Did you miss me?

Terry Trippany has once again proven himself a stellar web master.  The server went down big time and he, bless his heart, got it back and running again. Yay!

Since I know how to deal with interfaces, but have no understanding whatsoever of the hardware underneath, or of the way in which it works with the operating system, I’m always deeply impressed by his detective and repair skills.

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  • http://home.earthlink.net/~nooriginalthought/ Charles

    “Did you miss me? ”

    Actually, yes, I did. When I tried to view Bookwormroom last night I got an “ATmail login screen.”

    I think I went into Bookwormroom withdrawl.  Thanks Book for all the wonderful posts and thank you Terry for making them stay up!

  • suek

    No…I didn’t miss you.  I wish I had…but I have my “baby” moving half way across the country, and yesterday was load the truck day.  My dear daughter does not know how to move.  She(they) were marginally better prepared than they were the other two times I helped her move, but not really ready.  She had asked all available hands to be on deck between 10 and 12AM to load the truck.  Hah.
    I left at 3:30, and although we had expected his father (who was helping) and step-mother (who was not) to invite them over for a last-night-before-leaving dinner, (we’d had them over Saturday night to leave it clear), apparently that wasn’t offered.  So…Albertsons was having a .77 per pound whole chicken sale, and Vons was having a 4 for $11 coke sale, so I left, stopped by for the appropriate loss leaders and came home to roast a chicken for all interested.  Worked out well.  The biggest chicken was about 5#, and roasted for about 1.5 hours and was yummy.  I made rice pilaf, daughter had brought over a package of frozen “steam fresh” veggies (which are way overpriced, but kind of great, especially for situations like this) and we even had time for horse chores.  Which was good as we finished while it was still light.
    They’re going to have to take another truckload full, though.  The 17 footer they rented wasn’t big enough.  I expect several workdays after she gets back. (I didn’t explain – he has a job there, she will continue to work here till their house is sold.  That worries me – but they’re juggling a bunch of balls on this.  Her job will pay the mortgage until it’s sold)  I have a feeling that when it comes time for the second truck drive, I’ll be riding shotgun.  I’m not looking forward to it, and will be considering _all_ possible alternatives…but it’s definitely out there looming in the not so far away future.
    So…no…I didn’t miss you!!!!
    If you hadn’t been hack today, I would have, though!!

  • suek

    Oh well…
    “hack” = “back”…
    But you knew that…

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Frankly, I was wondering if someone was trying to hack your site ; )

  • MacG

    Ditto Charles.  One screen that I got was We have just sold this Domain or some such thing.  OH the Horror!

    Good to see the forces of darkness did not have you down for long…I did not think that the egypt black out had reached this far but you never know with the “never let a good crisis go to waste” mantra floating around…:)

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Suek:  There is no such thing as an easy move.

    Charles:  Thank you!  I blush….

    Everyone else:  I’m just glad to be back and I missed you too.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    @Suek:  THAT brings back memories – my Dad helped us move a couple of times (we were a lot better prepared though – fruit of my marrying a nurse!), and then I helped my brother move more times than I want to remember.  Next month, we help my daughter move – they found a really nice rental, so they’re leaving us in Bend, and we’ll move south when we can find a place to rent or buy.  I’m feeling granddaughter withdrawal, already!  I should post something on my website so you can see how rich I am in grandchildren – I really do recommend it!
    I’m afraid my first reaction to the server problems weren’t as flattering as some others – I wrote BW and asked if she’d forgotten to pay her bill for the domain name!!