Democrat, Corruptocrat!

Democrats are the friends of big business, Conservatives are the friends of small business. Democrat government inevitably ratchets its way to corruptocracy.

If you don’t agree with this, can we at least agree that Democrats favor highly regulated economies and societies and conservatives don’t?

Let me explain with two examples.

1) The Wall Street Journal recently ran a story about how the EPA has decided that milk, because it contains 4% butterfat, should be regulated under the same environmental control standards as petroleum. Consequently, dairy farmers will have to file Federally approve emergency plans on how to deal with “oil spills” and such. Large dairies (some dairies in California milk 10,000 or more cows at a time) will probably be able to comply. Small dairies (goat and sheep milk farms, Vermont dairy producers etc. ) are just out of luck. I happen to know something about the dairy industry – it’s a highly politicized, highly subsidized industry that operates on very thin margins. I’m sure that they will come to an accommodation with the EPA and Federal Government…at a very steep price, politically and $-wise!

2) As it becomes increasingly clear the degree to which Obama Care really is a pig-in-a-poke, there is frantic activity to opt out of it. The numbers of entities that have received waivers from ObamaCare (other than Congress) magically rose from about 200 to 700+ immediately after the SOTU speech. Those entities are large companies and unions on the inside track. The way you get a waiver is to have a lobbyist obtain it on your behalf. Money exchanges hands. Large companies can afford this, small companies…out of luck! If ObamaCare is so great, why the rush by Congress, favored businesses and union to obtain waivers?

Increased regulation is inversely proportional to lobbying activity. The less regulation there is, the less the need to influence government. The more regulation, the more the need to petition the royal aristocracy at a heavy price. The need to petition our government for redress under regulations fostered by our government is a corrupting influence. If you lack influence and can’t make payment, you are out of the equation. Here in Chicagoland, we know all about this. Here is what happens:

Society sediments into three classes: a) an aristocratic Democrat nomenklatura that controls the regulatory and judiciary structures of society; b) a wealthy, economic class that can afford to exchange favors for regulatory exemptions and waivers…at a price; c) a lumpen proletariat, outside of the power structures, imprisoned into forced into regulatory straight-jackets (taxable prey…if you will) that they will never be able to escape unless willing to surrender at the price of their souls. It is this last class that pays the bills for the others. This isn’t new…despite its “progressive” tag, it’s a regression to 19th Century economic “shakedown” realities.

My entire career, I have been a champion of entrepreneurs and small companies. They are vital to our society and economy, as innovators, risk-takers and employers. I would hate to see this glorious period end as we slouch toward third-world corruptocracy.

I know that Democrats mouth have historically mouthed platitudes about looking after the “little guy”. I would like to think that only the truly moronic and armchair philosophers walled into their temples of abstract theory can fail to see how Orwellian and corrupting these platitudes are.

Have we as a nation arrived at a point where we can stop this from happening or is it inevitable? A Jewish relative once remarked that no Jew sleeps without two shoes under his bed stuffed with a roll of cash, in case of a quick getaway. I am starting to understand his point.

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  • Owen

    It is inevitable only if we believe it is inevitable.

  • Ymarsakar

    Leave my milk alone.
    I echo (get it, echo chamber) many of Danny’s sentiments concerning the Left. It would become a powerful propaganda movement if other people started being educated on the reality of Leftist politics in America. It would open their eyes, regardless of if they wished to see or not.
    It takes weaponized propaganda to fight the Left on the message here. It is a weapon the same as a gun is a weapon.
    Ideally, we should have H2H, guns, knives, grenades, and propaganda on our side. If we do, we win. If we don’t, then the outcome is in doubt.

