“I always feel like somebody’s watching me….”

Remember that Rockwell song from the 1980s?  “I always feel like somebody’s watching me….”  It turns out that, if you’re having any dealings with the FCC, that feeling is right on the money.  I just received the following email from a friend:

I just called the FCC and asked for info on how to make my comment on net neutrality.

I didn’t give my name.

I immediately got an email back from them regarding how to make consumer comments.

I hadn’t given them my email.

I called them back and it turns out that the FCC complies a dossier, record of every call you make to them. The operator read out my entire history of communications to the FCC over the years. I told her that I didn’t volunteer my name nor my email during today’s call call and I said this is the conduct of a police state. She was tying in my comments to add to my dossier. She made it seem like it was just some emotional concern I had and that there was no substance to it. I asked her who was responsible for this. She said Congress.

This terrifies me.

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  • stanley

    1984 was 26 years ago. I remember when the press made light of it and basically said “see, there is nothing to worry about”. There is no privacy anymore, anywhere. The law will not protect our basic rights to privacy, if it ever really did. We are in that Brave New World. So light up a medical marijuana cigarette and chill while I go answer that knocking at my door.

  • http://khemenu.blogspot.com Ari Tai

    When we use 800 (“free” – aka callee pays) numbers, the person/system called gets your phone number (as part of paying your bill).  Usually used by companies to advertise, direct mail, etc.  From the phone number government and others can buy database access to get “the rest” of the information (email, post-office addresses, etc.. even financial reports).  The caller-id rules don’t apply (when the caller is not paying for the call, in emergency situations, and iirc when politics are involved – i.e. campaigns are exempted from various do not call rules, etc.) This Google-like (and other advertisers) insight into who we are is not new, though it is surprising to see the FCC is this competent with the technology.  To address this unneeded personal intrusion and growth of the regulatory (and litigious) State we should do to all the domestic agencies what the Fortune 500 CEOs did to their headquarters staffs in the 70s.. tell them to go to the divisions (congressional districts) and ask them (1) if they are doing anything that the districts would be willing to support, (2) what they were willing to pay, and (3) if they could not organize to succeed as employees of or services to these districts (divisions of a corporation in the 70s) that they should plan to go out of business over the next 2 to 4 years.  Granted, the Boards of Directors encouraged this behavior by splitting the savings with the executive suite (salaries jumped from 6 to 7 figures), but law that demanded the change of agencies from masters to servants, paid for voluntarily by, say, political jurisdictions that mapped 1-1 with congressional districts, should be just as effective. Granted, I do dream.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    They come from the depths of the sea. Humanity’s deepest terrors.

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    The FCC is only page one.
    “Government is a tool; a mechanical apparatus that can be used to either preserve freedom, or annihilate it. Its use depends upon those men who wield it, and the men who wield our government today certainly do not have the expansion of freedom in mind”.
    The rest here

  • JKB

    Time to dust if off.  Good slam at “educators”, the FCC and conformity.
    YouTube – Pump up the Volume (1990) trailer


    Nice tip. Thanks and an extra plus for me, Leonard Cohen singing.

  • JKB

    I love the lady as the school board meeting.  Makes me think of liberals and Rush Limbaugh:  “Are we going to allow this guy to be heard by anyone who can turn a dial?”
    Sure it’s just a teen angst movie but now we’re all back in high school and must resist the administration.  Strangely, when I was stationed in DC, I got the impression that the whole area was where all the over-achieving brown-nosers in high school congregated after graduation.  Everybody worried about fitting in, fearful of the power cliches, wanting to control the others.
    “I like the idea a voice can go anywhere uninvited, like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind.”


    Makes me think of liberals and Rush Limbaugh..
    …which made me think of the movie, Pirate Radio (which I did not see) but I do remember the 60’s when Britain banned ‘rock n’ roll’ music that was not permitted on the state owned stations. In today’s terms, Net Neutrality at sea.