Liberals — lording it over lesser beings *UPDATED*

If there is one defining characteristic of liberals, it is their sense that they are better than everyone else.  Nowhere was that more explicitly illustrated than in Ron Schiller’s comments:

In my personal opinion, liberals today might be more educated, fair and balanced than conservatives.

Schiller wasn’t unique, just unguarded.  The whole point of liberalism, after all, is to put government — controlled, of course, by liberals — in charge of everyone else’s lives.

This world view requires that liberals occupy the highest rungs in the world hierarchy.  Part of this means winning elections, by fair means or foul.  Another part, though, means ensuring that the little people stay little.  I’ve written before about the racism that is inherent in liberal thinking.  For all the liberal talk about liberals being the only hope for people of color in the world, one begins to notice that what liberals really mean is that they’re the only hope provided that they stay in the driver’s seat.  And why must they stay in the driver’s seat in perpetuity.  Rhetoric aside, it turns out that their expectations about people with skin darker than their own are shockingly low.

Just today, in the wake of a horrifically brutal murder in Israel — a sleeping couple and three of their five children, 11, 4 and 3 months, were brutally stabbed to death by Palestinians — the New York Times explained why the killing happened:

The killers appeared to have randomly picked the house, one of a neat row of identical one-story homes at the edge of the settlement, on a rocky incline overlooking the nearby Palestinian village of Awarta — the proximity underlining the visceral nature of the contest in this area between Jewish settlers and Palestinians over the land.  (Emphasis mine.)

You see, the brown people cannot be expected to resist visceral temptation.  They are the perpetual two year olds of the world, who need to be surrounded by locked cabinets and blocked off electrical outlets.  If you leave those things in plain view, they’re irresistible.  It’s not the two year old’s fault he burns the house down or breaks the china, it’s the adult’s fault for failing to remove temptation.  So too, did the Fogel family deserve to die, because they should have known better than to place themselves in the path of two year olds with guns, knives, bombs, and a hate-filled, genocidal ideology.  This is a “blame the victim” approach taken to existential levels.

Daled Amos provides painfully graphic evidence of the way in which Palestinians simply cannot resist the completely understandable (to liberals, that is) temptation to kill the Israeli children placed so temptingly within their reach.  If liberals were the decent people they boast they are, they would stop explaining away Palestinian bestiality and start demanding that Palestinians begin to behave like civilized human beings, with no excuses allowed.

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UPDATED:  If you have a strong stomach (seriously strong), the surviving members of the Fogel family have authorized the release of pictures of the carnage those “visceral” killers left behind.  This is what it looks like when a family of five is knifed to death.  It turns out that even 3 month old babies “have … so much blood in them.”  The media may not be interested, but we, as civilized people, should be.

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    Did the NYTimes include this as well.
    In the period prior to the murders of Ruth and Udi Fogel and their three children in the Israeli town Itamar, the Palestinian Authority continued to encourage terror by glorifying terrorists as heroes and role models and through calls for violence. In addition, in an act that sent a clear message of support for terror, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas awarded $2000 to the family of a terrorist who attacked and tried to kill Israeli soldiers – just 2 months ago.

  • Ymarsakar

    And still the Israelis refuse to strike back. Without a demonstration that they know the difference between ally and enemy, I do not believe Israel will launch a nuclear strike on any Palestinian target, civilian or military.
    Allies are to be protected, enemies are to be killed. It’s not very complicated. It is only partially about military power, but mostly it is about WILL. DO they have the will to do it. And their entire history says: NO.
    If you have a strong stomach (seriously strong), the surviving members of the Fogel family have authorized the release of
    You know what’s interesting book? I looked at those photos and I didn’t feel a twinge of repellance or revulsion. Perhaps I have studied physical violence to the point where my threshold has been raised above and beyond the limits of most normal people. That’s an interesting progress in itself.

    This also goes back to something else I talked about, where there are books which I don’t recommend people read unless they have a strong stomach. My definition, is perhaps, not mainstream.

    When I look at crime scene photos or coroner’s photos, I immediately look to the cause of death and the method by which violence was exercised upon the once living body. It’s very clinical and detached.

    The reason is very simple. I am analyzing the methodology and physical evidence of a violent confrontation in order to determine the MAXIMUM effective attack that can be used to maim, cripple, or kill a human being. And the human being in question would be the Palestinians, of course. There is no room for emotion. And no need either. The will and the power, that is all.

    If somebody had asked me if, if I were in charge of Israeli nuclear launch protocols, what I would do. That question is perhaps best left unanswered.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, I would recommend to most people not to attack certain communities in their sleep. You don’t really want to find out, first hand, the difference between those trained to kill and those not trained to kill.
    The Palestinians can kill defenseless kids. Yes. That is very easy. I readily admit that is easy, even with untrained people. But against some of the people I know? Those Palestinians would be wiped off the face of the earth before they could conduct even one attack.
    As great an advantage as the Palis had over the civilian family, that power gap is even greater between the Palis and the people that live in America that I am aware of.
    Such is the nature of the Power Gap. If you are at the bottom, it sucks.

