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    Whenever I see those crowds, I’m reminded of wanting to bomb Palestinians and anti-Americans having a party in the street. Wide open to aerial bombardment.

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    Read and pass along to all who might benefit:

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    Looks like this is turning into a critical political fight.  I hope the Republicans in Wisconsin haven’t over-reached.
    There will be widespread recall elections against both Democrats and Republicans in the Wisconsin House and Senate.  The outcome of those recall elections will determine which side wins this political fight.
    The Democrats know that this is a critical issue.  If they lose, their entire corrupt system is at risk.  THAT is why they’ve organized so quickly and are rabid and foaming and ranting and raving.  It’s a critical issue for them.  This is about political SURVIVAL.  If Republicans see this as a knife fight, Democrats see it as nuclear warfare.  The Republicans in Wisconsin had better get their game on.
    Lose this battle in Wisconsin, and will the politicians in any other state be willing to take on the issue?  Politicians are not exactly known for that kind of political courage.  Ha!  That’s why this battle is so very serious.  The recall elections in Wisconsin that are looming are that important.