  • Michael Adams

    Danny, Ymar, y’all have GOT to read Systems of Survival, by the late Jane Jacobs. She describes the “mingling of syndromes” as “a monstrous hybrid, intractable corruption.” When business is in bed with the “Guardian” party, that’s corruption. When businesses own government, that’s corruption, too. And yes, government doing business is inherently corrupt.  What she has done in Systems has been to create a theory, a conceptual model, which enables us to see, and to analyze, what is going on about us. She pulls together observations we have all made, all our lives. It’s a short book, and cheap.  Read it.
    [[Apologies in advance for the dialogical style she chose.  As far as I can tell, she had a bit of a crush on Plato, and, since he wrote in dialogue, so did she. I agree that she slows the progress a bit, but, if you just relax, you’ll absorb the elegant simplicity of what she is saying, and realize that you have been saying all this for years.]

  • Danny Lemieux

    Michael Adams…it’s on my to-do list.

  • Ymarsakar

    Ideally, Book would be able to put that on Mr.Bookworm’s Honey-Do list as well.

  • Mike Devx

    Ymar: Ideally, we should have H2H, guns, knives, grenades, and propaganda on our side. If we do, we win. If we don’t, then the outcome is in doubt.

    Ymar, polls appear to show that > 50% of Americans already mistrust the mainstream media, and agree that they are not objective.  They may not yet see the MSM as little more than the propaganda mouthpiece for far-left factions within the Democrat Party… but the trend is clear and inexorable.  The MSM will not give up its far-left fervor nor its ideological slant, and more and more independents in the middle will continue to slowly wake up to the nature of the “news” they are receiving.

    I’m reminded of the events following McCain’s selection of Palin.  After opinion polls showed McCain-Palin had surged into the lead, a national conference call went into place, attended by many high-level Democrat operatives AND many in the mainstream media.  (This was before Jouornolist, remember; they hadn’t organized yet.)  Within two days after that conference, the unprecedented flood of journalists to Alaska occurred; and the unrelenting assault on Palin began and hasn’t ended.

    A coordinated MSM assault on a conservative threat occurred, the likes of which the MSM will *never* instigate against a liberal.  In a less coordinated fashion they did it again against many targets following the Tucson massacre.   The assault on Palin succeeded, perhaps because conservatives did not fight back; the post-Tucson assault failed, perhaps because conservatives did fight back.  These assaults will continue; the MSM cannot help itself and cannot stop.  More independents will see it for what it is, slowly over time.

  • Ymarsakar

    My analysis of the sorts of polls you mentioned, MD, is that some of them are Democrats and some of them are Republicans. Thus they mistrust the “media” for different reasons. The Republicans, because the media is dominated by PC police rhetorical thugs. The Left distrusts the media because they see them as part of the corporate chain. Of course, those higher up in the Left know how to manipulate the media and know how things work there, but they don’t tell that to the mass cannon fodder at the bottom.
    So the high numbers, broken down, are just split mostly between those two groups of views.
    This is not the same as having the advantage of propaganda on our side. It just means that the enemy’s propaganda weapon is being worn down, but we will need to replace it with ours to completely defeat them on this battlefield.
    (This was before Jouornolist, remember; they hadn’t organized yet.)

    J list wasn’t the only C3 tool they had. It was just the new internet brand. The media originally used the Good Old boy network and this developed into the 99% editors and journalist network amongst magazines, newspaper publishers, and cable networks.
    You could say that J list was their version of the C4. Command, control, communications, and computers. New generation stuff.

    One of the issues with media domination is that it isn’t enough to discredit the media. One has to replace it with something credible. Much is the same case in chaos dominated countries where guerillas fight against occupation forces. Neither the guerillas nor the occupation can win simply by destroying each other’s efforts. They must also present a respectable and legitimate front that can build something to replace the wreckage. In so far as they keep blowing each other up, that prevents both from achieving their goals. Until one does, and then it is game over. Reference Sunni insurgency vs America vs AQ in Iraq.

    Breitbart is somebody I see as leading the charge on not just destroying the MSM, but replacing it. Which is the only way anything decisive will come out of the conflict in our favor.

