There’s a new U.C. in town

There are a lot of University of California campuses:  UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Francisco (medical school only), UCLA, UC Santa Cruz, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside, UC Irvine, etc.

Oh, about those last two:  UC Irvine and UC Riverside have become the hotbeds of pro-Palestinian, anti-Jewish activism.  The campuses are in the news right now because some Palestinian students are being prosecuted for intentionally disrupting a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren, depriving him of his free speech rights.  The verbal attack against Ambassador Oren is just a teeny example of what gets dished out regularly on those campuses (especially UC Irvine), but with Oren they picked such a high profile target that there was finally some push-back.

The AP has an incredibly brief report on the story.  What fascinated me was the headline, which I first spotted on the SF Chronicle’s home page:

I know that, when writing headlines, space is at a premium, but doesn’t that phrasing make it look as if there’s a new campus to add to the UC roster? You know: UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UCLA, UC Muslim….

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  • Ymarsakar

    Kenynesian is a regressive fossil just like Z’s outdated methods of aristocratic decree.

  • Zachriel

    Danny Lemieux: Correction, the Austrian School, forged in the crucibles of experience, have little currency in Z’s economics.

    The Austrian School rejects the use of empirical data, falsification, and the scientific method, so it has nothing to offer in terms of a positive theory of economics. The reliance on laissez faire has little currency in economics, though it does have some political influence. Within economics, the Austrian School has little influence outside their own clique. It’s primarily a scholastic veneeer for a philosophical position. 

    The financial meltdown has seen a resurgence in Keynesianism. An unregulated shadow market. An overstimulated economy. A reliance on rational agency. All the classic factors that lead to a bubble and collapse. Keep in mind that the most advanced and successful economies in the world are highly integrated and mixed. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Z now thinks he knows what empirical data and the scientific method are? How more ridiculous can he get. Stop beclowning yourself, Z, for once.

    The financial metldown has been caused by a resurgence of Keynesianism. The only factor we need to see a bubble collapse is you and your ideological pals, Z. When we see those, we know one is coming.