How did you first find out about the Bookwormroom and what keeps you coming back?

Every time I visit the Bookwormroom I check the little section that shows where the last ten or so visitors are from.  I’m amazed to find people from all over the world are visiting here.  That, in turn, got me to wondering who these people were who visit and how they found out about Book’s little Internet home. 

I’ll bet there are some quite interesting stories out there.  So, this is for everyone, but especially for those from outside of the United States, how did you first come to visit here and what brings you back? 

P.S.  I don’t really have a story myself.  Book has been a close friend since before she started this blog.  I was just honored that she trusted me enough to tell me about it when she was still deeply protective of her identity.  And, I’ve just enjoyed her friendship and her blog ever since.   What’s your story?

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  • Friend of USA

    I do not remember how I ended up here but it must have been because of a link posted at some other non-liberal blog…( I used to spend a LOT of time on political blogs, not so much now… )
    Why I come back?
    Bookworm writes so well!
    She is logical and honest.
    But I guess there is more – much more –  to it than that… but I can not explain it… just like I can not explain why I like pumpkin pie and neither can I explain what it tastes like…I just like it!

  • Larry Sheldon

    Would  make an interesting poll…I probably followed alink here from somewhwere…..Glenn Reynolds?  Don  Surber?  I have no idea.
    I like the writing, I’ve never seen any thing repulsive or repulsively stupid.
    The pumpkin pie analogy is perfecdt,

  • europeanne

    Way back in 2004 when I started my first blog, I “met” Bookworm on another blog (~rich).  I started following hers and have ever since.  I’ve even been privileged to talk with her on the phone once.  Would love to meet her in person one day.

  • Old Buckeye

    I’m sure I got here via a link to one of her brilliant posts and I keep coming back because, as others have pointed out, she is even-handed and erudite in her remarks. Those who fill in for her (Don and Danny) also seem to be fair-minded people who enjoy civil discourse–emphasis on the civility I find here.

  • suek

    The first part is sort of a dumb question.  Reason?  Because most of us do _not_ know Book on a personal basis, so _all_ of us have come from links online from _somewhere_.  Do you really expect us to remember _which_ link – from some time in the past?  While it’s possible that the link was American Thinker, and hence an article  with a clearly identifiable author, most links around the net are not so clearly identified, and may be second hand links to boot.  That we return means that we have probably bookmarked the site – which _is_ an action we might remember, but I know I bookmark many sites that appear interesting, follow them for a while, then either add them to my permanent list or delete them.
    So the second part is the more interesting part of your question…why keep coming back?
    For me, it’s the compatible company – an opportunity to discuss issues of the day with intelligent people who bring very different life experiences to the discussion, but a consistent underlying set of values.  That means that I can get a broad scope of views to help me consider the issues of the world today and not be locked into my own impressions.  We can disagree without the nasty response that is present in many other sites, and the discussions are longer and more involved than discussions on many other sites.  And they take some very interesting twists and turns as well – sometimes ending up in some very unexpected places!  Which is entertaining…
    In other words…it is the salon Book wishes for – just not exactly face to face, and no refreshments served!

  • DGJ

    New to the site. Your headline “I always fell like somebody’s watching me” caught my eye over at I like what I see.

  • Ymarsakar

    Neo-Neocon linked to an AT article about another changer, just like herself, which happened to be Bookworm.
    I come back because I like reading and writing comments. However, past a certain volume point, I don’t have the time to read it all.

  • Gringo

    From the blogroll at Tigerhawk blog.

  • Don Quixote

    Welcome, DGJ!  The next two weeks will be a little irregular, since Book is on vacation and Danny and I will be holding down the fort.  But we’ll likely get into some interesting discussions (we usually do, even when Book is gone) so I hope you’ll stop by and join in.  As you can see by the other comments, we try to provide a civil place for the exchange of ideas, where we can disagree without invective and disrespect.  We learn a lot from each other. 

    In any case, please be sure to stop by in a couple of weeks when Book is back again, likely well-rested and eager to blog. 

  • Don Quixote

    Europeanne, in person Book is not only lovely but a wonderful conversationalist.  You would love meeting her.

  • Tonestaple

    Doubtless I found Bookworm Room the same way I found every other blog, via a link somewhere else.  I have no idea where I found that link.

    I keep coming back for the intelligent literate posts, my favorites being stories about how odd it is to live in a bluer-than-blue area, as I’m in the same boat.  I also enjoy the comments, this being one of the few blogs where I almost always read all of them.

