Thank goodness for smart friends

You all have no doubt noticed a drop-off in my blogging the past couple of days.  Between work, family and insomnia, I just haven’t been inspired.  And, lucky for you, when I have nothing to say, I try to keep my mouth shut and my fingers still.  Fortunately, though, thinkers whom I admire greatly have been writing, so I’d like to pass a few things off to you.  In no particular order:

From Brutally Honest, a story I managed to miss regarding the Muslim response to the Pope’s response to Christian slaughter in the Middle East.

From the Anchoress, deep thoughts about the Gosnell case.

From the Zombie, a look as the the modern Left once again insists (in true racist fashion, as far as I’m concerned), that the little brown people of the world cannot be held to Western standards of humanity and decency.

From Wolf Howling, with POTUS on the verge of the SOTU, a quick, depressing rundown of things you won’t hear about the economy.

From J.E. Dyer, an intelligent look at one of my pet bugaboos — death by regulation, with the focus here on economic death, not just the death of individual liberty.

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    Thanks for all the links and my quick summary is a Q & A.
    Q. What’s the difference between Pashtuns and Progressives?
    A. There isn’t any, they’re both terrorists.