Vivian Schiller, NPR CEO, ousted

Apparently a video of her employees gleefully cuddling up to the Muslim Brotherhood, all the while trashing conservatives, Tea Partiers, and Jews, was the infamous straw that broke the NPR camel’s back:  Vivian Schiller just got fired.  (Although NPR is already phrasing it as a resignation — a forced resignation, I assume.)  I doubt that will do much to change NPR’s corporate culture — it’s too deeply embedded at every level — but it’s still a satisfying denouement to a tawdry story.

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  1. says

    Just the latest step in the struggle to retain their grip on hundreds of millions of tax dollars!
    They must be feeling desperate, though — which is very good news.
    Now is the time to write your Rep and hold his feet to the fire.

  2. Charles Martel says

    What’s happening now to the left reminds me of that great bar scene in “Good Will Hunting” where the gifted janitor played by Matt Damon comes to the rescue of one of his townie friends who’s on the verge of being humiliated by a smug graduate student.

    Damon bitch slaps the grad student something bad, even telling him which page from which text he’s going to regurgitate next while pretending it’s his own thought (kind of like our Zach). I think America may be having its Good Will Hunting moment, when the truly smart people, not the poseurs, are rolling up their sleeves to do the intellectual dirty work that our elites have disdained for so long.

    Not that we’re guaranteed a successful outcome. As the graduate student realizes he is being totally outclassed, he sneers that years from now when he’s driving his family on an expensive ski trip, Will Hunting will be one of the toll takers he meets along the way.

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