  • MacG

    I sent this to the IJ Saturday:
    > So let’s say the pro-Palestinians get their way and the US stops backing Israel. What then? Will the killing stop? Even if the Hamas gets attains the first goal in their charter of destroying Isreal. Will the killing stop then? How about after the Sunni and Shia end their internal war over who is the legitimate Caliphate? After that, perhaps the killing will end under Sharia Law when they have stoned all of the adulteresses, homosexuals and honor killed their daughters who have been raped. I have not cited any references because it is in the news nearly everyday and I have not even mentioned their attacks worldwide on the Christian churches.
    > Now I understand well enough the feelings of the moderate Muslims that prefer the Koranic passages dictated in Mecca and do not interpret the destructive verses (dictated in Medina) in a literal fashion as the 100 million or so that do (10% of the 1.1 billion Muslims and largely Wahabbi). They give you a bad reputation as it were. I cringe every time the West Bourough Baptists get any air time. When I talk about my faith here in Marin, I have heard in response “I moved here to get away from that crap!”. So I suppose that you have moved to America to get away from the oppressive 10% to live in peace. I understand your dilemma of speaking up here for fear of being associated with the 10% and being targeted by them at the same time. Help us solve the Wahabbi problem and we will be a much more peaceful planet and you can have you peace and live it too.

    Think they”ll publish it?


    Good letter, nice try, I doubt it.
    As you can see, from the attached link, the butchering of parents and children are left to putting ‘terror attack’ into quotes as if there should be a question about the source and purpose of the vile and brutal murders.
    Israel Demands CNN Apologize For Using Quotes to Describe Slaughter of 5 Jews as “Terror Attack”…


    Update and upchuck from the Administration.

    JERUSALEM (AP)The U.S. Embassy said Monday it was “deeply concerned” by Israeli plans to build hundreds of new homes in West Bank settlements, calling the Israeli enclaves “illegitimate” and an obstacle to resuming direct talks between Israel and the Palestinians.
    In a defiant response to a deadly attack on a settler family over the weekend, Israel swiftly approved the construction of between 300 and 500 new homes in major West Bank settlement blocks. Jewish settlement construction is at the crux of the current impasse in peace efforts.
    “They murder, we build,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday during a condolence call to the grieving family. Palestinian militants are presumed to have carried out the assault.

  • jj

    Even as he speaks Schiller undercuts what he’s attempting to say.  “In my personal opinion, liberals might be…” – what the hell does that mean?  You believe they either are, or they aren’t, Ron old boy – what the hell kind of an opinion comes qualified with a ‘might?’  The sky might be blue, pigs might fly, Osama Bin-laden might be a scholar and a gentleman – you can say anything as long as you put that little Cambridge English qualifying ‘might’ in there.
    And when you do, you have said: nothing.  Schiller may as well have stayed home. I suppose he thinks he expressed an actual opinion – but he didn’t.  We know what he meant, but that’s our virtue, not his.  He probably even knew what he wanted to say, but he didn’t get there.
    Nothing superior about that performance – this guy’s a dope.

  • MacG

    Thanks Sadie.

    “As you can see, from the attached link, the butchering of parents and children are left to putting ‘terror attack’ into quotes as if there should be a question about the source and purpose of the vile and brutal murders.”

    The quotes are like our legal parlance of “alleged” perpetrator when 10 eyewitnesses and 3 cameras from good angles prove the perp did it.  Even the AZ shooter is an alleged shooter puhleeze.  Perhaps it is the only way to keep a defense laywer from claiming a predjudicial jury.  The progressives cannot stand perjoritive labels untill they can apply them to Conservatives.  This kind of progressive talk reminds me of Rose Bird putting all of the death sentences on hold because you cannot prove intent.  One guy on the row at the time had stabbed his victim 67 some-odd times but yet you could not prove he intended to kill.

    I think they use “terror attacks” in the quotes to say that since we can’t use “terrorists” and “terrorism” (unless it’s “domestic” :-/) for this kind of thing there really is no better way to say it but we’d really rather not use such archaic, perjorative terms.

  • Ymarsakar

    I can look at a satellite map of the region and note the difference. It is that stark. The difference is laid in the very EARTH itself.

  • Ymarsakar

    One of the reasons I kept looking for additional tools resources in effective and lethal H2H packages is because when it comes down to it, when it’s either their life or mine, I am always going to choose them: taking their life over taking my own. That’s why I wanted a more effective attack, a more lethal option than whatever hand assembled training or weapons available to the predators of this world. I wanted something more powerful than what they had. I wanted something more lethal. In all honesty, I wanted something scarier than whatever they had. Available to me regardless of what laws or type of environment I was in. School, the playground, a court, a plane, under the earth, in orbit, anywhere and any when.
    Cause the predators like to cheat. They aren’t going to give you a “fair” chance. And thus, neither will I give them a fair turn.


    The bozos don’t want to “deeply offend” our sensibilities – they just prefer to talk to us as if we just fell off the turnip truck.  Can’t even summon up the clean words to express my utter contempt and disgust, Just think of every acronym and 4-letter word plus and it won’t even begin to scratch the surface.
    BTW – whatever you conjure up, they’re not in quotes, just plain old fashioned CAPS and in bold.