A demographic shift that keeps shocking me

Thirty years ago, I went to England through my university’s junior year abroad program.  Although I had visions of walking across Cambridge’s or Oxford’s sun-dappled lawns, I actually ended up in the north of England.  My disappointment swiftly turned to pleasure when I discovered that the north of England was much more “English” than the South.  While the South already then had a large international community, augmented by hordes of tourists, the north was still quintessentially British.

That is no longer true.  While I might have expected the north to become “internationalized,” as the South was, something different has happened:  the north has become Pakistan on the Atlantic.  I already learned this a few years ago when I met a woman from Leeds who told me that whole towns have become predominantly Pakistani.  More than that, she said, the incoming Muslims, or “Asians” as the Brits called them, targeted Jewish neighborhoods, aggressively replacing the existing population.

Despite know this, it still surprises me when I read an article highlighting the huge demographic shift in the most English part of England.  The Daily Mail has an article about the fact that, owing to Political Correctness, British law enforcement and the British political system are refusing to acknowledge that Muslim men are systematically grooming white British girls for prostitution.  It’s a shocking article overall but, ironically, the part that shook me most was this one:

Those convicted allegedly represent only a small proportion of what one detective called a ‘tidal wave’ of offending in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and the Midlands.

Are we weirdly privileged to get front-row seats for the spectacle of a culture committing suicide?  I guess so.

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  • Simplemind

    Frightening. Everything you need to know you learned in Kindergarten, was the title of a popular book some years ago. Not that the book caused the problem, it is but a red flag signaling the idiotic, really, wildly neurotic idea that has peaked in popular liberal culture, that the world is essentially a kindergarten playground and all you have to do is be nice and all others will be nice to you.  (See Obama’s apology tour etc etc)  Its gobsmacking.  I am a big believer in the power of postive thinking, but this is like thinking you can make yourself win the lottery by simply wishing it to come true. Doesn’t happen. There is evil in this world. It gains power when it isn’t called out and when it isn’t opposed. Sometimes it doesn’t require force, sometimes you just have to show that you are willing to stand for something. (Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.) Half of America is awake. But I worry about the big eastern cities, strongholds of liberal groupthink. They are so vulnerable because of this mindrot.  We live in interesting times. Perhaps none of us living 20 years from now will consider these next two decades to have been a priviledge.  Here’s some advice. If you don’t have a freezer get one. Put a side or half side or quarter side of beef in there, whatever you can afford.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Stop using a stun gun on yourself, Book. It’s not good for your heart. And the children may get scared. Kodoma.

  • Danny Lemieux

    There is evil in this world. It gains power when it isn’t called out and when it isn’t opposed.
    But I worry about the big eastern cities, strongholds of liberal groupthink. They are so vulnerable because of this mindrot.
    Consider the Obamacare “Death Panels” the news today that 41% of all NYC pregnancies end in abortion, I think we see signs of the post-JudeoChristian secular-humanist Liberal/Left culture of death taking hold in our society, as it has in Europe. Baal is ascendent.

  • Danny Lemieux


  • suek

    >>Put a side or half side or quarter side of beef in there, whatever you can afford.>>
    That assumes that you’ll have electrical power to run your freezer.  Better to learn to dry or can.  Even that assumes _some_ amenities, but I suppose you could use a pressure canner even with a wood stove!  Or you could learn some of the early skills that maintained people before electricity became the daily necessity we enjoy today.
    Hard to comprehend life 100 years ago.  We have it _so_ good!


    Turn the other cheek on prostitution, turn the other cheek on pedophilia and pretty soon just turn in the grave.
    RIP U.K.
    Death by PC
    927 – 20__?

  • Yankee Bruce

    My wife and I were both in the East Anglia area of England for several years in the mid to late 70’s (thank you U S Air Force!), and we just loved it.  We have always said we needed to go back and visit, but resources and events conspired against us.  With each passing year we watched the country and the culture we knew and fell in love with being washed away. 

    I mourn the loss of Great Britian and europe.  I do not see it turning around any time soon unless it gets very, very ugly.  I fear North America is next. 

  • Simplemind

    Since this is the bookworm room . . .

    Is this the “rape of the shire”?   JRR would not be happy.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    There have been quite a few articles lately about British women converting to Islam, often to some of the most fundamentalist forms thereof.

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    If you read a lot of the stuff C S Lewis wrote in the late 1940s and early 1950s (I’m thinking particularly of The Abolition of Man and The Screwtape Letters), you can kind of see this coming.

  • gpc31

    “Wars are won by destroying the enemy’s will to fight. A nation is never really beaten until it sells its women. ”

    Spengler online at

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    gpc31…the Spengler quote reminds me of a Cheyenne Indian saying: “A nation is never conquered until the hearts of its women are on the ground”
    …as quoted by the Comanche blogger David Yeagley, in his post what’s up with white women?

  • jj

    Isn’t that amazing – junior year was thirty years ago…!