Superb Glenn Reynolds article about the Left’s obscene leap to judgment *UPDATED*

Mr. Bookworm happily told me that Sarah Palin’s career is now over.  The fact that she ran a “cross hair” ad that referenced Giffords means that she’ll never work politics in this country again.

When I started to recite the facts (Obamas’s “enemies” and “gunfight” rhetoric; the common use of “target,” “bullseye,” and “cross hair” imagery in political talk from both sides of the aisle; and the shooter’s history of scary insanity), he told me facts were irrelevant.  It’s enough that the message is out there that Palin’s ad caused this violent act.

With that kind of Leftist thinking in mind, please, please, please read Glenn Reynold’s op-ed in the WSJ.

UPDATE (8:10 p.m. PST):  A little birdie says that Loughner actually supported Obama.  That’s no surprise.  This guy was a Leftist and a schizophrenic.  I don’t think the former had anything to do with the shooting.  I think his insanity did.  But his Leftism matters as an antidote to the lies.

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    Had the shooter’s name been Jaamal and not Jared, the facts would still be irrelevant to the left.  The silence of the MSM in the hours following the murderous rampage by Nidal Hassan at Ft. Hood was the template.
    “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste”, has backfired on the Left and they are still spinning lies hoping to hit on just the right one one that will bail them out of this nasty situation that has exposed their corruption to the core.

  • chuck aka xtnyoda

    I don’t remember a great deal of “progressive” outrage when the British brought in the film “Death of A President” that showed President Bush being assassinated?
    It was distributed by an American Company, New Market Films, and won 6 international awards.


    comment: The film was shot  in Chicago, not exactly the land of progressive outrage.

  • zabrina

    Two opposing world views going on:  Democrats (including those in the media) are trying to make a tragedy into a strategy. Republicans are not only shocked by the murders but shocked by the left’s response. We need to resolve not to let them get away unchallenged and unmasked with this sick behavior.

  • Ymarsakar

    They are the enemy. For those here that thought otherwise, think again. They aren’t going to go easy on you just because you refrain from attacking them and utterly destroying their goals.

  • Ymarsakar

    Where is the decency in that?

    Many Republicans believe that decency and a code of conduct will allow them to negate the Left’s goals. 100% incorrect.

    The Left has shown in numerous times and nations that they are perfectly capable of completely eradicating the status quo “rules” that people rely upon for stability and the rule of law: Cuba, Russia, Iran, China, the list goes on and on.

    It is not decency that is the deciding factor in this war, but power. And power is only power if you are willing to use it. Republicans that refuse to use power because they believe they can get a “good deal” with Democrats, aren’t doing anything helpful for the US. They are, in fact, helping the Left. They justify it as being a little compromise, rather than a compromise on principles. They are only helping the Left so that the Left will help their constituents get what they desire.

    Here’s a cluebat. The Left never helps people get what they need for survival. The entirety of Leftist strategy is to control what people desire and it aids them greatly when people cooperate with that goal under the guise of cooperation.

    Indeed, let’s “compromise” and say that the Left is half right, maybe even a quarter right, about Sarah Palin. In order to pull together a “bipartisan” agreement that benefits everyone, right? As if that action will have its intended consequence. Once a person agrees that the Left is 25% right, the next thing up is agreeing with 50%. Then the next up is 75%. And before you know, you’ll be agreeing to the Left 100% of the time. That’s how they work. Just ask the executed political activists in Iran and Russia how it happened to them. They didn’t get a chance to “rethink” their compromise with the Left, now did they. And people think now a days, here and true, that they can do what others have not.

  • Owen

    Let me get this straight: Since facts do not matter to Mr. Bookworm, in his view it is not just acceptable but laudible to accuse Obama of crimes he did not commit for the express purpose of keep him from being re-elected? So the anti-Obama “birthers” are actually good people doing a perfectly legitimate thing, except that they are being perhaps too restrained?

    By his rules then, he would accept it if Rush Limbaugh (or some other prominent conservative commentator) started unfounded rumors about say… Obama being a terrorist sympathizer who secretly met with Al-Qaeda operatives while in Eqypt to help plan an attack on the US to bolster his political agenda?

    Does Mr. Bookworm really want to go there? Or does he assume that his ideological opponents are fundamentally bound to tell the truth so his allies can slander and lie about them with impunity?

    Regarding Sarah Palin, it seems Mr. Bookworm thinks she is so evil that he and his kind are justified in lying about her to “prove” she is evil because, apparently, she has never actually done anything evil that they could use to show how evil she is?

    How exactly does Mr. Bookworm rationalize all this?

    And may I assume that Mr. Bookworm considers himself to be at least a moderately intelligent and somewhat moral person?

  • Mike Devx

    > Mr. Bookworm happily told me that Sarah Palin’s career is now over.

    Ah, such wishful thinking!  And he’s not alone.  I’d laugh if it wasn’t so pathetic.  My response is, “Sure! Go right on believing her career is finished! You are SO right! My hat is off to you and your incredible foresight and wisdom.”

    That kind of confusion about what actually constitutes reality is what made the 2010 elections actually so easy for us.   Let’s hope they keep this up!  Why not let them make 2012 easy for us too!

    Nancy Pelosi is still letting the wildest whoppers issue forth from between her lips.  I’ve never in my life heard such a collection of quotes – her recent ones – that have no connection to reality at all.   One recent such quote: Deficit Reduction Has Been a High Priority for us, It’s our Mantra.”

    The national debt stood at 8.5 trillion dollars at the start of her term as Speaker (2006).
    By 2010, the national debt was at 13.7 trillion dollars – an increase of 5.2 trillion dollars, an increase of over 60 percent!  In only four years.  That takes some doing!  I wonder, on a day when the temperature drops thirty degrees, does she say she’s enjoying the heat wave?   She’s so far out in left field that she’s got her own zip code; or else she simply thinks she can say *anything* and get away with it.

    You don’t give the keys to the car to children.  They need to show a little maturity, wisdom, and common sense first… before you entrust them with your government, oops, I mean your car keys.

  • suek

    >> I’ve never in my life heard such a collection of quotes – her recent ones – that have no connection to reality at all.>>
    You know…this is so bizarre….
    I wonder if the answer is that she’s still living in the pre-internet days mentality, where the facts don’t really matter because the “little” people won’t really know them – it’s the quotes that make the headlines, so she makes sure that she says something  that will make for a good MSM newpaper quote.  She’s assuming the the “little” people won’t really know about the debt increase, because the MSM isn’t going to report it – they have the MSM in their pockets and can tell them what to print.
    Otherwise, she’s as out of touch with reality as the Tucson shooter…

  • Ymarsakar

    It’s worse than giving keys to children. It’s like giving the keys to a multiple hit and run DUI driver that only has a license because her daddy is the police commissioner and her mother a Senator of the state.