    I think I found Lileks by way of National Review Online where it was the Site of the Day.  Lileks had links to Instapundit and Little Green Footballs (way way back when it was sane) on his Daily Bleat page.  And those led me to others and now I have bookmarked way more than I can read.  However, my daily must-read political blogs are Ace of Spades HQ, Bloodthirsty Liberal, and Bookworm Room.

  • Ymarsakar

    Little Green Footballs (way way back when it was sane)
    So deshou

  • Quint

    Bookworm is one of my favorite American Thinker contributors.

  • SJBill

    I heard rumor she was cute. 😉

    Actually, I am indebted to CDR Phibian T. Salamander for directing me here.

  • Charles


    To answer your first question.  I think that I found the link to Bookwormroom at a now-gone blog “Crossing the Rubicon” that was written by Gail in Northern Virginia.  Sadly, Gail has stopped blogging.  As she was a breast cancer survivor I hoped that she simply tired of blogging and that her cancer didn’t come back. (Gail, where and how are you?) Gail had linked to Book a few times and that was what originally interested me.

    The reason I keep coming back is, as many have already stated, the keen insight, the wonderful writing, and, especially, the great conversations!

    I also read several others blogs (many non-political) that might be helpful in providing some info about job-searching tips.  I am always shocked by the bad behaviour of folks who are in HR, Management, Academia, etc.  I think the name-calling and other such crude behaviour (happily lacking from Book’s room) are signs of how these people really wish to be in life; and perhaps really are in person. That is really sad. It is also a statement about me, and my naivety, that such behaviour still shocks and bothers me; one would think that I would have learned to expect it by now?!

    Considering how uncivilized so much of the web is, Book’s room is, to mangle a cliche, an oasis in the desert of barbarism. Only, Suek, keep in mind that Book’s room is a BYOB kind of joint as Book (and guest bloggers) can only provide “refreshments for the mind.”

  • Spartacus

    Um, largely what suek said, although with a slightly different voice.  (And ain’t that just how this blog goes much of the time?)
    1) How?  A link from a local blog whose blogger I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in person a couple of times.  An agnostic like Mrs. B-Dub, and certainly more centrist than I am, but a wonderfully analytical fellow with an engineering background and a profound sense of civility.  I regret that I cannot be more specific, but I have already identified this blog as a local blog, and I actually believe in maintaining my anonymity in a way the Mrs. Bookworm thinks that she believes in maintaining hers. 😉  I don’t remember the exact post, but “Dinner with Obama — a parable *UPDATED*” (7/13/09) is one of the first that I particularly remember.
    2) Why come back?  Because… hang with me just a minute, here… community is the antithesis of diversity.  Community is what we have in common; diversity is where we diverge.  And I mean, meaningfully.  Here, we sometimes have a diversity of opinion, but more often, I think, we have a community of opinion with a fascinating diversity of perspectives.  Truth, arrived at from multiple and complementary routes, along with a decent amount of interesting conjecture, appropriately labelled as such.  And the successful juxtaposition of community and diversity is, in my perception, wonderfully and fascinatingly oxymoronic.  (“But Spartacus, in speaking of your perception, doesn’t it take a healthy amount of chutzpah to prepend an ‘oxy-‘?”  Oh, shut up.)

  • Jewel

    Most likely a link from somewhere else. Most of my favorite writers I have found at either American Digest or Gates of Vienna. I can’t remember where I found them….I think I found AD and Bookworm at LGF, in fact, I’m pretty certain that I did. Whereas LGF is utterly forgettable since Johnson drank the Koolaid, these sites have blossomed, grown and keep me coming back.

  • David Foster

    Can’t remember how I found the site in the first place….I think it had something to do with the book reviews. I like it both for the quality of the posts and the quality of the discussion.


    The ‘how’ is an epic story, but in a word – a recommendation.
    The ‘what’ is quality and content. Everyone likes a great bargain, but when your shopping for brain food, there’s nothing like a gourmet three course meal complemented by the wonderful desserts dished up by the comments.
    Charles #15, the BYOB is not a bottle, but a brain ;


    p.s. Oh, I forgot, where else could I have come to become a Jewish ‘puntiff’.

  • Don Quixote

    And, Sadie, we love it when you puntificate.

