Why I like Leno

Jon Stewart attacks Republicans.  Jay Leno lightly attacks all politicians and, occasionally, pulls out the really funny guns for real enemies:

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  • abc

    In fairness, Jon Stewart has satirized the Obama administration far more than Leno, who is barely political in his humor.  Stewart’s show is supposed to attack political figures, since that is the whole point of his show, unlike Leno’s.  There is no doubt that Stewart leans left, but his attacks are not exclusively directed at the right.  At least that is my view, as a regular watcher…and fan.

  • Mike Devx

    None of the youtube controls on your emedded video work on my Mac Safari browser anymore.  Odd. They were working just a few days ago.   I can’t even get to the link to open it up and play it within YouTube itself – where things DO work just fine.

  • jj

    Don’t kid yourself – Leno’s  a suburban Boston boy, transplanted to Hollywood: he’s as liberal as it gets.  The best of the laugh lines, the “go-to” lines are always at the expense of republicans and, if you’ve paid attention and noticed, he’s as much of an apologist for Obama as he can be – always.  But, of them all, he’s a professional.  Jay Leno is the dutiful son, who takes care of the legacy, punches the time card, shows up and turns in the job.  And he learned the lesson well: anything you say -ever –  will offend 50% of the people at any given moment, so in order to maintain the top position in the ratings, spray your fire widely – Book of Carson, 6: 14-15.

    But he’s a knee-jerk liberal, full time.  But that’s Jay Leno, human being; a somewhat different creature than *Jay Leno* – host of the ‘Tonight Show.’  He’s just a pro.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    He is a pro.  I know he’s a knee jerk liberal in real life, but he’s professional on stage.  His jokes spray somewhat more evenly than any one else on TV — and he treats ALL of his guests with respect.

  • http://OgBlog.net Earl

    Brand new MacBook Pro owner….I recommend Firefox!  Lots of advantages…….