Obama wears the purple

In Roman times, purple was the Emperor’s color.  Today, it’s the color of the man who dreamed of being America’s Leftist king:

Is anybody else as creeped out by that video as I am?

And another question, which has nothing to do with unions — Do you get the feeling that Obama is hiding under the table as events in Libya unfold?

Hat tip:  American Thinker

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  1. JKB says

    What’s the deal with Obama talking ghetto.  Although it was strained.  And yes, it is creepy
    But I love the 1900 or 1920 time they live in.  Rise up against Morgan and the Robber Barons on Wall Street.  Strike against the evil corporate bosses who are tightly regulated by government at all levels.  Of course, since 1950, Union leaders have wielded the power that was once held by JP Morgan.  In the 1950s, it was John L. Lewis.  Today, Andy Stern?
    Worse today, we have well-off, highly paid union workers demanding more money from hard working taxpaying families.  It’s one thing to say GM should cough up some more cash but now the cash is coming from regular folks.  Are there really enough union workers to overwhelm the taxpayers at the polls?
    Ann Althouse had a picture of a baby carriage with a sign on it at the protests in Wisconsin.  The sign, professionally printed, said “STOP The attack on Wisconsin families.”  But what side was this baby on?  High paid government worker Wisconsin families or hardworking taxpaying Wisconsin families.  I think the kid was hedging his bets so maybe somebody would care for him.

  2. says

    A thugocracy is what Obama’s supporters wanted. And that’s what they got.
    Are there really enough union workers to overwhelm the taxpayers at the polls?

    Numbers are not purely indicative of success. In the Islamic world, extremists or suicide bombers are a decided minority. Yet they determine what the rest of the Arab and Muslim world thinks. The system was created to do so or one might say Islam, the system, is uniquely in favor of those of extremist mentality.

    So they don’t need to have more numbers to overwhelm Americans. They just need to have an edge. That edge can be used to generate superior numbers in time.

  3. says

    After Prohibition ended, folks thought that would be the end of organized crime, The Mob. It wasn’t. The Mob moved into unions. During the 1920’s, Detroit had a Jewish gang calling itself The Purple Gang. Al Capone allied his Chicago gang with the Purples to avoid conflict with them allowing for a smooth operation of smuggled Canadian booze through Detroit. I wonder, is the SEIU a remnant of the original Purple Gang?

  4. Gringo says

    So much for the White House claims that it didn’t have anything to do with what was happening in Madison. Recall that Andy Stern, then the  SEIU President, visited the White House some twenty times.

  5. Charles Martel says

    Zach/Skeet, you’re having another doofus Dukakis moment. The creepiness here is Urkel’s attempt to get down and be bad wit the homeys. The guy is as white as a Darien banker but keeps trying to cash in on his dark skin. Lame.

  6. says

    To clarify, people who think elections are demonstrations of true loyalty, have such problems. That is the context of what matters.
    In terms of who gets put in power, sometimes. In terms of who people obey in reality, elections are insignificant.

  7. Charles Martel says

    That was my half non-Hispanic side talking, suek. You must remember that in the realm of identity/victim politics, it is I, the oppressed, who gets to call the tune, Paddy.

  8. suek says

    Hey!  no Paddy here!  Well…maybe.  English, Irish, French and German.  Now the French and German I understand.  That side of the family came from Alsace-Lorraine, and whether you were French or German depended on which particular century you were discussing.  But the English and Irish???  The flash of antipathy creating a spark of love? That’s a bit puzzling.  Some ancestor of mine was the first white man buried in a proper cemetery on Prince Edward Isle – but where did the Irish come in?  wishful thinking?  Don’t know.  Someone has done some digging and found that one of the family married a native indian (?), but I didn’t see any Irish in there.  Maybe on my mother’s side – she was a Warren.  I haven’t gotten into genealogy – so I don’t really know.
    My son – when we discovered the “fish eater” ancestor – wanted to know who, when, where …there’s be some preference/discount if it was 1/8 or more.  Unfortunately for him, it was to be farther back than that.  I’m not sure Canadian Native American would count in any case.
    Doesn’t matter.  I’m _full_ blooded _AMERICAN_!!

  9. Charles Martel says

    suek, when I am not out patrolling the Pyrenees and slaying pesky Mooselims, my alter ego is a half-Irish, half-Spanish Californian. Although my alter ego’s surname is English, it is attached to a mostly Irish genealogy.

    My theory is that an English immigrant (or descendant thereof) in America ran into a comely Irish lass and spilled his imperialistic Brit seed into her. She gave birth to an English-surnamed son who later would only consort with comely Irish-American lasses, thus diluting the English stock until only the repulsive surname remained. (This is unlike the Democrats who believe that you may dilute, and dilute and dilute, but if even one drop of African American blood remains in your otherwise lily white body, you are black.)

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