What would you like to talk about?

We’ve got another week until Bookworm gets back.  I’ve got a topic I want to write up tonight and a few others in mind, but I’m curious.  What would you all like to talk about?

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Frankly, DQ, you’ve been doing quite well. I’ll try to pick up the slack when I return home from a family visit tomorrow. Your’s will be a tough act to follow.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    I’d like to see some discussion of this rather horrifying incident. There are so many things wrong about this that it’s hard to know where to start.

  • Danny Lemieux

    I guess there are people (Eloi) who try to live in the world as they wish it to be in their imaginations and there are others that try to live in the world the way it really is.
    The people your article references, David Foster, are not reality based and they will not  teach their children survival skills.


    I can’t improve on perfection.  You and Danny are a dynamic team. We are, however, less than a week away from a new year and none of us are getting any younger. How about a PSA to ‘welcome the new and old/er’. I think many of us have taken care of aging parents with love and kindness, but we’re also taking care of current and retiring representatives, who pay only a fourth of the cost of medical insurance compared to the graduating class of 2011 will have to. The House had no problem enacting health careless for the rest of us, but never touched their own perks.

    I hear that the first wave of baby boomers, at the pace of 10,000 daily for the next 19 years, will begin January 1, 2011. I think a nice cover letter welcoming them to the world of Social Security and Medicare is in order with the caveat…

    Welcome to the ‘golden years’ and remember all that glitters is not gold and not always covered, unless you’ve been elected to the 112th House of Reps. or served in any other.


    DQ or Danny
    Right up your alley – a real light bulb moment in history. What’s next – 100 Watts police force? Hey, you  didn’t expect me to let an obvious pun not see the light of day, did ya).


  • suek

    “Diane Levin, professor of education at Wheelock College, said police and parents coming together to destroy toy guns sends a powerful message to children.”
    You know…I wonder if she might not be absolutely correct about the “powerful message” part, but be totally mistaken about just exactly what that message _is_.
    On the AT article…by _Luminus Maximus_??  that’s really funny!

  • http://home.earthlink.net/~nooriginalthought/ Charles

    David Foster;

    Liberals will think of anything to spend taxpayer’s money, won’t they? – Since they mention “budget cuts” I am assuming that this “event” was paid for using taxdollars.  I also had a good laugh at this:

    In exchange for their toy guns, all the children received wrapped presents that were indisputably not violent — dolls, stuffed animals, and board games like checkers

    Not Violent?  I guess they expect little boys to NOT use checkers as projectiles?  nor to use stuffed animals to hit each other over the head?  What’s next?  Cut off their fingers when they use their hands as “toy guns”?  Danny is absolutely right – these folks are NOT living in reality.

    DQ & Danny;

    DQ you are doing fantastic and Danny you are “the best”


    You da man” (when it comes to puns anyway)

    Well, back to digging out of the snow . . . (I think the snow we got here in Jersey shows whose a liberal and who isn’t – some of us are outside digging out while others are waiting for the “authorities” to come dig them out; I do, of course, make an exception for those too old to shovel snow; I usually help two of my neighbors, who are really too old to be doing this, uncover their cars.)

  • JKB

    Sadie, I read where an enterprising fellow, obviously an evil capitalist, had discovered a way to import incandescent bulbs into the UK by classifying them as heating elements.  Perhaps that’ll work for California.
    But in any case, we are plagued with those irritating notices of “This product is known to be xxxxx to the State of California.  How long until we get that the product is not for sale in California.  Some firearms are that way now.  As well as some tools.  No way to meet the state de facto ban requirements of the Sacramento Sages.  So CA is crossing the tipping point where sales lost in CA don’t compare to the costs of meeting CA idiot standards.  So solution is to abandon the market.


    What the liberals are doing is usurping childhood. Anyone want to take a shot at Samson and Goliath and how the story would have be written had the ‘holier than thous’ been in charge. It’s only a matter of time before they outlaw rubber bands as a weapon.
    Charles, you neighborly kindness I am sure is very appreciated. Friends of mine, who still live in a house but are getting (got to) the point in life and body when shoveling became out of the question. They and 3 other households on their block chipped in a bought a snow blower – they don’t wait for the ‘authorities’ anymore.


