National Review editors nicely sum up the civility issue in Wisconsin

I like these paragraphs:

And the exquisitely temperate ladies and gentlemen who were just the day before yesterday lecturing us about the allegedly corrosive tone of conservative political discourse are parading through the mean streets of Madison waving placards bearing the name and likeness of Adolf Hitler, and denouncing Governor Walker as a Nazi.

Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist government murdered some 6 million Jews and waged a bloodthirsty war for world domination under a “Thousand-Year Reich.” Governor Walker has proposed that government employees in Wisconsin pay 12.6 percent of the cost of their insurance premiums, which in the minds of Wisconsin Democrats apparently amounts to more or less the same thing. President Obama, himself fresh off lecturing the nation about its tone, chimed in with a predictably tin-eared characterization of this modest initiative as an “assault.”

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  • Charles Martel

    If a democratically elected governor and legislative majority can mount an “assault” on unions by proposing some pretty mild legislation, what word is left to describe a real assault?

    Why does the left has such contempt for language? (One answer, read Orwell’s description of Newspeak in “1984.” The purpose of contracting a language is to diminish the ability of its speakers to think critically.)

  • bizcor

    This scene in Wisconsin is just the beginning. In order to reduce spending there are going to be many other cuts and howling will not only continue but get louder. Ohio, Tennesee, Florida, and a several other states are about to get the same. BTW last night I asked a friend of mine, who is by no means a dummie, if he had ever heard of George Soros. He had not. Even after prompting him with things like richest people in the world he still had no idea. This is going to be a tumultuous year. I hope the Governors of all the states will have the intestinal fortitude of Chris Christie

  • suek

    They just don’t seem to know how to stop digging…

  • Danny Lemieux

    More awful, awful video of Madison protestors.
    Or, is it Tim Geithner’s staff?
    Hard to tell.
    H/T Richard Fernandez