“Two minutes of pure delight”

The post title is from Sadie’s email, bringing this charming little video to my attention.  Wouldn’t you like to know what those boys are saying?

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  • Charles Martel

    Sweet! There’s already some people on YouTube offering scripts of what they think the babies are saying, so I predict a neat little cottage industry.

    One comment said, “These kids are obviously Italian.”

  • kali

    I may not know what they’re saying, but the one on the left has a real future as a comedian. Or a sumo wrestler.


    Do you think twin in the foreground is asking the other – “How did you remove your right sock and why do you think you left it in the freezer?”

  • Gringo

    While the “terrible twos” have a reputation, I vote for the “onerous ones” as being more problematic. A one year old can understandably get frustrated when he/she  does not yet have the language skills to readily communicate what he/she wants. Because a two year old is better able to communicate what he/she wants, there is less frustration for everyone concerned- parents included.

  • Oldflyer

    Ah twins.  They are so much fun.
    My grandchildren are fraternal, so we don’t get the full effect; but it was/still is great–even though the relationship has changed some now that they are teenagers.  One of our dearest friends was an identical.  The relationship between her and her sister validated all of the spooky stories.

  • Tonestaple

    I don’t know what they’re talking about – Libya, fiscal policy, the wit and wisdom of Barack Obama – but I find the case presented by the one on the left infinitely more persuasive.  Really, how can you take a baby with just one sock seriously?