Liu out!

I haven’t been blogging about far Left judicial activist Goodwin Liu, but if you’ve been following the story on your own, you’ll be happy to know that the Senate Republicans successfully filibustered his nomination — a reminder, as if we need one, that the filibuster is an important tool for allowing the minority in Congress to put the brakes on the majority.  (And, if conservatives become a majority again, I hope that I have the good sense and lack of hypocrisy to remember that principle should it arise in a reversed context.)

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  • Charles Martel

    The best line in the NRO’s takedown of Liu is, “He’s the rare nominee who would threaten to make the Ninth Circuit worse than it already is.”

    Now that is saying a lot!

  • jdgalt

    I beg to differ.  These filibusters leave important offices unfilled just so that a minority side can act like crybabies.
    It seems to me this practice is only possible because of an omission in the Constitution, which needs to be repaired.  Just as the Constitution forces the President to do his job by having bills become law after a month or so if he ignores them, it ought to force Congress to do his job by having the President’s appointees (to ANY office) be allowed to take their seats if the applicable house(s) of Congress haven’t voted on them within, say, 60 days after nomination.

  • Charles Martel

    jdgalt, there’s a silver lining here. The Ninth is by far the most overturned court in the country. Rumor has it that the elderly justices on the Supreme Court were running themselves ragged fixing Ninth Circuit mischief. Clogging up that court’s works is a favor to them and us.

  • Indigo Red

    I would suggest, jdgalt,, that those important offices left unfilled may not be so important if they can be unfilled at this late date and cause no more trouble than a minor inconvenience, even if that. I might further suggest we should have more important offices unfilled as cases do propagate to fill the available offices just as adding lanes to roadways always increases the traffic on those roadways.

  • Indigo Red

    As for filibuster, I would hope the practice is not discontinued because it’s such a fun word to say.

  • abc

    jdgalt, I agree with your sentiment and would point out that there is great hypocrisy in the GOP position given claims that they would only filibuster in “extraordinary circumstances,” for which this candidacy doesn’t apply.  That there is no rationale for the filibuster given here, much less one that rises to the level of extraordinary circumstances, it is a wonder Bookworm can even claim to hope for consistency on the issue in the midst of such rank hypocrisy.