Irony alert with some on the Left showing themselves very unclear on the concept

Is there a cause and effect between hate speech and violence?  These tweeters are certain there is, and they believe that Palin should be tortured, given loathsome diseases and killed for having the temerity to engage in (unidentified) hate speech:

Hat tip:  The Jawa Report

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  • jj

    I there is it certainly explains the genius in the White House, who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s filthy, hateful “church’ for twenty years while that crap spewed all over him.  (Oh, wait a minute – he wasn’t listening, right?  Yeah… I forgot that for a second…)

  • Ymarsakar

    “Someone” because they themselves lack the guts and power to do it themselves. And they call us cowards? hah
    They are so afraid of physical violence, while so enamored of verbal violence, that it is ridiculous in the eyes of this person.
    These jackals would piss themselves when they come face to face with true killers.

  • MacG

    “Oh, wait a minute – he wasn’t listening, right”  Well he does have a crackberry addiction so it’s quite possible…OTOH they did not have them 20 years ago but what’s a little fact to get in the way…perhaps he was out on a smoke break?

    Looking at the bile that is spewing out of their souls it is no wonder that they fear her for they feel that they are on the edge themselves and if they can barely control themselves how can those we oppose actually do it becuase they are are gun toting loons.  Sure Michael Savage is passionate and Lee Rogers was well but they both called Bush on the carpet when they disagreed with him.  Even Hannity does this.  But the passion on the left makes them blind in the opposite way that love makes people blind. Like the victim of an assault will even strike their rescuer or the one drowning will drown the lifegaurd they are in many cases are unable to see that aid is at hand.  Like the red neck reticent to acknowledge that a black man saved him from drowning so the left is reticent to see that we are not the oppressors of the past but the rescuers of the present (pretty much have always been but that is another story).

    Again Looking at the bile that is spewing out of their souls and all the calls for “someone” to shoot the person that they deem unfit to live shows the dependent nature that they live with without acknowledging such a fact.  Do this for me.  These are the ones calling for the abolition of God in the public life largely because they have no perceived need for it themselves – just look at the trouble “religion” has caused when the truer statement is the love of money is the root of much evil.  When money trumps love of neighbor, evil reigns.  This is why Rush says to follow the money but I digress.  I would argue that it is God who restricts us from doing more evil.  I doubt that the AZ shooter had love thy neighbor as thy self in mind. God says “”Come now, and let us reason together, Says the LORD,
            “Though your sins are as scarlet,
             They will be as white as snow;
             Though they are red like crimson,
             They will be like wool.” and
    “I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh”.  They have thrown this hope and change out and replaced with hope in man and given all the fine examples of man around it is no wonder they are deperate and are hysterically pulling out all of the secular stops.

  • Charles Martel

    I’m starting to develop a real fear for Sarah Palin’s life. Given that the vast majority of assassins and violent political thugs in this country’s history has been leftist, I can see some hyped-up Huffpo punk deciding to strike a blow for imbecilism by offing her.

  • Ymarsakar

    Martel, that’s where her husband comes in.

  • Mike Devx

    I personally am uncomfortable calling any form of political speech “hate speech”.
    No one who is sane would call for something unconstitutional to be done to a fellow American citizen.  So, among the sane, we are left with calls for one form of government action or another, and I don’t want ANY of that being called hate speech.  I don’t want my right to speak my mind curtailed.
    I am concerned about poltical speech that urges violence upon fellow American citizens.  Violence is a *serious* offense, and one should expect the full weight of police or government enforcement to descend upon you should you take that route.  And that is correct.
    It’s true that Jefferson said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  But it’s also true that that would be in the time of the tyrant, and of tyranny… and it is actually still true that even such a government has the authority to punish those engaged in violence.  At such times of tyranny violence *would* be justified by patriots, but they would be punished, and therefore be martyrs.  You can’t avoid that.

    So taking up arms, or any commission of violence, even against tyranny, is a very serious matter.

    Therefore, what do what about those in politics who explicity urge others to actually commit violence?

