Imagine a world without Israel

The Muslims, the UN, the Europeans, the Left — they all imagine a world without Israel as a world that will be peaceful and calm.  Doubtful.  Very doubtful.

What we know for certain is that a world without Israel is a less rich world — not in terms of wealth, but it terms of applied knowledge.  Here’s a short video detailing all of Israel’s contributions to the world, contributions that are vastly disproportionate to her small size.

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  • Charles Martel

    Without Israel, who could the left hate with all the passion it loves to bring to that endeavor?

    Perhaps the remnant Jews in America? Nah, so many of them are deracinated and self-hating, having long ago sacrificed themselves to the Democratic Moloch. No fun in despising people who have so thoroughly beaten you to it.

    Can’t touch blacks, Latinos (with the exception of Cubans) or East Asians. I propose, therefore, Asian Indians as the next group to despise. They are genetically Caucasian, and a majority of them think Islam is a murderous farce, so on two counts they are already very un-PC.

    Or how about finishing the job the Muslims started and wiping out what’s left of the Parsees (Zoroastrians)?

    Perhaps I should propose the Mormons for the next cleansing? The only problem there is that they, like the perfidious Jews of Israel, are heavily armed and not very impressed by Gentile warriorship or theories of governance.

    Maybe we need to start a competition to see what’s the next group that the Islam/the left should focus on eliminating so that we can institute Allah’s bordello/Marx’s utopia here on earth.


    If I had my druthers, I prefer to imagine a world without the Muslims, the UN, the Europeans, the Left.


    Is it too late to add CFT to my list or is that just redundant druthers?
    “Therefore, be it resolved, that the California Federation of Teachers reaffirm its support and demand that the courts consider the evidence of innocence of Mumia Abu-Jamal,” the Committee Report reads.

    Read more:

  • Ymarsakar

    That would be called a Paradise, Sadie. You know what they say about utopias.

  • Sonic Charmer

    The real problem is that a world “without Israel” is the same thing as a world which, in its recent past, has committed a successful genocide and ethnic cleansing of Israel.  Since the nation-state Israel exists and (as far as I can tell) doesn’t want to not exist, ultimately you simply can’t get to the ‘without’ without the genocide.  So obviously it is absurd to describe such a world as ‘peaceful’ in any sense.  And even if one (absurdly and immorally) only counts violence against non-Jews when gauging the level of ‘peace’, there’s no reason to suppose that such a world – a world which by assumption has just condoned and/or allowed the genocide and swallowing up of an entire nation-state of 7+ million people – would somehow prevent/abstain from other genocides.
    Such musing also tends to betray the simplistic, first-order thinking prevalent on the left:  the unwillingness or inability to think past step 1.  Israel does or represents things they don’t like, ergo, ‘if there were no Israel’ all would be better.  The best one can say about such thinking is that it is puerile.

  • Mike Devx

    Well said, Sonic Charmer.

    One of my favorite thought experiments is, what if Israel, upon winning the war, simply refused to take care of the displaced refugee Palestinians?  “Not our problem, Sorry.  Arab nations: You urged them to leave, so you would have a clearer path for your killing fields in which you wanted to murder every Jew you could find.  You created this, so you take care of them.”  And then, in all the land they took as a result of winning the war, forcibly expel the Palestinians who went there to clear the way for the killing fields.

    The result would have been one month of terrible news as they expelled the Palestinians INTO Arab national lands.  And then it would have been over.  The whole thing would have been either completely forgotten, or just a minor footnote in history.  Instead, they let the murderous Palestinians stay, and created a fifty-year problem that shows no sign of ever being over.  Sometimes short-term cruelty is better than long term vacillating that creates more cruelty and despair and trouble in the long run.  It’s similar to tough love.

    Note I’m not talking about those Palestinians who chose to stay in Israel, who did not leave to clear the path for the genocidal killing fields.  Those Palestinians remain in Israel and are treated fairly well – especially when you compare them to how Jews would be treated in Arab nations or within areas controlled by the murderous, genocidal Palestinian refugees.

  • Tonestaple

    Having an outside enemy is the only thing that keeps an unstable society from collapsing into civil war.  If the Arabs didn’t have the Jews to kick around, it would be necessary to invent them because, otherwise, the assertion by Sunnis that Shias and the Sufis and the Ahmadiyaa and, and, and aren’t real Muslims would result in a much bloodier internecine struggle than we normally see.

  • jj

    The Muslims, the UN, the Europeans, and the left must be deaf, dumb, blind, and stupid.  Ninety percent of human history happened when Israel didn’t exist, and it was mostly about people killing each other.  Everything from the Wars of the Roses to World Wars I and II happened without the benefit of there being such a place as Israel, so I find myself wondering which planet the above gang of four is relying on as a referent.  Certainly not this one.

  • suek

    In case you haven’t seen anything about this:

    The article refers back to the original article.  This is a follow-up.