Life for the law-abiding in San Francisco

This little squiblet from C.W. Nevius’ column in the SF Chron (which is about the only thing in the SF Chron still worth reading), sums up everything that is wrong with San Francisco:

Greg and Christy Baciocco, who have run NuStar Heating and Metal Supply on Otis Street since 1989, are resigned to their graffiti curse. Sometimes they get tagged two or three times a week. And don’t tell them to put up security cameras.

“The guys who are doing it look right into the camera,” Christy said. “They are not concerned at all.”

They must clean up the wall or face a city fine, so the Bacioccos bought paint so they can clear the tags themselves. That civil effort was recently noticed by a city health official.

She notified the couple that keeping paint on the premises in gallon containers would require them to pay a hazardous materials fee.

And of course, since San Francisco is, next to Berkeley, the closest thing to a true Leftist city in America, it’s also a tocsin, warning ordinary Americans what happens when you let the Left have the keys to government.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    Isn’t Debra Saunders with the SF Chronicle? I like her columns.

  • zabrina

    Another good reason for another business to leave the state.
    When the law protects (or doesn’t effectively prosecute) the bad guys and hassles the good guys, it’s time to get the heck out of Dodge.

  • Charles Martel

    Danny, Debra Saunders is the “spook who sits by the door” for the Chronicle. In other words, she’s the ornament it uses to pretend that there’s balance in the newspaper.

    Echoing zabrina, what I love about San Francisco is that it epitomizes when happens when goodness becomes compulsory: “You will be good! You will be good!”

    The wrinkle the city hasn’t ironed out is that it seems to only apply its moral imperative to people who are already good, like the Bacioccos. If you’re a tagger, no sweat. The racist class warfareists who run the town figure you’re either incapable of good or are kept from it by uptight Bacioccos.

  • Ymarsakar

    The good are nothing but cattle for the parasites and raiders.
    In fact, the social parasites and raiders are often working together for mutual advantage, playing a combined arms approach towards the cattle.

  • dicentra

    tocsin—Good to see a Bill Buckley lexicon word being used in context. Thanks!

  • Owen

    Actually, at times, SF is even more leftist than Berkeley. SF acts like Berkeley talks.

  • Owen

    “Another good reason for another business to leave the state.”

    Well, that might be a tad extreme in their case — 35-40 miles due east would do OK.