It reads likes a parody — but it’s not: PETA wants to change SF neighborhood’s name

San Francisco’s Tenderloin district is not a nice place, and never has been:  hence, the name “Tenderloin,” which is short hand for the fact that it is City’s soft underbelly.  PETA, though, just hates the thought that a neighborhood could be named after a cut of meat, so it’s taking a stand.

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  • Charles Martel

    This will soon die the death of a thousand yucks. Even San Francisco can still draw a line, and the line that will be drawn here will be against PETA’s incredible historical ignorance.

    The origin of the neighborhood’s name is disputed. Some say it was  named after the shape of the neighborhood, roughly triangular, which reminded early San Franciscans of the tenderloin on a steak.

    Others say it was named after a New York City neighborhood of the same name, and others think that it referred to the private parts of the ladies of the night who fancied the location almost from its very start.

    In any case, when you mention the ‘Loin to a native, he’s going to think winos, whores, San Quentin parolees, fantastic Paki-Indian restaurants and drug deals. He is not going to think of meat packing plant cruelty. PETA’s suggestion is so absurd that it will get laughed out of the dayroom here in the nation’s largest looney bin in short order.

    I look at this as an act of desperation. In severe recessions, organizations like PETA become marginalized. They are, even in the best of times, outlets for rather sick and silly sick people, and there is enough leisure and surplus for us to pay attention to their antics. But now, in hard times, they are exposed for the sad little entertainments that they really are. 

    As SADIE might say, this is a tempeh in a teapot.  

  • jj

    I agree – “Tenderloin,” what does that connote?  For PETA – and other animal-lovers, I think the neighborhood should simply be changed to “Twat.”  Oh, wait a sec – this is San Francisco we’re talking about, isn’t it?  That would’ve worked a century ago, but these days that’s probably a little gender-specific for such a broad-minded sort of a place.  Ah, Jeez – did I just say “broad”-minded place?  Well… some kind of gender-neutral-minded place.
    You can keep this crap up forever.  (Did I just say “keep up?”)  And if you’re a city of good little liberals, you will, too.  But I’m not sure where it gets you.

  • JKB

    The tenderloin isn’t anywhere near the belly, soft or otherwise.  They could rename the area pork belly then when the city moves in, cures it and smokes out the decaying organisms, they could call it bacon.

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