    How long until we get that the product is not for sale in California.
    You realize it will also impact the Easy Bake Oven market. suek (chime in)  what are the chances of making cookies with a 75W CFL bulb – I am thinking a lot of kids eating raw cookie dough.
    Some firearms are that way now.
    I guess my brother’s childhood cap gun would be on that list.
    p.s. that cap gun was one of my favorite childhood toys and gladly let him use my oven only if I got to fire off a strip of caps.
    JKB, you are right – abandon the market, California or both.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    One additional point on the toy-crushing festival: I think a pretty good argument could be made that this event reflects anti-male bias on the part of the authorities, given that boys on the average choose guns as toys more than girls do.
    Can anyone imagine a Barbie-crushing event, where girls are directed to bring in their dolls to be destroyed, in protest against lookism or consumerism or something? Not that there aren’t plenty of “progressives” who would welcome such a think, but I don’t think they’d dare.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    It’s all about propaganda. Violence is used because people have found it works to get them what they want. So long as it is effective, somebody, somewhere, will find a use for it. Since violence is a product of human imagination, not tool usage, you don’t even need tools. So long as the intent is there, people will make the tools sooner or later if they require it.
    Propaganda is the same way. People, like the Left, use it because it works. Barbie dolls and burning it would not work as well as toy guns and anti-violence slogans. So long as the propaganda works, the Left will use. But if you ever crushed their campaigns, they would stop. It’s as simple as that. If it works or if they think it’ll work, they’ll use it. If it stops working, they’ll stop too.

  • suek

    >>…what are the chances of making cookies with a 75W CFL bulb>>
    You probably mean a 75W _equivalent_ CFL…  A 75W CFL puts out as much heat as a 75W incandescent…but the difference in size is amazing!  Lumen output in a fluorescent is directly proportional to the volume of gas contained in the bulb – so to be a 75 watt bulb, you’re talking about a bulb about 14 inches long!  Now a 75W _equivalent_…the usual numbers for the efficiency of a fluorescent compared to an incandescent is about 4-5 times the wattage stated…so a 75W equivalent is about an 18 or 20 watt CFL.  Not likely to bake cookies any time soon!
    Some manufacturers are more efficient than others.  We use 4X because the math is easy, and usually, we’d rather understate the light output than overstate it.  And a 75W CFL (and not so compact at that!) is approximately equivalent to a 300 watt incandescent – without the heat!

  • Allen

    Perhaps, the legal, ethical, and philosophy associated with our interactions with other creatures. I’ve been riding, training, and interacting with horses for years. As well as, we rescued a hybrid wolf, who is now part of the “pack.”

    I have found there is not a dominant/subserviant realtionship, but rather a more cooperative one.

  • http://ruminationsroom.wordpress.com Don Quixote

    Man, Allen, that leads right into a topic I was planning for later this week.  Stay tuned.

    Sadie, I’d like to do something on the coming changes to Medicare, and was planning on opening the topic, but I’m singularly ignorant on the topic.  It’s an important topic for me personally, too, since I’m 58 and my wife is 60.  We’re not in the “Class of 2011” but we’re coming close behind.  Why don’t you wait until I open up the topic, then lead with whaever information you have to share.  I’m sure a lot of us would appreciate it.

  • MacG


    Me thinks you meant David and Goliath not Samson and Goliath.  Samson and Delilah is another story altogether.  Like being seduced into giving up one’s power. This should be a fave of the Libs after all they seduce with money/programs that leads us into the State’s dungeon of slavery.


    Thanks, MacG. Can I blame it on a bad hair day or my suggested topic – Medicare : )

  • MacG

    Or Medi-hair?  That a condition where we all pull our hair out dealing with Gov’t “care”.

  • Spartacus

    I couldn’t help but think of you earlier today, and now I must share.  The scene: a post-Advent work party at church to de-decorate, re-decorate, and generally clean, with sub sandwich platters for the volunteers.
    Guy sitting across from me: “I notice you’re picking out all of your cucumbers.”
    Me: “Yeah.  Not really my thing.”
    Guy sitting across from me: “Did they become too cu-cumbersome for you?”
    Sadie, you are not alone in your brand of humor.  I wish you were, but you’re not.  😉

  • BrianE

    Different topic.

    Krugman – Still Proving PhDs Are Worthless

    “We have spent 30+ years denying that we must develop our own energy infrastructure.  We have lots of oil, both as actual oil and as things convertible to it (specifically coal.)  Getting it and putting it in usable form ****es off the greenies, which includes Krugman.  But the fact is this – high prices solve high prices, and when headline “inflation” is running 10%+ a year due to the push-through of high energy prices into collapsing demand due to the inelasticity of incomes, we will suddenly develop the will to convert coal to oil, to build nuclear plants, and to drill for oil everywhere we have it.”

