The morning after the night before *UPDATED*

Posting will be light today, as my Mom has been hospitalized with a recurring condition, so I have to go take care of that.  I’m optimistic that she’ll be back in her own home by this evening, but it’s still a concern.  The morning after, therefore, is less than thrilling.

As for the night before, though, that was wonderful.  Danny Lemieux came to town, and he joined Charles Martel and me for dinner.  (Don Quixote, unfortunately, had another commitment.)  I can now tell you as fact that Danny Lemieux is every bit as charming, erudite, witty, well-informed, and all around delightful as he appears in cyberprint.  Charles, of course, is too, as I’ve mentioned here before.

Dinner was a real pleasure.  Charles introduced us to the phrase “French conversation,” one I’d never heard before.  It means a conversation that breaks free of rigid, linear back-and-forths, and swirls all over the place in interesting flights of free association.  Unsurprisingly given the Frankish warriors at the table, our conversation was very French.

What made the conversation especially delightful was that we’re all people with good funds of knowledge.  If there was a Venn diagram, we would have had a strong area of central overlap, which allowed us to touch upon issues that didn’t need a lot of explanation, but we also all had our own strong areas of knowledge that allowed for fresh and new topics.

It was, in other words, as good a dinner as can be imagined, with people as nice and interesting as one could wish.  Only DQ’s presence would have made it better.

UPDATE: Mom’s fine and I’m just waiting around to take her home. A lot of blogging food for thought while waiting at a hospital.

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  • Davidg1218

    Just curious, Did Mr Bookworm participate?

  • Bookworm

    No, he didn’t.  And I don’t think he would have appreciated the delightful company as much as I did.

  • Don Quixote

    Sorry I missed it.  Sounds like you folks had a great time. 

  • jj

    Good for your Mom.
    The dinner sounds like a great time too, and I’m sure Danny is a lovely fellow.  (CHARLES, of course, is a cranky bastard – but great to have around nonetheless!  Thpptt….!)

  • Charles Martel

    jj, from one Bill the Cat fan to another, back at ya, bro! You should know that your name was mentioned affectionately a couple of times last night.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Book and Charles M are really too kind: it was easy for me to rub my chin and nod sagely now and then to try and look intelligent (that usually works) while sitting back in my chair to be charmed by their erudition. Great fun!

  • Charles

    Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that dinner!

  • Earl

    You know, BW, that a post like this produces an occasion for sin in the lives of a lot of your readers….
    I for one am GREEN with envy!!