Earthquake Open Thread

I have a busy day today — legal stuff — so blogging will be minimal until much later.  I figure, though, that news about the earthquake (which I’ve been reading between making breakfast and kid lunches), should be more than enough to keep people’s brains busy.

My thoughts are with those in the affected areas.  I’m just grateful that the Japanese have planned for this type of event, and that they didn’t suffer the devastating losses one always sees in Third World/Communist/Totalitarian countries (i.e., Haiti, Iran, China, etc.), when they’re hit by an earthquake.

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  • JKB

    This Tsunami is different.  5.7 ft at Kahului, Maui.  2.5 m projected for Crescent City, CA.  I can’t find observations for the west Coast yet.  The real impact will be on the south central coast of South America where the energy is focused.  That’s still 8 or 9 hours away.

  • Bookworm

    I know I’m paranoid, but I had the opportunity to drive down to Palo Alto today to hear Justice Alito speak — and decided to pass.  Part of my decision arises because I was originally going to make the hour plus drive (each way) with Sally Zelikovsky, which would have been a pleasant way to spend time.  Unfortunately, she had to cancel, and that made the whole long journey less interesting.

    The straw I added to break the camel’s back — to relieve me from the burden of a long, solitary ride in the middle of a working day — is that I really don’t want to travel down the Peninsula when the waters might get . . . er, interesting.  My path wouldn’t actually take me near rising water, but should something happen, it could make it difficult for me to get back to my family.

    As it is, although I live practically within spitting distance of the Bay, it would take a tsunami of apocalyptic proportions to have an effect on my little part of the world.

  • JKB

    Good decision.  I just found the following obs:

    PORT SAN LUIS CA 35.2N 120.8W 1654Z 1.88M / 6.2FT 22MIN
    CRESCENT CITY CA 41.7N 124.2W 1657Z 2.02M / 6.6FT 20MIN

    These are likely to be the higher waves on the coast due to bathymetry but 6 ft waves are significant.

  • JKB

    The other thing is that this impact may be more like a rapid tide.  So it can travel up tidal basins and come around you if you end up in low lying areas even inland.  Most likely harbors will be impacted by rapid inflow/outflow of water that tears boats away from mooring and carries them into others.
    I would be very surprised if you see any real scary coastal beach flooding due to the deep water near shore but running up into basins and such where funneling can amplify the wave, is a concern.

  • jj

    Been interesting.  My partner and wife are in Maui at the moment, oddly enough we ;’re not there; they got run off the beach north of Lahaina, but then the main impact seemed to come on the other side of the island – and it wasn’t much.
    Here they blasted the sirens at us around 1:30 AM, but it was just to sort of alert everybody.  (Around here the siren’s the hint to turn on the radio and find out what’s up – not the hint to start running.)  We’re at a pretty good remove from the open ocean, and on top of a 116 foot bluff, so if a 6 foot wave should happen to be crafty enough to negotiate the twists and turns in the Strait and get here it won’t be much of a deal.
    Over on the coast though, down toward the Oregon border it’s as flat as a pancake – those folks in the beach communities are there to be human sacrifices.  They have nowhere to go and no way to get there – there’s one two-lane road and it parallels the coast, forget getting inland and uphill – and that far south there’s no hill to get up.  (Not a bright place to live, and the state is reconsidering the viability of places like Ocean Shores, Ocean Beach, etc.  When the Cascadia Fault lets go these people will have about fourteen or fifteen seconds to say goodbye to each other.  They certainly aren’t going anywhere in that time.)
    So for them last night was real, and I gather that with hours to work with they got a lot of them moved out.  Daughter says they cleared out the beach in Santa Monica, the Palisades, and Malibu, too.  Of course these being Californians half the population of Santa Monica was standing on the bluffs above the PCH watching for the wave to destroy everything below them… charming people.  (Including her – the only way she’d know this was by being there.)
    No big ship traffic in front of us today so far – they say 10,000 ships a year pass back and forth in front of my living room windows, and it’s very rare you don’t look out the window and see a couple – but so far today nothing.  Got on the Coast Guard radio band and apparently they’ve put the shipping traffic in something of a holding pattern out in the open ocean and kept them out of the Strait to give them some sea-room if it turns out to be necessary.
    I don’t know about that 2012 stuff, Charles – but the Rim of Fire’s been doing the tango the last couple of years, hasn’t it!  We’ll hope it isn’t working up to something.


    What I read today below..

