems not worth it given there are easier ways.

  • Mike Devx

    The left is ramping up the rhetoric of violence.

    “It’s time for pitchforks!” they say.  In other words, people must march against the Republicans as if a Republican is a monster, and stab to death every Republican they see.

    Why?  Because Republicans “are terrorists and bomb-throwers”.

    And we know that for all the accusations of violence by the libs against the Tea Partiers, the liberals have been documented over and over, usually on video, of acts of violence.  There’s not much evidence, anywhere, of conservative violence.

    The pot is slowly coming to a boil.  We look around and see the slowly escalating violence on the left – where all this violence is political in nature, and THAT is a symptom of true fascism – but because it is coming to a boil so slowly, we’re not alarmed.

    Be alarmed.  And get ready.  It is going to get steadily worse.  They have no other recourse but violence, because the American People are on the verge of a rejection of their leftism.  The leftists will NOT go quietly into that dark night.

  • Friend of USA

    (Related… and for what it is worth…)
    Bookworm never liked Obama
    I’m with her on that one!
    I am really fascinated at how people can be in awe of such an  ordinary man who smokes cigarettes ( in 2010 with all we know about cigarettes! )
    who plays basketball ( no one ever said he was good at it, he simply plays it )
    and he can read a telepompter ( well so can most 9 year old kids) .
    He has no known accomplishements , certainly none that are impressive.
    Compare this to Condoleeza Rice who is a University professor, who can and has played Mozart on the piano in public with a chamber orchestra and who speaks Russian!
    How can people put the cigarette smoker/teleprompter reader on a pedestal while they ignore(d) the Mozart playing – Russian speaking – University professor who has held important positions in both public and private sector?
    I never like overrated people, they annoy the heck out of me.
    And I tend to sympathize with underrated people.
    The fact people like a nobody with no known talents makes me like Obama even less.


    Mike, save a few of those pitchforks for the list below

    Update II: Via the official roll call, here are the 8 Republicans who voted for it. (full results here)
    Diaz-Balart, L.

    Diaz-Balart, M.

  • suek

    On Michelle Malkin this AM, she reported these, plus the status of each…retiring etc.  I wondered then – as now – if the two Diaz-Balarts are related.  One is outgoing, one is not.  Most were outgoing, by the way.  I think only about 3 will be returning to Congress.


    It certainly points out why, when someone is fired from their job, they’re told to pack up and go on the same day.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Voted for what again?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I think, in general, Obama can put you away like that.
    I mean, if he can’t, if the law doesn’t allow it, they will ignore the law. So if they can’t get martial law, they’ll just ignore the law and lock you up based upon a false charge.
    It works in Chicago. It works in California. It works in Nevada. These are Democrat fiefdoms. They are in power there. The people simply do as they are told.
    So if people want to ask me what Obama would do in open conflict vs hidden measures, or what the Democrats will do, this is part of my answer to them. Look at their previous planning. Look at how they conduct themselves when they think nobody is looking. That will inform you of what they are capable of in the future.

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