  • Charles Martel

    Martel looks bug-eyed at the tufts of hair he has just pulled out—hair that he cannot afford to lose as his scalp long ago began indulging its urge to become a desert by systematically shedding Martel’s once bountiful hirsute adornments.

    Sadie the Jewish puntiff???  ARRRGGGHHHHH

    “Sadie, we love it when you puntificate”?  ARRRRGGGGGHHHHHH again.

    It is a sad thing to think that in fleeing to what he thought was a refuge from the outside world, he instead found a place that has slowly and surreptitiously opunned its doors to merciless, unrelenting wordplay.

    Get thee to a punnery, Martel.



    Martel, you give new meaning to BFF : )

    And for being such a good sport, this is for you.

  • Spartacus

    O, Frankish King,

    If this goodly frame, this blog, seems to you a sterile promontory, and this brave o’erhanging internet, this majestical roof fretted with golden fire appears to you no other thing than a foul and pestilent congregation of vapours, then… rest, and look on it afresh on the morrow.  To nap, to sleep; to sleep, perchance to dream.  And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

  • bizcor

    Rush Limbaugh mentioned her one day. It was her story about a friend being afraid to listen to Rush. I do believe Rushies may nearly have crashed her site as when I arrived she had a link posted at the top saying “If you are looking for the Rush Limbaugh article click here.”
    Why do I keep coming back? Bookworm is well written and insightful, has excellent links to other sites, and her followers make informed comments. One other note, I have yet to see a rude or tasteless comment. Many conservative blogs have a lib or two who simply want to stir people up.

  • Don Quixote

    Bizcor,  we used to have a handful of liberals who would stir things up and, frankly, I miss them.  For the most part their positions were not well thought out, so they were easy targets.  But they did liven things up and give us a sort of opposition to test our ideas against.  Ultimately, some drifted away and Book banned others for offensive behavior.  Now, we rarely hear a liberal voice in the Bookwormroom.  Thanks for writing and glad you enjoy it here. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Bizcor, they were here as well. Recently we had whathisname, Johnny Maxwell, that was the recent incarnation. Reads this blog because his friend dared him to explore “new horizons” in political thought. Didn’t do him much good, of course. Prejudices and cultural beliefs don’t go away just because you read something. If only it was that simple.
    I find it hard to test anything when the testing material is made out of sugar in a solution.
    The one thing they hate is if you make fun of them. They can take anger, upset, and disagreement over politics. But they can’t stand that you EW actually enjoying yourself. Only they are allowed to enjoy themselves as they exploit the masses or what not. Never did find out how all that worked as a pyramid scheme.
    I’ve seen a lot of weird internet argument type behavior. And out of all them, it is being made fun of that people have a hard time countering. It really bugs them. Especially socially conscious individuals (libProgs). They are amazingly sensitive to a community’s perceptions of their words and behaviors. They know, almost instinctively, if they are riling people up and thus controlling the subject. But they also know when things get too hot to bother with.
    With Obama on the scene, things got a little bit too hot in certain places.

  • Earl

    I found the bookworm from a link at Robert Avrech’s site…..
    Keep coming back because of her writing, and the quality of the community.  Plenty of disagreements, but an overall unity of outlook, and part of that means courtesy and good cheer.
    Thanks to y’all, and Merry Christmas!

  • chuck aka xtnyoda

    Got here via Brutally Honest.
    I enjoy the perspectives presented here… thinking… “How did she come up with that?”

  • Alix

    I too heard about Bookworm when Rush mentioned her on his show.  I stay because I love the perspective of her surviving surrounded by liberals — just as I am in Los Angeles.  She helps me cope : )

  • Charles Martel

    Like Alix, I was surrounded by liberals and just for the heck of it Googled “conservative blogs in Marin County.” I came up with “Marooned in Marin,” a blog written by a former Marinite, which had an extensive list of favorite blogs off to the right.

    As I worked my way down “Marooned’s” alphabetized list, I knew as soon as I linked to the one called “Bookworm Room,” with its splash page backdrop of a classic Marin hillside, that I might be home. A few minutes’ reading through the content told me that I, indeed, was.  

  • suek

    >>a blog written by a former Marinite, which had an extensive list of favorite blogs off to the right.>>
    When I check out a new blog – usually because of a link – I also check out the blogs or sites they link to.  It’s often a very good indicator of whether I will continue to return.
    Heh.  Does it strike you how similar “Marinite” is to “marinate”?  I’m feeling an inclination to link the two ideas…!!