Obama is no Harry Truman

In an earlier post, I said that Obama’s decision to turn his back on DOMA, despite his professed support for traditional marriage, does not make him a Harry Truman.  Rich Lowry explains much better than I could why Obama’s current position is not a principled stand but is, instead, another step towards a pre-planned goal.  The whole pattern also reminds me of the way in which Obama lies, which is incrementally.

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    An interesting side effect from non-enforcement.
    Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR), says the declaration contradicts Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ pledge to Congress and the military service chiefs last year, when he said DOMA’s existence would prevent the military from providing housing and benefits for same-sex couples who live together as “married” or “committed partners” on military bases.

  • Charles Martel

    When you’re a “committed partner,” what are the criteria for commitment? Can two partners get housing, have a spat, and switch partners with the “committed” couple down the hall and still retain their housing benefit?

    Would it be prejudicial to demand that “committed” gay couples stay together for at least six months to at least give the appearance of stability? If lesbian “committeds” turn out to last longer with one another than gay men, would it be unfair to hold gay men to the same standard as lesbians?

    Gosh, who would have known that rearranging the deck chairs for a tiny sexual minority could involve so many tough decisions!


    Gosh, who would have known that rearranging the deck chairs for a tiny sexual minority could involve so many tough decisions!

    Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the oil industry hasn’t yet persuaded him to re-start deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and that he won’t “respond to political pressure” on the issue.
    Charles Martel, when you get to the last sentence in the link, you’ll understand why Ken, shall from this day forward be known as Sally Czar 😉
    p.s. I filled my tank 2 days ago. Today it’s 11 cents higher/gallon.  I don’t even want to speculate on Monday’s cost.

  • Spartacus

    Moron.  Halfwit.  Imbecile.  Multi-celled oxygen-waster.  Salazar will indeed respond to political pressure when he cleans out his desk and calls Carol Browner to ask how to wipe a hard drive, in January 2013 or sooner.
    Can we please have a special “Obama Administation Edition” of the Darwin Awards?