Michelle Malkin needs help

Michelle Malkin’s cousin, who lives in Seattle, has vanished.  Michelle is asking for help locating her.  Please go here for specific information.

Remember, all it takes is one person to make a difference.

My prayers are with Michelle and her family.

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  • jj

    There’s probably not a good outcome.  The liberal paradise of Seattle is also the leading city in North America – particularly among Asians – for  sexual slavery.  Sadly, I mean not just addicting them quick and getting them on the streets, but snatching them and shipping them to other corners of the world.  Away they go, never to be seen again, property (often) of some jerk from the Middle East.
    This goes to what we were talking about a few threads ago, and the fact that not everyone on the planet – in fact, out of 7 billion hardly anyone – thinks like us.  Slavery is just fine with the sheiks, and it’s something to which we better wake up.  The idea of the harim is not remotely dead, but there are very few volunteers in this day and age.  Somehow or other there are a lot of Filipino, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese girls locked in mansions in Riyadh.  How’d they get there?  Jeez, I dunno – must be magic.  (Some of our guys prepared a story about this years ago – decades ago.  Nobody wanted to hear it.)  It’s weird to have to say it, but young and pretty Asian girls in Seattle (and in San Fran and Vancouver) do not live in the same Seattle as most of the rest of the residents, and there are sharks in every alley who regard them as commodities.  The Seattle cops, clueless anyway under the best of circumstances, are completely in left field on this one – though it does make the local media from time to time.  Big demand for Asian girls in Saudi Arabia, and they have plenty of our dough to afford it.
    The sad probability is that if they find her she’ll be dead, because she fought too hard and made too much noise – or she’s just gone.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    It is situations like these that reinforce my belief in my life philosophy.
    It is better to be the one with power than to be the one without power.
    And it’s far better to be able to use that power than to try to use power to recover a situation due to lack of power on the part of those on the scene.
    The lower and lower you get, nearer and nearer you get to the problem, that is where you need the most power concentrated. The people most at risk, require power the most. Those not at risk, require power the least. Yet society is shaped that the powerful are often times those without risk, and the powerless are often the ones most at risk.
    There’s a reason why the Left seeks to perpetuate and widen this gap.