Today, you can wade in my deepest thoughts without getting your ankles wet

My brain today is a clear, shallow pond, perhaps with a few fluttery goldfish drifting by (think Fantasia).  I’m trying have deep thoughts, but they’re eluding me.  I think the problem is that I spent chunks of my weekend alternately reviewing documents and trying to bulldoze my son into doing his 6th grade science project, with a little laundry thrown in on the side.  Between the one and the other, my brain got deleted.

I’m taking steps to remedy the problem.  In 30 minutes, I leave to have lunch with Don Quixote, which is always a scintillating and revitalizing experience.  If that doesn’t get some synapses firing, there may be no hope for me.

Until then — Yes, it’s Open Thread time.  Have at it, since I’m sure all of you are showing much more brain wave activity than I am.  Also, feel free to chime in with interesting book suggestions.  I always enjoy those.

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  • David Foster
  • Tonestaple

    OK, I’ll start.  I’m reading Welcome to Obamaland by James Delingpole.  It was published in 2009 so it’s not immediately current but the purpose of the book is to draw the unmistakeable parallels between Tony Blair’s Britain and life in Obamaland.  In other words, Delingpole is saying, “Been there, done that, please don’t do it again and if you do, you are so screwed.”

    And on a much more pointless note, does anyone watch that Boardwalk series?  Can you explain to me why the unbearable Paz de la Huerta has a job as an actress?


    Life is like a load of laundry. Dirty, clean, tumbled, wrinkled, wet, dry, folded and messy and the worst part of it, you really don’t see it happening all the time (unless you have one of those front loaders).
    David Foster:
    Pretty soon, they’ll start selling it by the pint.
    I’ve noticed lately, they’re doing ‘it’ on supermarket shelves. The ‘it’ is pricing meat by the ounce.
    The link below is a great idea.

    Can you explain to me why an actress would go with such a stage name. It doesn’t exactly roll off my tongue. I watched the show once – too violent for my taste particularly after the Sopranos.
    I’ve committed myself to one cable show of late, The United States of Tara. It’s like watching Obama in drag. The main character has a multiple personality disorder :)

  • David Foster

    Sadie…”Pretty soon, they’ll start selling it by the pint”
    I can see that as a very successful marketing tactic with Leftie-Greenies. Take an extreme hybrid…ie, basically an electric vehicle with a very small engine added as a range extender…and sell biofuel by the pint at natural-foods stores.

  • suek

    Don’t know what to make of this…fascinating, funny, sad…all of the above.  And above all, intriguing.

  • Tonestaple

    Sadie, I think that’s her real name.

    Suek, that story might be mostly sad, an example of people letting their computers do their thinking for them.  How often have you seen words that make no sense in a sentence, a case of a person automatically assuming a spell-checker knows best.  How many times have you seen someone go with an absolutely ridiculous number for something because they trusted a computer and have no idea how to check the computer’s work, much less to actually recognize a wrong answer.

  • suek

    Here’s a pair to read together.  They’re theoretically unrelated…but are they really?