England’s greatest generation

As the younger citizens limit their involvement to videotaping a crime in progress (“Oooh, won’t this look cool when I show it to my friends”), a 71 year old grandmother, Ann Timson, acts with extraordinary — and effective — courage:

You can read more about Timson here.

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    Time for a Sadie story.Once upon a time when I was half the age of Grannie Timson, I was visiting a friend who just opened a new business in our neighborhood. I must have been in the store a few minutes when I heard a terrible ruckus outside. I decided to investigate the noise and walked outside to find two teens fighting. Well, not so much two fighting as one had the second pinned down and was punching the hell out of him and the punchee was flat on his back trying to deflect a rather brutal attack. I went into ‘mother mode’ and walked over to the ruckus and tapped the teen on the shoulder and told him to knock it off. Obviously, perturbed by my intervention, he stood up and took a full swing at me, while the punchee ran for his life. YES, Sadie got her first and last shiner. I was in full peeved mode after being round housed and called the police. The cops knew immediately, who had delivered the blow and followed up with a name and I…well, I followed up with hauling his butt into Juvenile Court after filing charges. Ah…those were the days. Within several weeks and still wearing shades of my shiner, the judge demanded that he apologize to me. Whispering Willy, could barely get the I apologize through his lips. The judge, not satisfied, told him “louder” I can’t hear you. The second attempt was a weak as the first. The judge, at this point, was getting testy and insisted that he get out of his chair, walk over, stand in front of me and apologize in a voice that both the judge and I could both hear. The little thug, with all the bravado weeks earlier and finally, after several failed attempts, delivered an apology that could be heard. Sometimes, I enjoy having the last word  – that day, I really enjoyed the judge having the final word.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    That is an excellent Sadie story.


    Thanks, Bookworm. Ever wonder who parents such children? I found out when the mother came up to me after we all left the court and said, “You had no business getting involved”.

  • Gringo

    Thanks, Bookworm. Ever wonder who parents such children? I found out when the mother came up to me after we all left the court and said, “You had no business getting involved”.
    The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Sadie, do you have any information on how the juvenile “miscreant” ended up in life? My bet is he did some prison time.
    Great story , Sadie.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Get that kid near someone who is capable of killing humans with their bare hands. You’ll notice an immediate attitude change come about him, without anything being said.

  • MacG

    NEW FLASH:  ENGLAND REQIRES REGISTRATION OF ALL PURSES WEIGHING OVER 1 STONE (someone coulda got hurt). Sadie. Bravo!  The mother’s cpmment made me think that may be her boy got the upper hand in self defense and you in effect made him lose but then it WAS the police gave YOU the name of the kid so that is not so likely.  Maybe she was mad that now she had to give him lunch money since he could no longer beat it out of some one…. As I said, Bravo Sadie!

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    There’s been a wild pack of dogs, 3 light brown and 1 black something that looks like a pitbull mix, going around our neighborhood homes.
    Now they’ve taken up the backyard as some kind of sleeping, sun bathing nest.
    Reminds me of Obama.
    They’ll try to bark like crazy to drive me off when I get outside. I’ll leave them to the backyard until I get animal control here.
    I don’t want to get bitten by some dogs. Need armor for that fight. Besides, if I try to drive them away, it’s only because I’ll be prepared to kill all of them bare handed. That’s just such a mess police/paper wise to clean up. Huge bother I’ll say “no thanks to”.
    I had to practice some exercise sin the open air (part of my pseudo on/off martial arts training), so I went into the front yard. They tried to run up to the back chain gate and bark me off even then. I just took a relaxed stance and looked at them like they were dumb as hell Leftists talking about BushHitler for a few minutes. Then used a diagonal exercise slash with my practice plastic pseudo kendo sword. Real pseudo. For some reason they stopped barking and went back to sleeping then.
    Dogs are weird. They’re lucky I’m such a pacifist though. I don’t like violence. It takes too much energy to do and way too much of a hassle to clean up afterwards. I like things clean, fun, and easy. I hate dirty stuff. Kirei.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The “scooter” thieves in the video remind me of the dogs, also.