    I’m becoming a two-note nanny.

    Two must defeat problems to face.

    1. We need a domestic energy program– a Manhatten style project. 100 new nuclear power plants in the next five years (the Japanese and the French can do it), drilling in Anwar and anywhere else looks promising, ditch corn-based ethanol, let other alternative energy sources sink or swim on their merits (I wouldn’t want to be tied to the rope if that were to actually happen) and lastly, as some Swedish friends remarked– learn to live in smaller houses. (The list is actually longer, whatever).

    2. Get rid of baseline budgeting.

  • Charles Martel

    “Samson and Goliath” has been running for eight months in San Francisco to SRO crowds. The play, notable for its gay-themed “what-if?” encounter between two legendary bad boys of Jewish myth, has also revived the career of San Francisco-born stage legend Carole Channing (who it turns out, thank Goddess, wasn’t dead after all).

    In the climax of the play, Samson invites Goliath to “do” his hair, thinking that it will involve the usual braiding and corn-rowing. But Goliath, who has issues, ends up cutting huge swaths of Samson’s hair down to the root. Samson goes berserk and rips apart Goliath’s signature collection of peau d’soie teddies, leading to a slap fight that sprawls all over the stage to whoops and sibilant hisses from the audience.

    The combatants finally fall into an exhausted heap, panting and moaning. Samson signals his forgiveness by playfully slapping Goliath on his forehead. Alas, the slap manifests a hidden defect in the artery beneath Goliath’s skin, resulting in a massive hemorrhage and the portly Philistine’s almost instantaneous death.

    (In the Dallas version of the play, Samson plugs Goliath between the eyes with semi-automatic pistol. Like New York’s star-crossed version of “Spiderman,” the Texas production was plagued by mishaps. Apparently the actor playing Samson was not clear on the need to load his pistol with blanks.)

  • suek

    >>2. Get rid of baseline budgeting.>>
    What would you replace it with?
    Personally, I’d like to see the same accounting requirements that are legally accepted for business…is that saying the same thing?


    BRAVO! Martel BRAVO! Magnificent! No one does it better.
    I look forward to the musical production somewhere off Broadway. There are rumors that Danny DeVito will be taking the role of Samson played against Gallagher.


    File this under baseline budgeting. Gee, never saw this coming, did we [sarc off].
    Washington Post catches up to the WSJ a mere 45 days later with this report from Amy Goldstein on the failure of PECIP to attract the 375,000 people the White House and Congress claimed needed the help of subsidies to get health-care coverage.  Even with the program falling 97% short of its stated goal, it’s still going to cost more than Congress allocated anyway:

    An early feature of the new health-care law that allows people who are already sick to get insurance to cover their medical costs isn’t attracting as many customers as expected.


    File this under Who’s surprised.
    Even with the program falling 97% short of its stated goal, it’s still going to cost more than Congress allocated anyway:

    An early feature of the new health-care law that allows people who are already sick to get insurance to cover their medical costs isn’t attracting as many customers as expected.



    Need another topic..here’s one.  Anyone else notice the cost of gas and food lately. The food doesn’t get to the shelves by magic wand or windmills. The rise in the cost of a barrel effects everything and everyone.

    Five dollars per gallon of gas by 2012! A former president of Shell Oil considers this likely.
    The average price on Christmas Day for a gallon of regular gas reached $3.28 in Los Angeles County, the highest price since October 2008. In one month, the price rose 13 cents, up 35 cents year to year.

    Read more at the Washington Examiner: http://washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/2010/12/larry-elder-whos-blaming-obama-high-gas-prices#ixzz19dIns9RJ


    DQ – I don’t know when your ‘gig’ is up or if Danny is going to cover for a few days,, but I thought putting the crystal ball on the table for all the readers in the salon as we approach 2011 may provoke some interesting comments, observations, resolutions. Maybe an open thread on the short/long view of next year or this past one. If it’s the past one, what was the best/worst (this excludes Lady Gaga and wearing meat) and putting those two items actually makes some ‘strange’ sense to me – sorta like POTUS and Beer Summit. Well, for that matter it could just as well be POTUS and TOTUS.