May I suggest a different way to phrase those headlines?

At about 4:30 PST, two headlines just came down the pike, following the Wisconsin Senate votes:

Wisconsin anti-union measure must pass Assembly before it can go to Gov. Walker for signature

More on Wisconsin anti-union vote: No Democratic senators were present – AP

I’d like to rephrase them:

Wisconsin pro-taxpayer measure must pass Assembly before it can go to Gov. Walker for signature

More on Wisconsin pro-taxpayer vote:  No Democratic senators were present — AP

Once again, the liberals are framing the debate, aren’t they?

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  • Charles Martel

    Maybe. There’s just not that many people anymore who take being called “anti-union” as an insult. Most people these days when they think “unions,” especially government ones, think of tapeworms.

  • Cheesestick

    How about “No Democrats showed up for work again for the ump-teenth day in a row”?

  • bizcor

    On Wisconsin, On Wisconsin….Governor Walker has my heartfelt praise. Enough is enough… The Democrats shirked their duty…They fled in order to give the issue a lot of press time to the unions to bemoan the bill. I salute Governor Walker and the Wisconsin Senate Republicans for coming up with a solution. Agreed they still have no budget because no money votes can be passed without a quorum however non money votes can. Now let’s see how the Wisconsin electorate feels. This has given other state’s legislatures a game plan. Budgets must be cut spending must be stopped.
    That’s my take..

  • CollegeCon

    Lets be honest, the bill IS anti-Union.  The only question here is whether or not that is in fact a bad thing.
    What I would REALLY like to know is how many of the protesters are actual Wisconsin residents, as it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that a good proportion are not.  Still, the real test of whether this is truly the will of the people will be in the next election.

  • Ymarsakar

    Lets be honest, the bill IS anti-Union

    Since when was a bill against public sector unions, also against private sector unions, eh

  • suek
  • bizcor

    suek that was an outstanding piece! The photo is pricless! I am going to share this with others. The MSM will never show it so it is up to us to do so.


    The photo exemplifies union bloat and the link below, which is an email (threat) sent to all the Republican senators should go viral.