    …and why the link to the cranium seems  just as plausible. A few words about the cranium. It’s made up of 23 sections from what I’ve read. I’ve provided the link below. I won’t go into a description of plate tectonics and hope that the reader understands enough about the subject to apply it to the cranium and global warming/cooling/change of any kind proponents and I believe you’ll have a better grasp of the 23 sections and how they apply to the purpose of making my point of observation, I’ll focus only on the mandible and maxilla. Observation: AGW proponents open their mouths and an immediate earthquake of 8 or more happens in their noggins, resulting in the 21 other sections moving in the many way that the plates of the earth’s crust do with all the variable results from tsunamis to volcanic eruptions resulting in spewing lava. In the AGW cranium, the spewing always leads to the same conclusions – it’s all your fault. How’s that for a pun 😉

  • JKB

    8 ft in Crescent City according to the Alaska Tsunami Warning Center, who has responsibility for the West Coast.

    Location Lat. Lon. Time Amplitude
    ———————— —– —— ——- ———–

    Arena Cove CA 38.9N 123.7W 1746UTC 05.7FT/01.74M
    Crescent City CA 41.7N 124.2W 1644UTC 08.1FT/02.47M
    Monterey Harbor CA 36.6N 121.9W 1550UTC 02.4FT/00.72M
    San Francisco CA 37.8N 122.5W 1659UTC 02.0FT/00.61M
    North Spit CA 40.8N 124.2W 1630UTC 03.1FT/00.95M
    Port San Luis CA 35.2N 120.8W 1721UTC 06.3FT/01.93M
    Port Angeles WA 48.1N 123.4W 1713UTC 01.3FT/00.40M
    Winter Harbour BC 50.7N 128.3W 1450UTC 01.7FT/00.53M
    Santa Monica CA 34.0N 118.5W 1808UTC 01.9FT/00.59M
    Santa Barbara CA 34.4N 119.7W 1801UTC 02.2FT/00.67M
    Sand Point AK 55.3N 160.5W 1522UTC 01.2FT/00.35M
    Nikolski AK 52.9N 168.9W 1614UTC 02.7FT/00.82M
    King Cove AK 55.1N 162.3W 1713UTC 01.6FT/00.48M
    Craig AK 55.5N 133.1W 1613UTC 00.8FT/00.24M
    Elfin Cove AK 58.2N 136.3W 1535UTC 00.5FT/00.16M
    Sitka AK 57.1N 135.3W 1711UTC 01.0FT/00.32M
    Point Reyes CA 38.0N 123.0W 1803UTC 04.4FT/01.35M
    Port Orford OR 42.7N 124.5W 1724UTC 06.1FT/01.85M
    Adak AK 51.9N 176.6W 1747UTC 03.4FT/01.05M

  • jj

    All right – third glass of wine, time to vent.
    You know what pisses me off?  Of course you don’t, and you probably don’t even care, but I’m telling you anyway.  ABC, CBS, and NBC went through all of last night with their thumbs up their asses (sorry Book, for that delicate imagery), and didn’t interrupt regularly scheduled crap at any point.  Not even – on the network level – even once.  Okay, cable carried the ball.  Excuse me – what the hell is CBS and ABC’s cable presence?  There ain’t none!  NBC has some with MSNBC, and now they own the Weather Channel, so they get a sort of a half-pass.  A half-assed pass.  CBS and ABC have zero cable presence, and had absolutely zero to say – zilch, nothing, here we are, lalala, aren’t we endearingly witless?  (Witless, yeah; endearing – no.)
    I am from the days when you only kept your license because you fulfilled your public duty to report the goddam news – which was the only reason you secured the license in the first %!$#&!#! place: because you promised you would.  Nobody gave a warm fart on a wet Wednesday about Jimmy Wanker Live, or Charlie Shitwit Half Dead, or any of the rest of it – the keeping of the license was based on NEWS.  An earthquake that may have killed hundreds, maybe thousands by the time they get everybody counted, and then may come and kill a few more thousands of miles away in this very country – we call that NEWS.   Where the hell were ABC and CBS all night?
    I cannot tell you – the Iron Butterfly and I are beyond furious.  King5 in Seattle has heard from us – and they do take our calls because they know who we are.  Or were.  (It makes zero difference of course, but they do take the call.)  I don’t expect you guys to care – I am just, as advertised, venting.
    More wine.  It’s Friday night – much more wine.

  • Bookworm

    Your rant, JJ, is further confirmation that notoriously left-leaning (and also wonderfully innovative and user friendly) Google was not engaged in a nefarious plot when its search algorithm listed Al Jazeera as the top earthquake coverage.  (Be sure to read the update for the post to which I linked.)


    Read the update as well –  B.M. sounds like BS.
    jj – I really, really, really enjoyed the rant. Network news died a long time ago, it’s just that no one bothered to tell them and as a result they just resurrected themselves as Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons impersonators.

  • Charles

    JJ – unfortunately, your rant isn’t incorrect. 

