On honor and being a Jew

I admire my blog friends.  They are people I know only through their writing, but their writing has convinced me that they are intelligent, thoughtful, informed, and that I admire and often share their moral principles.  I am always happy to recommend their work.

Sometimes, though, my blog friends, who always write and think well, write something that is even more than usually wonderful.  That’s the case with Bruce Kesler’s latest outing, What my grandfather taught me about honor, a post that combines Jewish values, honor, education and Leftism, all in one short, almost lyrical essay.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    I know we’ve talked over and over again on this blog regarding why so many Jews are anti-Jewish and hate Israel, but I still don’t get it. 

    A key takeaway from the linked article: “Not surprisingly in NYC, with its concentration of Jews and of Jews who are prominent in liberal causes, these incidents revealed a schism within Jewry. There are those, most, who will not tolerate Israel being slandered or its extremist foes honored, or who care deeply about the credibility of our universities as temples of scholarship. There are those who care more deeply about liberal causes, who are very rarely if at all heard from when non-liberals rights are trampled, when Israel is under attack, or when scholarship is devalued by schlock offerings.”

    It is more than ironic to me, however, that so many Jews will vilify American Christians for what Spaniards did to the Jews 500 years ago but yet have not trouble making common cause with Hezbollah, Hamas and the Palestinians who have sworn to destroy Israel and the Jewish people. 

    Like, I said, I don’t get it. But then, I don’t want to get it, because to do so would require delving into some very twisted mindsets and value systems.

  • http://zachriel.blogspot.com/2005/07/liberal-v-conservative.html Zachriel

    BookwormWhat my grandfather taught me about honor, a post that combines Jewish values, honor, education and Leftism, all in one short, almost lyrical essay.

    Lyrical, perhaps, but confusing. Is he saying that playwright Kushner’s disagreement with Israel’s conservative government and their policy on the Palestinian issue make him a “foe of Israel?” Or what?

  • Charles Martel

    Danny, I spent a week in Washington, DC, in 2004 interviewing a man who wanted me to ghostwrite a book for him. (He was a futurologist whom corporations hired to project out economic and social trends.) The first night at his house, the dinner guest was a Jewish professor from Oregon State University.

    It quickly became obvious that he, along with everybody else at the table except me, was an atheist. It didn’t take long for the conversation to descend into some tired pope bashing and tsk tsking at how Catholicism was oppressing poor, ignorant third worlders, yadda yadda. Then came the professor’s denunciation of the idea of Jewish exceptionalism. He was miffed that a [non-existent] god would choose one people from the many as his favorite.

    I politely pointed out to him that Jewish exceptionalism was the reason why he was sitting at the dinner table, proclaiming himself a Jew despite his contempt for the whole concept. He didn’t quite get what I was saying. “What I mean,” I explained, “is that if Jews had not held themselves apart they would have been assimilated and forgotten. Fortunately, by holding themselves—and being held—apart, they developed the deep scholarly tradition that inspired you, sustained you and brought you here. Otherwise your name and title would be Mr. Jones, clerk, not Dr. Jacobs, professor of sociology.”

    In the interests of enjoying our meal, we left off at that. But he certainly came across to me as a Jew who would support Hamas.  

  • Danny Lemieux

    Charles M: “But he certainly came across to me as a Jew who would support Hamas.”

    Just to show everybody that he was a swell, fair-minded bloke, no doubt. Sheesh!


    Once upon a time you could have called me thin, even skinny.  One day I looked into the mirror and  I was no longer thin or skinny. I could have tried to fool myself with one of those mirrors that distort your image, but I was willing and comfortable to accept reality.
    There is a sub-group of self proclaimed Jews from their ‘skinny days’ who stand only in front of those fun house mirrors and are convinced they still the same size as they were in their youth. The mirror lies to them and they in return live the lie even when they’re not in front of the mirror.
    or … once upon a time they were Jewish and maybe even skinny, today they are neither – only fat liars.
    I hope this explanation cleared it up for ya, Danny.