    What about Claire McCaskill, the Democrat who famously stated a few months back that if democrats were not allowed to raise taxes on the rich,
    “It really is time for Americans to take up pitchforks.”
    Of what is she speaking?  That Americans should pose male/female, two-by-two, each for another American Gothic painting by Grant Wood, posed in front of barns?  Pitchfork in hand, you know.
    That we all head out to the fields to pitchfork us up some hay?  Yeehaw.  And afterwards we could all retire to picnic tables on the lawn for some good conversation, laughs, and apple cider as the sun sets gently into the horizon.  Women in bonnets; men in suspenders.
    Ah… No… you all know EXACTLY what Claire McCaskill, Democrat, meant. It was an explicit call for atavistic violence.
    Politics is the substitute for violence; it is the civilized means of resolving differences, and in a federal republic that means voting for representatives that effect the will of the people.  There is usually an us-vs-them dynamic in our political fights – and THERE, I used the word “fight”.  We engage in the rhetoric of struggle and violence… but we are never supposed to explicitly urge actual violence upon our opponents.
    Have conservatives crossed the line into urging actual violence?  I’ve not seen any examples of this myself; I’d love to be enlightened by links expressing that.  I’ve seen plenty of examples of Democrats (especially further out among their hard Left) urging actual violence.
    Visual violence too.  Hanging political opponents in effigy – usually Sarah Palin and George Bush.  Fake postage stamps of Bush with a gun pointed at his head.  Etc.
    Willful destruction of private property?  Again, it’s the hard left, usually in a city where a summit of one sort or another is being held, that goes on a rampage, smashing car windows and storefront windows, looting, setting cars on fire.   (Them, and seething Muslims…)  Rarely, if ever, do you see conservatives engaging in violence.  Again, I’d like some links.
    Words along the lines of “Winning the war against our opponent” are fair in political fights.   Don’t let them constrain your free speech.  Urging actual violence is I suppose, a gray area, and suppressing even *that* may go too far.  But urging violence is an area into which we shouldn’t tread, I think, and as best I know, it’s a line conservatives don’t cross.  But liberals, especially on the far left, seem to cross it.  Every day.


    Seung Hui Cho (Va. Tech) and Jared Loughner both showed signs of extreme mental illness  and the results are what they are – horrible and sad. They both should have been hospitalized, institutionalized by whatever legal means possible. I am ‘twitter’ deficient – isn’t there an account for service and if yes, shouldn’t the names of those account holders a) be canceled  and b) tweeters be charged with threats. The video link to the comments are the equivalent to drunk driving. I don’t know what to call it – rage tweeting? The irony is that this ilk are the very same who threw a hissy fit at water boarding – a true liberal sign of bi polar disorder.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    I don’t see how you could let thoughts like these out of your head. It breaks my heart to even see the prevalence at which these disgusting and ignorant thoughts exist. I could probably make a similar movie with screenshots from my Facebook homepage.

    The future of Congresswoman Giffords is still unknown, with others still suffering or already passed, and the first thing people call for is the murder of another innocent? Because it would make them happy? Do they suppose it would also make the Congresswoman happy?


    Political fallout or fear and loathing?
    An Arizona Republican Party District Chairman resigned shortly after the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords

  • MacG

    After reading hte articles it would seem that there had been pressure from home to quit.  I havfe experienced this here.  Ilike to get out at night and wlak the neighborhood of our HOA.  being on the board I feel it is part of my duties.  I am not afraid to walk up to a group of guys and tell not to not drink and pee in hte carports or turn down the music.  My wife occaionally voices concern for my saftey.  Actually I have had some hispanics voice thier concern cuz of the bangers in the area.  I am more careful now will evaluate what needs confrontation vs what may not.

    This shooting seems like a conveninet way out unfortunately it had nothing to do with politics.

  • Indigo Red

    4 minutes and 10 seconds of pure unadulerated free speech.

  • Ymarsakar

    At least the cowards are getting out.
    Hey, if people went into politics thinking they could dictate other people’s lives, but would risk nothing in return, reality has a way of crashing on down.