    Part of why the LibProg reporters and editor rhetorical thugs succeed is because they have a SOP down (Standard Operating Procedure). They have honed it to a fine razor’s edge after repeated uses and repeated numbers of victims created. They know what works. However, technology and new military doctrines/tactics/strategies means that sometimes the old stuff that worked real well, starts not working so well any more.

  • suek

    I think one of the problems is that heretofore we have seen ourselves as one people.  Yeah, the MSM was biased in favor of certain people, but basically, we were all rooting for the same thing.
    Slowly, Conservatives are becoming increasingly aware that we are _not_ one people any more, and that there are those among us who wish us harm – given how we view things.  As Conservatives awaken to this reality, they are looking for new sources of information that will help going forward, since if all there is available is the MSM, we might as well be blind.
    Again, response against the attacks against Conservatives is quickening because Conservatives are recognizing them as such.  We are increasingly aware that there is an enemy at work among us.  If we cannot convince them to join us, then we have to defeat them.  Not sure, though, how we accomplish this without bloodshed.

  • Ymarsakar

    Suek, how do you think the Left accomplished their various revolutions? They put down a lot of ground work before the blood started flowing, via indirect methods. They functioned as an insurgency. But an insurgency isn’t just about car bombs and sniping people from afar.

  • bizcor

    I posted twice and nothing came up. Have I somehow violated a rule?

  • Larry Sheldon

    So I need to get my hazmat endorsement reinstated (I dropped it because of the expense) if I what to be a tanker-yanker for a dairy?

  • Michael Adams

    There is already an alternative culture developing. Some of it is right out in the open, and drawing heavy fire from the Left, Rush, TEA parties, etc.   What they don’t see, and therefore have trouble training sights on it, is families that home school,  a few, very few, college departments that quietly have gone the other way, sharp lawyers for our side, alternative organizations to AARP, church groups that are utterly apolitical,(But you ought to hear the conversations in the coffee hour!) Town Hall Conservative groups that meet on the first Tuesday in the month in many cities, even in the Peoples’ Democratic Republic of Austin.  Bear in mind that we bourgeois types are not flashy, but, like the eighteenth century Methodists, quietly raise funds for worthy causes and spend them very, very  carefully. A few years ago, when my son was looking for college scholarships, he found that there were dozens of Objectivist scholarships out there. Imagine that! Any needle you find in a haystack is a sign of a haystack full of needles. The Young Americans Foundation is doing the Lord’s work in the academic vineyards, also.
    I realize that the Left is still awash in money, that eighty percent of CEO’ are Democrats, that there are huge sums of Union money available, that much of the bailout money was funneled to organizations and institutions that will fight us. However, even though we raised less than they did in last Fall’s campaigns, we did get enough cash together to make them worry, and rail about our “deep corporate pockets”.
    Sue K, the fight goes on, and there are ten thousand men in Israel who have not yet bowed the knee to Baal.

  • Ymarsakar

    That’s an interesting statistics, Adams, about the percentage of CEOs. Is that for all CEOs or just some types of companies.

  • Jose

    “Increased regulation is inversely proportional to lobbying activity. The less regulation there is, the less the need to influence government. The more regulation, the more the need to petition the royal aristocracy at a heavy price. The need to petition our government for redress under regulations fostered by our government is a corrupting influence. ”


    A perfect example of corruption is the nomination of GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt  to  the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board .

    Is this not the GE that has promoted gov regulation and the green agenda to force us to use flourescent bulbs, containing mercury, made in China, while shuttering US plants, and all the while receiving gov subsidies to do it?  And this has WHAT to do with economic recovery?,0,3744693.story

  • Ymarsakar

    Sarah Palin made the same point about Obama’s racket alliance with the corporations.
    So called “Democrats for the working class” dontcha know.

  • Jose

    Further to my comments in #14:

    Obama issues global warming rules in January, gives GE an exemption in February