“Objection, your Honor! Non-responsive.”

Watch the EPA guy wiggle and squirm as he tries to avoid acknowledging that the EPA, in promulgating its regulations (without any oversight from The People), the EPA couldn’t care less about the effect its regulations have on jobs:

Hat tip:  Earl

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  • Tonestaple

    Nothing quite like the little grin of a Republican who knows he has caught a bureaucrat with his pants down, peeing in public in full view of C-SPAN.

    This is completely reminiscent of my recent comments on Facebook to the Seattle Coffee Party when they advocate for higher taxes on evil corporations.  I explained very slowing using small words that corporations don’t actually pay for anything, and they don’t actually pay taxes because every single cost involved in the production of a product is included in the price of the product and therefore the consumer will ultimately pay the higher taxes they are advocating.  Unless, of course, the evil corporation decides to balance its books by eliminating some jobs.

    You know what I got in response?

    (Does anyone have the URL for that cricket sound handy?)

  • Charles Martel

    Keep in mind that The Most Brilliant Administration in History is crammed with dimwits like this. Thank God for YouTube, which makes it possible for people to see just how deep down the barrel this country is scraping when it comes to the people who govern us.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Evil bureaucrats. They know very well what they need to hide.