Post-insomnia Open Thread

I shut down my computer around 2:00 yesterday, and never had the chance to turn it on again.  I thought I’d get off to a roaring start this morning but, after an impressive bout of insomnia, my brain is is cycling between sluggish and torporous.  Until I get a second wind (or do I mean a first?), this Thread’s for you.

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  • Zachriel

    You’ve been very gracious in allowing this visitor to comment. Hopefully we learned a bit from each other. In particular, try to look at each of your positions skeptically. A willingness to support your claims will make you more careful when making them. Carefully consider why some assertions are disputed by others, and whether this is due to facts (which might be substantiated) or differences in values (where you may try to find common ground). Question authority, but don’t reject it without proper cause.

    We may drop in from time to time. Good luck to you all.