Our troops *UPDATED*

Go to this post at Doug Ross’s site (a post that is kind enough to mention me), and look carefully at the picture of a clutch of US servicemen.  If you click on the picture, it takes you to an Ace post that doesn’t mention the picture, so I don’t know the story behind it.  Do any of you know the story?  Is the caption on the picture accurate?  If so, it’s a testament to human decency.

UPDATE:  Thanks to NavyOne, I can tell you that it’s the real deal.  (See the comments to the Blackfive post.)  If our troops don’t prevail, you can bet that the problem lies high up, at the top of the chain of command.  They’re not the problem.

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  • NavyOne

    Since no one has taken a crack at it, I will throw my ideas into the mix. . .
    I know nothing about the picture, but this is what it tells me:
    -These guys are probably deployed Marines.  I would guess by their uniforms, and the environment, that they are indeed in Afghanistan.
    -My first thought is that they are huddled around a radio, maybe one that is broken.
    -If they are shielding a wounded Afghan, then the guy in the middle is a Navy Corpsman.  It’s possible, but I do not see any evidence of the wounded guy.
    -The link to Ace is not relevant.  it concerns the story that opens Ace’s list of links.  The story is on Obama, not our guys. . .
    -So then I did a google search and it showed that the picture probably originated from Blackfive, one of my favorite milbloggers.  See here: http://www.google.com/webhp?sa=N&hl=en&tab=lw#hl=en&sugexp=ldymls&xhr=t&q=blackfive+Roles+models+%22not+found+in+sports+arenas%22+six&cp=55&pf=p&sclient=psy&site=webhp&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=blackfive+Roles+models+%22not+found+in+sports+arenas%22+six&pbx=1&fp=3f8c1f6954acb9e1
    -The problem, which your picture cut off, is that in the bottom right corner, there is a tag for despair.com diy motivators.  What a motivator is: a do-it-yourself program that lets you put captions on your own pictures.
    -My guess is that a Blackfive reader put a motivator on the pic to motivate us (service members.)  It may/may not be true. . .

  • NavyOne

    As I was. . .
    The Marines were indeed shielding someone:
    A comment from Blackfive reader: “The original picture of this (which is on my FB page) shows more clearly what they are protecting the civilian from. It also has this caption with it:

    There’s an ied wounded Afghan civilian under there, being protected by Coalition soldiers from the rotor wash of the Dustoff [rescue] & as the firefight continues. Dustoff aircraft are always targets. [got this from a brother today & thought you should see it & maybe say a prayer for these guys.]
    Yes, the sender of it IS one of our Danish coalition partners.:) And THAT is the full story…lol”
    Story here:
    Carry on. . .