    They do tend to have “breaking news” on the TV for idiotic stuff like you mentioned (Book, this is one of the things that I like about your blog, not only are you a good writer but so many of the commenters give us great phrases like “Charlie Shitwit half dead”, I will be laughing at that for a couple of days). Yet, when there is real breaking news they are quite silent.

    Here is the NYC viewing area we also get “breaking news” for other idiotic stuff like “Spider Man on Broadway is being cancelled”  Do I look like I really give a rat’s  . . . .?  So amen to your rant JJ.

  • Charles Martel

    When I’m out shopping or walking the dog, my wife watches Katie Couric. Today the Queen of Colonoscopy was telling the great unwashed about the Ring of Fire that runs along the circumference of the Pacific Ocean.

    The woman was unbearably condescending, acting as though she were bringing something breathtakingly new and insightful to her watchers. People have been discussing the Ring of Fire for decades, yet she spoke in that sing-songy voice teachers reserve for 4th graders as she told her dolts about how the ROF may be connected to the earthquake in Japan.

    After watching her, I was reminded what irritates me the most about leftists. They mistake our look of astonishment for amazement at the great insights they come bearing us. While our look is astonishment and amazement, it’s at having ignorant, puerile people presume to talk down to adults who know so much more than they can ever imagine.

  • jj

    That particular talent’s talent is very simple: she happened to be standing in the hall, blowing bubbles, at the right time.  When the genius running the operation (whose own talent was that his mouth was fastened to Jack Welch’s… well, you know) decided it was time to take the winning and informative formula of “Today” and f*** it up – oh, excuse me, I mean “put his own stamp on it” – so he could show his bosses that he actually did do something now and then, she was standing there staring vacantly off into space after the wreckage – but she was standing.  Or maybe slouching.  Close enough.  So, since we’re up S*** Creek without a paddle, put her in a chair and see if she can read a cue card in between bubbles.
    (By the way, here’s some inside information.  Remember all the stuff about the “stewardess” replacing the “serious journalist” on Today?  Here’s the part you didn’t know: Norville was the one with the background, who was the serious, experienced, trained journalist.  She wasn’t the one who was the other thing.)

  • Charles

    Here’s some good news, and it what we, as Americans, can be proud of:

    7th Fleet assets headed toward Japan

  • suek

    Well, Charles, I see that as a good news bad news kind of thing.
    Yes it’s good for the Japanese, and Lord knows they need _some_ good news … but those rebel Libyans???  bad news for them I think.  When they call, I fear they’re going to find the line busy…
    Can’t really keep that oil flowing, now can we.  Might interfere with our “Green” energy program….which as you know, will contribute mightily towards reducing our standards of living so that the world is more equal.  You know…that old “redistribution” of wealth thing.  Even if you can’t actually give wealth to the poor, the least O can do is take away from the wealthy – that’s us, guys – so that we’re equal in our poverty.  Every little bit helps…

  • Ymarsakar

    So when Obama said he’d lower the sea levels, he wasn’t kidding. And the people who voted him, voted knowing that it would be like this.

  • bizcor

    I too loved your rant jj….(I too will be chuckling about Charlie Shitwhit for awile.) Having been in the media business awhile ago I have often ranted the same way….Of course tonight the lead news story on ABC was Nuclear Disaster in Japan….We have to make sure no new nuke plants are built here. Then I got this gem from a twitter feed from Tucker Carlson..So here you go boys and girls, the earth quake in Japan is proof there is…..Global Warming.
    “Hours after a massive earthquake rattled Japan, environmental advocates connected the natural disaster to global warming. The president of the European Economic and Social Committee, Staffan Nilsson, issued a statement calling for solidarity in tackling the global warming problem”

    Read more:

  • Charles

    Charles M – “They mistake our look of astonishment for amazement at the great insights they come bearing us. While our look is astonishment and amazement, it’s at having ignorant, puerile people presume to talk down to adults who know so much more than they can ever imagine.”

    That statement is oh so true – they do think that they are the bearers of great knowledge, don’t they? 

    I had so many college professors who were like that.  Yet, they couldn’t seem to understand that my look of amazement was precisely because I couldn’t believe that they were using their classroom (actually, *MY* classroom since it was *I* who paid the tuition for it) as a platform to preach their leftist view of the world when it had nothing to do with the course subject.

    Suek – yep, you’re right, the rebels in Libya will get a busy signal; But, not because of the 7th Fleet heading toward Japan – Did you forget?  It is SATURDAY!  That’s Obama’s GOLF day!  He needs to get in a whole 18 holes of Golf, as you know, being the first Black President is soooooo hard and he needs his “self-time.”  (P.S., “self-time” is something that one can learn about watching Oprah; or, at least, that what friends have told me as I don’t watch her)