Winners at the Watcher’s Council

Even though my computer crash meant reading approximately 24 articles on my iPhone (oy, my eyes!), I still managed to be very impressed by this past week’s entries at the Watcher’s Council.  Here are the winners:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

The Bookworm Turns : A Secret Conservative in Liberal Land,
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  • suek

    Remember that question your son asked – about Princeton??
    I couldn’t help but think about it when I ran across this article.

    I’m reaching the point where I can’t honestly recommend college for _any_ high school graduate.  I’d like to see them get a couple of years of life experience – supporting themselves – before making any decisions.  So…is Princeton a _good_ school?  good for what?  that’s the question.  How does he define “good”.  I remember getting _very_ annoyed with college students – while I was still in high school – who came home for the summer, and every topic we discussed/debated always began with “define XXX” before moving on.  However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that you can debate and debate, and in the end come to some point where you cannot agree, or _do_ agree, only to discover that what _you_ meant wasn’t at all what the other person meant.  So…define and define.  At the very least, it helps if you can tell the other person what _you_ mean – even if s/he doesn’t happen to have the same definition of whatever term you’re using.