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I’ve been home several hours now and still haven’t read a lick of news.  Instead, I’ve been diligently working my way through my email backlog.  Some of them, although a bit outdated by now, are still sufficiently interesting that I want to share them with you.  Here, in the order in which they appeared in my inbox, are some fun or interesting links:

Good genes or good butter?  You decide.

Bruce Kesler, a former Marine, has some concerns about national security and the repeal of DADT.

Do you need to warm the cockles of your heart?  This will do it.  (H/t The New Editor)

Not one, not two, not three, but four of my friends sent me a link to this article about confronting “Progressives” with logic.  Having read the article, I can understand why.

I missed the moment it happened, and only now learned that Doug Ross was again kind enough to give our own Watcher’s Council the nod as one of the 50 best blogs of the year.  Yay!

Speaking of the Watchers of Weasels, one Council member made a difference.

The new journalism:  It’s not about reporting facts; it’s about protecting delicate sensibilities.

Zombie tackles “Progressive” disdain for Oklahoma’s resistance to sharia law.  Please read this one, and have it ready in your mind when some so-called liberal starts talking about religious pluralism and open-mindedness.

Rick, who blogs so wonderfully at Brutally Honest, looks ahead to this new year.

The Anchoress, too, tries out her hand at some predictions, and they’re worth thinking about.

Back in the 1980s, you may remember the witch hunt that occurred when day care centers suddenly became associated with Satanism and sexual abuse.  Over-zealous prosecutors and sex crazed “therapists” destroyed many, many lives.  That is, while there were indeed real incidences of sex abuse, so much of what was claimed was prosecutorial and therapeutic abuse.  I was therefore leery of the sex abuse claims against the Catholic Church — and it turns out I was right to be so.

Just thought you’d like to know that Flopping Aces has a lean, clean new look for the new year.  I love it!

I was talking to a liberal Jewish woman about Britain and antisemitism.  She was shocked.  I wasn’t.  That’s because I read Melanie Phillips.  (This same liberal Jewish woman, by the way, voted for Obama but, as a true friend of Israel, is deeply disappointed by his approach to the Middle East.  Maybe she’ll think twice about voting for him in 2012.)

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Seeking genuine knowledge rather than mere victory in an argument, Socrates used his questions to cross-examine the hypotheses, assumptions, and axioms that subconsciously shaped the opinions of his opponents, drawing out the contradictions and inconsistencies they relied on.

    That sounds a lot like interrogation procedures to me. Which is probably why a lot of people think (to themselves) that they get that feeling when talking to me about controversial subjects.

    It doesn’t work as well on the internet since people deliberately ignore the really juicy questions.

    Every new whiff of wind or shaking of the head tosses the sand in more quirky patterns, forming new whimsical outlines.

    In America, you find the party. In Russia, Party Finds You! Hilarious. By party, of course, they don’t mean America’s get drunk parties.

    In America, you open your mind. In Russia, your mind opens you!

    If Hollywood types are so opposed to capitalism, why is there a warning against unauthorized distribution of their movies?

    That hit the spot. You can jack up so many of those LibProgs with that argument. Cause it hits them right in the pocket. At least from their perspective.

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  • Jose

    Regarding the contrasting diet plans, while in the military I was desperate to loose weight and went on the Atkins diet. My LDL Cholesterol dropped 30 points in 3 months.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Maybe she’ll think twice about voting for him in 2012.)

    Key word is “think”, Book. Some people just don’t seem to like thinking for themselves. Not their cup of tea